This is another story idea i had... im not very good at continuation but i am working on it! ive just finished classes for spring break so im gonna try and squeeze out chapters for this as well! Im a huge brittana fan and cant wait until their endgame! Disclaimer: I dont own anything or anybody who is in the show, the only thing i own is my characters and this plot bunny! hope you guys enjoy and R&R!

There is no limit to what you would do for somebody you loved. How far you would push your limits to make them happy even at your own expense or how much hurt you would go through to keep them safe.

For Santana Lopez there literally is no limit to what she would do for Brittany S Pierce.

Devotion doesn't even cover it.

The day Santana was born was joyous and terrifying, joyous for her mother to finally have the nightmare that is childbirth over with and terrifying for her father, he was afraid he would mess up and be a bad father. The small Puerto Rican hospital that this marvel took place at was hot for November the birth already into its ninth hour the mother desperate for painkillers and the father weeping about his hand being broken.

When a shrill cry broke through all the sound and Santana Carmen Lopez came into the world.

Its in the maternity ward where our story begins a man by the name of Dr. Liam Carsons. He wasn't just your average doctor he was different he was a geneticist and and he was on the run.

Why? You may ask.

what he was working on could revolutionize the way you look at DNA, but this isn't science class so lets continue. What he was working while revolutionary made him a wanted man especially by the U.S. Government. They had chased him all they way down south to get their hands on the syringes full of the his life's work. He knew he only had so much time left before he was caught so he made the most rash decision of his life, he was going to inject a baby with this serum and see his project come to life. He walked quickly to the neo-natal ward stun gunning the guard and going inside there were many children to choose he only had a to look to the nearest one, a little girl who was squirming around in her bassinet a little girl.

He looked down on her and whispered "I'm so sorry but i need to do this its for the future of science, maybe someday you'll forgive me and see this as a gift and not a curse." he injected her, she whimpered but didn't cry which surprised Carson but he was glad it was going to take someone strong to be able to handle this. He looked up swiftly at the sounds of boots hitting the ground getting closer to the ward he looked at Santana one last time and went over to another child hovering over them when the door burst open and a spec ops team rushed the room. Guns pointed at him and order for his hands up he did the only thing he could do in the this situation where he knew he wouldn't suffer... he pulled a gun and aimed for the men. He didn't even get a round off before they pumped him full of lead.

The men gathered around and started clearing the room of evidence a cover story was made and all video and eye witness testimony was taken care of. The child they found him hovering over which they thought was injected with the serum was quickly taken into their custody a cover story was made for that as well he died of birth defects of the heart. They had no idea they had the wrong child or that they were duped by a dead man.

They would soon find out that you shouldn't make mistakes especially with your government depending on it in the future.

Also as a side note ill try and make chapter longer or ill condense the story if i feel their to short in the future.. length has never been a good friend of mine!