Okay so its been awhile im sorry to say, alot of important stuff came up and for awhile it looked like i was gonna have to give up writing. But i can now say that im slowly getting back into the swing of things! So this is part 1 of this chapter content wise its not much im just trying to give a different perspective and character freshen things up! Disclaimer:Dont own anything except my characters and plot! Ill try and make the next chapter longer and more indepth! thanks for the patience and all the story alerts!

You know the saying curiosity killed the cat.

Cats a enigmatic creatures hellbent to find the truth of their environment, kind of like the sleuths of the domestic animal into things they really shouldn't.

Remember that truth i mentioned, sometimes that truth gets the better of them.

What they don't realize i think that while their satisfying their curiosity of the unknown, that sometimes the unknown will bite you in the ass.

But the unknown can suck it, because a cat has nine lives. So we can only hope that Quinn Fabray does to.


She stood by her locker silently checking herself in her mirror, her gaze somewhat casting over to the brunette in front of her, her back turned to her, just catching her face in her own locker mirror. The pang of longing in her chest rose up again, she viciously pushed it down. Her eyes hardened and her famous HBIC glare came looked back at herself, noticing the dark circles from lack of sleep that the expensive concealer failed to conceal 'I'm switching brands' she thought irritably. Slamming her locker door shut she closed the few feet between her and her intended target and called out the usual disparaging remark

"Man-hands, don't you ever get tired of shopping at Babies-R-Us? 'Cuz were all tired of seeing it."

Rachel turned around and stared at Quinn almost as if she was looking through her. Quinn struggled not to fidget and apologize right then and there.

"Well Quinn that's your opinion and while i do not appreciate the apparent distaste you have for my clothing preference, i respect your opinion as well and will endeavor to try and modify my wardrobe to fit your astronomically high standards!" With a slam, Rachel shut her locker and stormed off with a huff.

It took Quinn a moment to process what Rachel actually said and the irritation at being told off even in berry speak was strong. She turned around to follow the shorter girl when she spotted Santana coming her direction, making a beeline for the Latina she grabbed her arm and pulled her off to the side. Santana never one to be manhandled pulled her arm from Quinn's surprisingly strong grip, strong for a regular girl at least.

"What the hell was that at practice yesterday? You pretty much went Wonder Woman saving Britt! What's going on with you? What was with your eyes, they were red?"

So maybe she was taking her frustration out on Santana but her curiosity was overpowering her common sense. Santana looked annoyed and her trademark scowl was in place. Her reply was short and angry and made Quinn even more mad.

"Not that its any of your business tubbers but i wasn't about to let brittz get hurt just because we have shitty catchers! Maybe if you were a better captain yesterday wouldn't have happened. Also there is nothing wrong with my eyes maybe you should get yours checked your obviously seeing things."

"So your blaming me is that it? Just because you cant get over your super psycho feelings for a girl who can barely tie her shoes, doesn't mean you can take it out on everybody else!" By now Quinn was seething in rage, maybe it was the lack of sleep or the encounter with a tiny diva but she usually knew better than to insult Brittany, hell she usually helped Santana protect the happy dancer.

She felt herself slam into the back of the lockers, looking into santana's eyes she could see something just beyond the surface, flickering in and out little bits of red or dark auburn sifting through. If you weren't looking for it you probably wouldnt have seen it but Quinn had been waiting for it.

"Okay first of all, Don't ever imply that Brittany is stupid ill beatz yo ass for that, Second Pot calling kettle black Preggo. Don't even try to deny it, it would take a blind and deaf chimp or maybe just Finn not to figure out that you gotz the hots for Ru-paul! So shut the hell up about stuff you don't know. By the way, yesterday, Not your business." With that Santana stormed off in an admittedly good imitation of a certain diva, hopefully Brittany finds her soon or else the unsuspecting teens on the lower end of the social spectrum would drown in slushies.

Quinn stood stock still for a moment, trying to gather her wits and her waning self control she knew if she pushed the Latina enough a smack down would happen she wasn't stupid, especially after last time they fought, she heard the stories about Santana in pucks fight club, how she even took down Craig Hartley one of the bigger guys in the school for slapping Brittany's ass. 'Yeah not something i need to happen'.

She went back to her locker and gathered her books for class, hoping that today would be calm and less dramatic instead of insane as usual. Shutting her locker door hard, she took off for 1st period math.

'What a great start to the day.'