Wearing Curlers

Word count: 610.

A/N: My friend was doing her hair when I thought this up... I was bored! This is a drabble. And a bad one at that...

"What are you doing?" Yuuri asked as Wolfram looked at him through the reflection in the mirror, and turned a lovely shade of crimson.

"I just... You know it's very hard to look this amazing everyday and still make it look so effortless. Really, Yuuri, you think this kinda beauty just happened in the morning?

"Well as far as walking in from my run with Conrart to invite you to breakfast with me and finding you with curlers in your hair... Yeah, just happening was what I thought was going on."

"Baka! You must think Mother's hair is naturally curly or something."

"Uh... It's not?"

"No you wimp! She's worse about this than I am! She's nearly burned the castle down drying her hair with fire."

"So what, you guys curl your hair. Am I going to find eyeliner in a drawer somewhere in the bathroom at some point."

"What the hell is eyeliner?"

"Never mind. SO you do your hair every morning?"

"Well, duh! Why do you think I go to bed before you and wake up after? I wait for you to leave! No one can sleep that much!"

"Jeez, it's really not my fault. You sleep like the dead. You don't have to yell. I just thought you guys were naturally hot!"

"You think mother and I are hot?"


"You damn wimp! Don't deny it so brutally! You're so cruel! And don't call my mother good looking! You cheating, two-timing, lying..."

"Calm down Wolfram. Sexy Ex-y queen is too old for me. And you're just way too pretty to be a guy."

"Soldiers are not pretty!"

"Well, I think you are..."

"You think I'm pretty?"

"I lied. So Cheri-sama's hair is... not curly." Yuuri asked stupidly.

"No it's perfectly straight. If she doesn't do anything with it it will touch the floor, so she curls it. She wakes up very early."

"Do your brothers know you primp your hair?"

Wolfram turned scarlet again. "Why would they know?"

Yuuri grinned. "Conrart! GET IN HERE NOW!"

"Stupid wimp! Get out! Get outta my bathroom! Conrart if you come in here I swear! I'll go fucking insane and I'll take you all with me!"

"Your majesty! What's wrong? Wolfram... Nice look for you." Conrart relaxed visibly.

Wolfram let out a distinctly feminine scream. "GET OUT! I'll burn you to a crisp! Never come near me again you damn idiotic WIMP!"

"Aw, Wolf, he was just kidding! Come on Wolf." Yuuri was shoved unceremoniously out of the bathroom and the lock clicked shut behind him. "I was only messing with you Wolfram. You're gorgeous. Conrad wishes he looked as pretty as you!"

"Shut up! Cheater! I'm never leaving this room! You'd think my fucking fiance would understand my need to look good, but screw you!"

"Come on Wolfram! This is like the time you locked yourself in the closet on the ship! Only worse because I have to pee."

"Fine! Make it like that time and go cheat on me with Conrart! YOU HEARTLESS MORON!


Conrad snickered in a corner. "I bet the maids heard this from across the castle."

"Shut up Conrad."

"Yes, sir." He chuckled.

Well... That was special... I dunno but he seems like such a drama queen to me...