*This is a scene from "Water, Water, Everywhere" with a little twist, it's gonna be part of one of my stories"*

A-Team: It works:

The A-Team were arguing over what plan to do, with their daughters, meanwhile B.A., & his daughter, Siren were staring down their enemies.

Murdock & Ice both said in unison.

Murdock & Ice (in unison): Let's do a 32, we love doing a 32.

B.A. & Siren each said this to their friends & family, as they walked back to them.

B.A.: Hey, Forget the 32, Forget the 38, Forget the 45.

Siren: Yeah, there is nothing like a good old 22.

The Teams looked at each other, & said in unison, & smiled.

A-Team & A-Squad (in unison, smiling): 22!

They all punched their enemies, Jazz & Hannibal each had their guys, & they each ask this.

Hannibal: Ready, B.A.?

Jazz: Siren?

They punched their guys out towards them, & they tossed them over the bar, the other members did the same to their guys, Face & Stryker each had one more, they illustrated that point by holding their Pointer Finger up, & said this in unison.

Face & Stryker (in unison): One More.

They punched out the last of their guys to Siren, & B.A., then before Gaines, their leader could make a move, Hannibal & Jazz did a quick draw on him, each said with a smile.

Hannibal (smiling with his gun trained on Gaines): 22 always work.

Jazz (smiling with her gun trained on Gaines too): We rehearse.

Siren & B.A. said in unison as they got their rifles out.

Siren & B.A. (in unison): Here is something we've been rehearsing in our minds.

They destroyed the bar, & Gaines knew that he is defeated; Hannibal & Jazz both pushed him out the door.

They both said this to him.

Hannibal: You are gonna fix what you caused.

Jazz: You are gonna apologize to those Veterans, & we better not be disappointed.

The rest of the A-Team & A-Squad gathered up the goons, & Face & Stryker started by adding their two sense in.

Face: You are gonna pay for what you did.

Stryker: Baby, You are gonna pay big.

They led their goons out to join Hannibal & Jazz, Then, Murdock & Ice said this as they led their goons out too.

Murdock: Nothing pisses us off, when you go after the Underdogs.

Ice: It pisses us off further, when you go after the Underdogs that can't defend themselves.

They led their goons out to join Face, Hannibal, Jazz, & Stryker by B.A. & Siren's Van.

Frankie & Zap had their goons by the shirt, they were gonna say something, but the Santanas stopped them, & said this.

Frankie: Don't even start with us.

Zap: Let's go, Sweethearts.

B.A. & Siren each had their goons by the throats, & they each let out a growl, & they said to them angrily.

B.A. (angrily): Get up, Sucker!

Siren (equally angrily): You got work to do for the children of the town, since you destroyed their Learning Center!

They led them out, & once they were settled in their respective vans, The Fire Red & the Black & Gray with Red Stripe Van sped off towards the town.

The Town of Bakersfield was very grateful to the Teams for their help, they invited them to visit them again, & the teams drove off in the sunset, after they were paid.