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Tony was walking down the staires to his workshop when Jarvis informed him that a dog got inside the gate.

"Thanks for the update ,Jarvis. Can you tell Potts to take care of it, I need to work on the suit."

"As you wish sir."

A few hours later the suit was ready for the next mission. Tony was walking up the staires he heard Pepper talking in a baby voice.

"Whose a good boy, your a good boy yes you are!"

"I thought you loved the bad boy type."

"Tony! Damn it you scared me!"

"Sorry Potts."

Just then he noticed the dog. The dog ran to Tony.

"Jarvis! I told you to ask Pepper to get rid of the dog!"

"No sir you asked 'Potts to take care of it'

"You told him not to tell me didn't you?"

"Hey your the one that said take care of it."

"You knew damn well what I meant Pep and you too Jarvis."

"Oh come on Tony its a puppy don't you like puppies."

"I like puppies but that doesn't mean we're keeping him."

"Why not its not like the mansion is small or something. And you can program something to feed,water and walk him when we're both gone.'

"I still don't think its a good iea Pep."

"Oh and flighing around in the suit is a good idea?"

As Tony looked down he noticed that the dog was still by his side and was looking between Pepper and him.

"I never said it was a good idea its...its just something I have to do Pep."

" Well this is something I have to do Tony."

Tony walked over to were Pepper was standing wih the dog following his to Pepper.

"What's wrong Pepper?"

Pepper sighed," Its just that when you go to your missions I...I can't help you I just sit here and wait. And its lonely here when your gone.I want something that needs me all the time."

"Pepper I'm sorry if I hurt you when I go."

'Yeah but its your job as a superhero to make your wife worry about you remeber and might I add your doing a great job at it."

She leanded in to kiss the man she loves.

"Potts you can keep the dog. Jarvis! scan the dog and see what we have to work with here."

"Yes sir."

"Thanks Tony sorry I didn't mean to play dirty."

"Yeah sure, I was going to say yes before the little guit trip no one can say no to you. And I do love it when you play dirty." He growled in her ear.

"Tony stop it he watching us."

"Jarvis hows the scan coming along."

"He's in need of a good diet and bath other then that he's in good health ,sir."

"Ok lets head out to the pet store for the mutt before he wakes."

"Hey Tony what are we going to name him?"

They though about it for a minture. Tony remebered a movis that he and Pepper watched last weekend.

"What about Shaggy."

"Nay he's too cute for that name. What about Kozak? The actor that played him was hot." Tony looked at her. "I guess I do have a thing for bad boy scientis."

"Ok Kozak it is. Jarvis we need a list of items for the mutt and send it to Pepper's Blackberry. Oh and call if he wakes while we're gone."

"As you wish Mr. Stark."

"Lets go Tony."

When they came back Pepper went and took the dog for a walk, while Tony set things up for the dog. By the time Tony was done Pepper and Kozak were done with their walk.

"Tony everything looks great."

"Yep. Thanks Mr. Stark"

"Your welcome Mrs. Stark."