I have writer's block for ALL my other stories, so here is a new one to make it up to you. DISCLAIMER! Unfortunately, I don't own Bones. Unless H.H. disappears…

Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan walked through the fame filled streets of Los Angeles. Bones of course didn't care about the celebrities and glamour. But Booth, trying so hard to be professional, could barley control his excitement. I mean who would be able to control themselves! They were in LA baby! The city of stars! The case they were currently on, was transferred over to them by Cullen. Because the previous agent handling the case was put in the loony bin.

As they passed Venice beach, They saw something, they hadn't expected.

Booth bumped into a man, who felt like someone he knew.

"I'm sorry, I just got kind of-" Booth's mouth hung like a jacket on a rack.

"Are you okay?" A tall dark haired man, that could be Booth's long lost twin, asked. As he took off his sunglasses, he realized why the man (Booth), was acting so strange.

As if it were on cue, Bones and Emily started to rush to the fear stricken men. And both had the same reactions as Booth and David did.

"Oh my god!" Emily said in horror.

"Well, isn't this…odd" David said.

"Yeah…" Booth, said robotically.

"Booth, what's going on?' Bones spoke in a hushed tone. But they could still hear her. And their expressions were priceless.

"Wait! Booth! As in Special Agent Seeley Booth?" Emily was wide eyed as she asked that question.

"Yeah. How did you know?" Booth asked suspiciously.

"Because, you are a TV character. THAT I PLAY!" David said in a panicking voice.

"Ok….Ok, let's be rational. First of all, it is impossible for me and Booth to be TV characters because we would have seen it eventually. And second of all, it is POSSIBLE for people to look exactly alike.

"Bones is right" Booth said calmly.

The two actors just nodded, as David slowly turned his head to Emily and mouthed 'Bones'.

"Alright, What's your guy's name?" Booth asked in his 'official' tone.

"My name is David Boreanaz"

"My name is Emily Deschanal"

"Okay, you do realize we are going to have to question you now right?" Weirdly enough, they all forgotten about their twin like looks and their stunning names of sorts and were focused on what Booth had just said.

"You do realize, this is totally gonna be on the news, right?" David whispered to Emily.

And of course she retorted. "Ya' Think!"