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Mandy hesitantly knocked on the door of her new friends' home. She sat there, awkwardly waiting for someone to answer the door.


"YOU GET IT, I CAN'T!" (Kaila)

"What too busy with your tea? Oh WOW, Kay!"

"HEY I'LL GET IT. DON'T GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST!" came a new voice that was unfamiliar to Mandy. Oh dear... Who's this now? After meeting Kay and Phoe yesterday, she was pretty much prepared for anything from them.

The door was answered by a very sleepy-looking girl, probably around Kay and Phoe's age. She held a cup of who-knows-what (probably tea by the smell) in her hand and wore shorts and a My Chemical Romance t-shirt. "Hullo?" she said, obviously just woken up.

"Oh, um, I was wondering if..." Oh god, it's not like I can just ask if they can hang out! I'll sound like such a child...

"Hey Mandy!" Phoe's smiling face appeared from around a corner, preventing a potentially very awkward moment. "C'mon in!"

The girl who originally opened the door moved out of the way, appearing to wake up. Mandy walked in and was surprised (and delighted) to see a huge phsycadellicaly coloured rug on the living room floor. Yes, these were definitely her kinda people.

Kaila appeared next, teakettle in hand. "Hmm?" she stretched. "Oh, hey Mandy."

Mandy cocked an eyebrow. "Someone's tired. It's almost noon."

"It is? Damn, that was fast!"

The first girl laughed. "She hasn't finished a pot of tea yet so she's pretty spacy."

Mandy nodded. That made sense, seeing as she also had to have at least three cups before waking fully. Especially because she woke up at 4:30 almost every morning.

"Oh meh, Sarah. Ya know ya love tea, too!" Sarah? Oh, the girl next to me. Duh.

Sarah shrugged, "I'm not obsessed with it."

"I am not!" Kay pouted.

"I never said you were."

"But you implied it!"

Mandy stood there, trying not to laugh, while she watched the two girls' argue. Phoenix stepped in and tried to keep the peace. "Kay," she said, grabbing the girl's shoulders. "You. Are. Obsessed. With. Hot. Beverages."

Kay's tired face looked so dejected that Mandy had to pitch in. "Oi, who can blame her? I love tea. Only way to get outta bed."

"See! It's normal!"

"Nah, not really," Mandy admitted. "Don't worry, love, we're all obsessive freaks about something or another." She patted Kay's head.

Kaila gave Mandy a sideways glare. "Yeah, that helps a lot. Makin' me feel real better, here."

"You're welcome," Mandy grinned. She loved poking fun at people, even herself.

The front door opened, interrupting their moment. "Another one!" Mandy blurted out. She quickly shut her mouth because the other girls, including the newest addition, were staring at her. "I mean, uh... hi!"

"Lyssa!" Kay ran to hug her. "Save me from these Blue Meanies!"

Lyssa quietly chuckled. "The tea again?"

"Yep," Sarah confirmed. "She's real offended 'bout it now."

Kaila childishly stuck out her tongue from behind Lyssa. Mandy was completely confused. Then again, it never took much to confuse her.

"I'm Alyssa," she looked at the confused girl.

"Oh, Mandy."

Alyssa noticed her A Hard Day's Night t-shirt. "Another Beatle girl?"

Mandy nodded. "You, too?"

"Yeah, Georgie's my fav. I'm guessing you're a... John girl?"

Sarah raised an eyebrow. John was hers. Period. Sharing wasn't an option. She was fine if Mandy appreciated him, though.

Kaila flung her arm around Mandy's shoulder. "Nah, she's a Paulie gal, like me!"

Alyssa nodded. "Cool. So what was going on besides the ongoing battle of Tea vs. the World?"

Phoenix shrugged. "I don't know, Mandy just popped in."

An idea popped into said girl's head. "How 'bout I show ya guys somethin'? You'll love it!"

Sarah and Lyssa looked at her suspiciously, having just met her, they had no idea what it could be. "What is it?" Sarah questioned.

"Well if I tell ya it'll ruin the surprise!"

Kaila, being the three-year-old she always was, jumped up and down (again). "I wanna seee! What is it!"

Phoe laughed, playing along. "Yes," she said, face completely serious. "Take us to your leader!"

"Then get yer arses to my house! C'mon!"

What was in store for them was even better and wilder than any of them, even Mandy, could have imagined.

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