A/N – OMG! MONTHS AND MONTHS! Anyways, here is the continuation of…*dun dun dun dun!* MEETING ME!

Finally, she found her words, although she sputtered. "Bu-Bu-IMPOSSIBLE!" She was…well…flabbergasted! (Best word for this scene! Lol.)

"What do you mean impossible?" Booth cocked his eyebrow upwards in a curious manner.

"I mean! YOU GUYS ARE TV CHARACTERS! NOT REAL! FICTION." Amanda, aka Mandy's head was bursting with confusion.

"Lady, we don't know what you're talking about…" Booth was weirdly hostile, for no reason.

"Okay…there REALLY has to be a logical reason for all of this…right?" Bones stated.

"Yeah Bones, hopefully." He replied.

"WAIT…BONES?" Mandy really thought she couldn't take anymore of this, she hoped this was a nightmare.

'Boy…can this day get any worse?' Mandy thought.

All of a sudden police lights and sirens flashed, and various police branches stormed towards them. Booth and…Bones, were smirking. STUPID LIFE. LIFE! When I said can this day get any worse, it was me being rhetorical! Not a damn challenge!