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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by BeatleLOVE

The sun shone brightly on Kaila and Phoenix as they sat outside their home. Being huge Beatles fans, they had chosen this specific neighbourhood for one reason and one alone: it looked exactly like the one from Help! Though it wasn't nearly as gear as the actual set, it was awesome in its own quirky way. How could something not be cool if it housed Kaila's infamous orange upright piano?

That particular morning had started out pretty routine. Kaila had awoken the entire freaking world (or so it had seemed from Phoenix's point of view) with her insanely loud rendition of Good Day, Sunshine. Phoe had complained about Kaila's obsession with tea, and then they fought over which Beatle was the best. Yep, pretty normal.

Now Kaila nudged her best friend's arm. "Look Phoe, fresh meat." She smiled devilishly.

What had caught Kaila's attention was the new girl's clothing, almost as different as Phoenix's and certainly as colourful. This girl's hair was in long multiple braids past her shoulders and her earrings were bright orange feathers. She wore skinny jeans, high tops, and a tight tie-dyed shirt. Kay's favourite part were her round blue glasses. They reminded her of John Lennon's. Very cool.

Phoe grinned. "See Kay? I'm not the only one with awesome style!" She herself favoured long, colourful 70's dresses and a huge peace sign amulet.

"Hold me, love me, hold me, love me. I ain't got nothin' but love, babe. Eight day's a week." Kay and Phoe locked eyes. Another Beatles fan! It had to be fate, why else would such a girl be walking down a Beatles-consumed neighbourhood at 11:30am?

"Hey!" Phoe greeted as the girl came nearer. No reply. Phoe, not being much of a patient person, stomped her foot and screamed "HEY!" one more time.

The girl's head phones popped out of her ears as her iPod came crashing down. She looked up, started, not knowing that anyone was there.

"Look whacha did, Phoe!" Kaila chastised. "This is how ya get someone's attention." She looked past Phoenix and yelled, "Oi! Feathers!"

"Feathers"s' eyes met Kaila's in total shock. "Um, hi?"

Phoenix grinned at her. "We heard ya singing Beatles songs!"

The girl suprisingly smiled back. "Oh," she laughed. "I didn't even know anyone was outside!"

"Yeah," Kay piped up. "We're odd, we know."

"Good, I love weird people." She laughed again.

"So d'ya got a name?"

"Mandy. I just moved in across the street."

"Cool, I'm Kaila and this is Phoenix." She gestured to her roommate.

Mandy looked at Phoe quizzically. "Like the-"

"The bird, yeah. I get that a lot."

"Yeah, I probably could have guessed that you do. It's a gear name."

Kay's smile brightened. Omigod she say's "gear," too? I'm liking her more and more. "So which one's your favourite?" she asked enthusiastically.

"Well, I'd hate to take sides.." Mandy faked a sigh. "Omigod who am I kidding? I love James! Erm, Paul.. Oh who gives a damn? I love James Paul McCartney!"

"Ey, I do too! He's so friggin' adorable!"

"Yeah, I could tell by yer pajamas."

Kaila looked down at her legs. Yep, she was still in her Macca pajama pants. Hundreds upon hundreds of little smiling Paul faces scattered over them. How could someone not sleep well in those?

Phoenix butted in, "So how old are ya?"

"Seventeen, you?"

"Eighteen, and Kay's nineteen. Do you live by yourself?"

"Nah, I'm with me mum." Both older girls noticed the slight accent that they wanted so badly.

"Are you English!" Phoe asked delightedly.

"Um, a little bit. What did I start talking like that?" Both girls nodded in unison. "Oh, sorry. Sometimes my voice slips into random accents without me realisin' it. Happens all the time. Me mates back home always teased me 'bout it."

"Dude that's so cool!" Kay jumped up and down. "I wish that'd happen to meee!"

"Yeah, it's pretty fun. I got it from Harry Potter actually. The Beatles just got me to use it more." Mandy grinned. "Listen, do you wanna know a secret?"

"Oh, dear god." Phoenix rolled her eyes. Kay did this all the time; Her and this Mandy girl had a lot in common.

Kay continued bouncing, a wide smile on her face. "Yes!"

"Do you promise not to tell?"

Phoe decided to go along with it. "Like we'd tell anyone?"

"Closer, let me whisper in your ear. Say the words you long to hear-"

Kay and Phoe waited in anticipation for Mandy to continue.

"I can do an awesome Macca accent!"

Phoenix burst out laughing. That was her amazing secret? Still, she did kinda wanna hear it.

Kaila stopped jumping to gape. "No way! That's so cool! I wanna hear it!"

"You sure?"

"Yes!" Both girls cried out.

Mandy started giggling. "Okay, one sec." She waited 'til she'd regained her composture. "That's the one! That's the one! Doooo!" She giggled again. "I feel like such an idiot when I do that.. I woulda kept goin' but I could help but laugh."

Kaila slapped her palm to her forehead. "Dude, you gotta do that more often. That was friggin' epic!"

Phoe nodded in agreement, still laughing. Havin' this girl around was gonna make some crazy times.

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