A love that's real

He was in love with her. He has been since the minute he saw her that day in the bar. It was like love at first sight.

She was off-limits, He should not want her, but he does. It was something he just couldn't help.

Loving her was like breathing to him.

It's so weird, if someone told him this was going to happen to him he would have laughed right in their face. Thinking back now, she was what his life was missing.

It is funny how fate works. Coming to work that first day to find the girl he fell for sitting in the forth row from the door.

Why? Because she was 17, and in his Junior AP class.

It couldn't get worse in that moment.

He tried to stay away, but it was just to hard. It seemed the harder he tried. The harder it got to stay away from her. That's when he decided he was done trying.

It was time. It has been two years now. It was graduation day for Rosewood Day students. This is the day they have been waiting for. The day of their dreams.

They could finally be together, and no one could say a darn thing about it.

She was thinking about her life. The past two years have been hard, but she wouldn't change it for the world.

They were in love, but even so, it was hard to deal with a relationship in general. So, when you add in the problem of keeping it a secret. Its bound to be hard. Then you add the fact that the person also happens to be your teacher.

They were telling her parents tonight , after the graduation party that her parents were giving her. That is if she can't talk him into coming to her party.

Who knows, all she know was that now that she was 18, not even her parents could stop them from being together. She just thought they have a right to know, and now that he was safe, they can know finally!

I don't know if this is where I'm going to stop or not.