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Who would have ever thought that in the crystal clear depths off the Spanish coast, past the kelp forests and in a ultra secret underwater cave, was the hottest nightclub for miles around? Fluorescent colors of every shade flashed through crevices among rocks that hummed and vibrated from the loud bass sounding beneath.

Merpeople and fish folk alike crowded the large room, and every single inch of the dance floor was covered with sea life caught in the addictive rhythm of the room, the lights coating them in various neon hues. Fast paced pop music blared and several mermaids screamed in excitement as the latest teen heartthrob took the stage, anticipation almost unbearable. The merman had midnight spiked locks, with matching ebony hued tail, pale skin and the infamous eyeliner with matching irresistible smirk that had all the girls squealing in delight.

" But if I had you..."

"Douche bag." Finn muttered,clearly unamused, into his cup before taking another sip of his drink. Lounging next to him at the bar, Jim shook his head in amusement before turning his attention back to the concert taking place. Ariel was out there, no doubt enjoying herself with her sisters, and so he kept an eye out for glimpses of flaming red hair. For now, he was content to just sit back and observe with Finn and interestingly enough, Riley.

"Sounds like someone's jealous." Jim supplied smirking and sneaking a glance in Finn's direction. Finn scoffed and looked at the performer gyrating on stage shamelessly in disgust.

"Oh please! What does that merman impersonator have that I don't?"

Riley smirked unable to pass up on the all too easy comment as he counted off on one hand.

"Besides the fame, fortune and a room full of beautiful women screaming your name in desire?" Finn glared at the merman with the navy tail, while Jim snorted in amusement, unable to contain his mirth, into his cup.

"Well aren't you just Mr. Chuckles."

Riley shrugged nonchalantly and leaned farther back against the bar's counter.

"I aim to please." The three boys fell back into a comfortable silence each sipping on their drinks and surveying the club for any signs of disturbance.

"So have you thought about it recently?" Riley's green eyed gaze over the crowd matched the slight edge of his tone. Confused by the seemingly random and extremely vague question, Jim turned a questioning glance toward the two older boys to his right. He watched as the muscles in Finn's jaw clenched, and the iciness that shone clear in Riley's eyes, was now radiating in Finn's. What?

"Can we just not do this now?"

The spiky raven haired teen pinned his senior with a glare full of malice.

"And when exactly, are we going to talk about it?"

Finn refused to answer staring pointedly at the performer, and after a few strained moments, when the answer appeared to be none at all, Riley huffed in angry frustration.

"You know, just because we live forever does not mean I'm willing to wait that long for Aquata. You can't keep sweeping this under the rug all the time."

Still, there was no response from Finn. Refusing to let the issue be, Riley pushed further.

"Why don't you just man up, or at least... get out of the way so someone else can!", Riley growled getting up from his seat and turning to leave. Finn wasn't about to let him off the hook though, and Jim, utterly confused, was wondering how long it would be before he would have to physically intervene.

"Oh and you just think it's that simple, huh?"

Riley turned, his frustration melting away into fatigue. Somehow, Jim got the distinct feeling that this particular conversation had occurred countless times between the two mermen.

"But it is, Finn. It really is that simple." Without another word, Riley disappeared into the crowd leaving a clueless Jim and a brooding Finn. Minutes passed and not a word was said.

Yeah... cus this isn't awkward in the least bit, Jim thought taking a long slow a sip of his drink, making all efforts to not make eye contact. Any attempt at trying to lift the mood right now was probably pointless so...

"Do I even want to know what that's all about?"

Finn sighed and rubbed his forehead. No doubt a headache was forming by the looks of it. And then, oddly enough a small sarcastic chuckle escaped his lips and his eyes closed.

"Yeah.. probably, on account of the fact that it does concern you."

Jim's bright blue eyes widened in surprise before narrowing in suspicious concern.

"Me? But what does..." Finn was quick to interject.


Finn spat the word in obvious distaste.

"In the event that the eldest heir has wed, then the current reigning monarch has the choice to pass along the crown to the heir or in this particular case, the intended royal mate."

Jim remained silent and patiently waited for him to continue.

"It means, that as soon as I marry Attina, Triton is going to step down from being king and I will take his place as king of Atlantica."

Jim couldn't help the shock that ran through him at this sudden turn of events.

"It's what he wants, I just know it. It's why we're doing those stupid classes. So we'll be ready, so that I'll be ready. And I...I'm just not ready for that kind of responsibility yet. I love Attina beyond words and I would die for her in an instant but.. I can't be responsible for a whole kingdom's welfare. It's just... too much."

Though stern, Finn's eyes pleaded with him to understand. Jim instantly sympathized with the elder male, secretly relieved that someone else felt the way he did in regards to royal duties. Still... Jim's brows furrowed in contemplation.

"But.. how does that have anything to do with me, Riley and Aquata?"

Finn turned his angst ridden stare from the crowd to the young Jim Hawkins.

"Atlantican law. It states that the eldest must wed before any of her siblings thereafter."

Jim was stunned by the unexpected information and it took a moment for the entirety to sink in. Everything now clicked into place. Riley was angry because Finn wouldn't marry Attina, therefore preventing him from marrying Aquata.

Or me from marrying Ariel...

How many of the other guys felt this way? More importantly, exactly how long had this been going on. And from the way Finn sounded, there seemed to be no change in sight. In his heart, Jim knew he wasn't quite ready to marry Ariel yet, but that day was swiftly approaching, and he wasn't about to let Finn's apprehension about becoming king get in the way. The fierceness of his evolving glare clearly communicated the message and suddenly all sympathy was lost leaving tension in its place.

Like an angel of peace, Ariel burst through the crowd, rocketing over to Jim, full of excitement completely oblivious to the situation she had just entered.

" There you are! Come on! Let's dance, my favorite song is about to start!" the petite princess exclaimed latching on to her beau's arm. Like always, her brilliant smile was irresistible, and Jim couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of his agitation melt away in her presence.

"Alright. You win."

Ariel's grin told him with no words, "Of course I do, was there any doubt?" Getting up from the stone stool, Jim shook his head, and allowed himself to be dragged off into the masses of merpeople, but not before locking heated glances once more with Finn, stating in no uncertain terms that this wasn't over.

A slow, lulling beat now echoed off the walls and the blob of life now separated into pairs, or more specifically, couples. The keyboard erupted into a hypnotic melody signaling the beginning and the singer approached the microphone closing his eyes a low hum spilling from his lips. ( Teenage Dream, Boyce Avenue version)

Meanwhile, the middle of the dance floor found the youngest royal couple in Atlantica. It was always easy to come into his embrace and Ariel always longed for an excuse to do so. She loved the feeling of being small compared to Jim's larger frame. It gave her a sense of safety and security that was non-existent everywhere else. Maybe it was from the slight heat that always radiated from him like her own personal sun or or maybe it was the feeling of his soft skin against hers... And usually when they danced together like this, Jim would always have this embarrassed smile on his face, like he was afraid to make the next move. That endearing smile would always make her giggle and snuggle even closer to him.

But tonight, something was definitely on his mind. His posture and hold on her was stiff and his troubled gaze was somewhere over her shoulder. Determined to get to the bottom of this, she raised a petite hand to the tan skin of his jaw, entreating him to return her gaze. A much larger hand gently but firmly encased hers before he turned intense cerulean down to her.

I think you're pretty

Without any makeup on

I think you're funny

When you tell the punch line wrong

I knew you got me

When you let your walls come down

"Jim, what's wrong? What happened? " Ariel whispered the concern clear in her voice and facial features. Instead of answering her question, he merely shook his head and gave a weak noncommittal smile seemingly unable to meet her gaze now.

"It's nothing."

Before you met me

I was alright, but

Things were kinda heavy

You brought me to life, and

Every February

You'll be my valentine


At her dubious expression, and a few seconds of her penetrating stare, Jim was forced to reiterate.

"It's nothing...really, it's not. It's just...I love you, that's all." Jim felt stupid and helpless for sounding so generic and vague but it wasn't like he could tell her the truth. She wouldn't understand . So instead he gave her his infamous crooked smile.

Only a mere week had passed and already, she could see right through him. You see, everything about a person can lie...except that is, for their eyes. He's hiding something, Ariel easily surmised. He may be smiling but...his eyes...he's upset about something...She racked her brain for answers, but the sum of the equation remained amystery.

In a show of affection and temporary acceptance of the fact that he wasn't ready to disclose whatever it was that was troubling him, Ariel's hand drifted upwards to the soft sensitive skin of the shell of his ear. Gently, she ran her fingers along its surface earning a shiver of pleasure from Jim, a soft hiss and his eyelids lowering in bliss, as her reward.

Let's just talk

All through the night

There's no need

To rush

We can dance

Until we die

You and I

Will be young


I may not know what's burdening you, but I'll do my best to comfort you. Ariel's gaze searched his begging for some sort of answer or clue. There was deep sigh from Jim before he relaxed completely under her ministrations. At least for now, it seemed that Jim had decided that this mystery issue was inconsequential and this moment was the pressing matter.

You make me

Feel like I'm livin' a

Teenage dream

The way you turn me on

I can't sleep

Let's run away

And don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

My heart stops

When you look at me

Just one touch

Now baby I believe

This is real

So take a chance

And don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

With practiced ease, Jim Hawkins guided her hands from his face, savoring the feeling of her touch against his skin, to wrap loosely around his neck. His right hand then mimicked her previous actions by stroking her cheek with the softest of caresses. It was the intensity of his gaze that caused a rush of emotion from within her. It was raw and unguarded, giving her a glimpse of the passion he had for her.

I'm a get your heart racing

If that's what you need

In this teenage dream


Such a gaze left her feeling uncomfortably vulnerable and yet exhilarated simultaneously .A part of her wanted to turn away, but the dominant part kept her rooted, mesmerized by the stories his eyes held. Still, she reached up to his ear whispering, "I love you too," before resting her head on his shoulder.

Let you rest you head on me

If that's what you need

In this teenage dream


Placing a kiss to the crown of her head, Jim whispered,

"I love you... Ariel." I'll find a way to fix this. I promise.


It was exactly 3:47 in the morning when Jim Hawkins was savagely ripped from the land of dreams. Finn's rough shakes to his shoulders only solidified the feeling that somehow he had been hit over the head with the R.L.S Legacy.

"Hawkins! Hawkins! Wake up, dang it!" Finn urged with another round of shakes.

Leaning on one elbow in his canopy bed, Jim seriously could not believe that in this reality, he was actually awake at 3:47...in the morning . Holy crap, I was reading that clock right. Ugh... Wiping the sleep from his eyes groggily, Jim was faced with a seemingly exhilarated Finn before him.

"Finn, man this had better be good...or I swear..."

"I'm going to do it," Finn declared in a quiet whisper.

Jim was seriously pondering strangling him where he floated.

"What are you going to do?" The death glare was the final warning that Finn's epiphany had better be good. Finn smirked.


Jim blinked the sleepy haze from his eyes at the momentous and unexpected declaration. Obviously pleased with his counterpart's stunned silence, Finn's grin grew wider.

"Yes, that's right Hawkins, I'm going to propose to Attina." Fresh adrenaline pumped through Jim Hawkin's veins, and his excitement grew til it was barely containable. Suddenly, being awake at 3:47 in the morning wasn't such a huge issue anymore.

"Really? When?"

A contemplative look passed over Finn's features and Jim thought bemusedly that apparently Finn hadn't worked out the details yet. However, he wasn't about to change Finn's mind by placing anxious thoughts into his head.

"I think... the first night of the festival." One could see the endless possibilities flit across Finn's mind's eye, each bringing jolts of joy and anticipation. A sure nod of finality told Jim without words that, yes, the decision was permanent, that he was ready to move forward not only to marry the love of his eternity, but to accept his place as king.

"Finn, man that's...that's...I'm really happy for you," the younger teen replied softly. Both boys grinned, neither saying a word.

Sleep wouldn't be found for the rest of the night.


With the coming of early morning, sunlight poured out searching out every crevice and revealing that almost every surface was covered with the buds of the tiny fuchsia ocean blossoms. In about a week's time these delicate flora would be in full bloom at the climax of the summer games.

"Ooh look! They're coming! They're coming!" Arista exclaimed excitedly pointing to the caravan of peoples approaching the city gates at a slow but steady pace. Ariel smiled warmly at her older sister's antics, finding equal amusement in the fact that Rip thoroughly mirrored her enthusiasm.

They really are each other's perfect match.

On that train of thought, she leaned back more into her own mate's embrace and reflexively his hold tightened slightly around her as they watched the proceedings from the royal terrace, overlooking the city. Craning her neck, and smiling contentedly at her mate, Ariel was blissfully unaware of the tension blossoming in her vigilant mate.

A steady gaze was leveled on the horizon, instincts hovering on the edge of his consciousness silently preparing him for the conflict ahead.

I won't let you take her from me.

Almost in challenge, a peculiar and most unnatural cloud had arisen in the distance. With each passing second, the cloud grew closer and running directly parallel to the approaching caravan. Gaze narrowing and a sneer threatening to erupt from his lips, Jim tried and failed to remain ambivalent. The silver haired, amber eyed mate to Alana, Caspian remarked monotone,

"And so Prince Thor of Olympia has made his glorious entrance."

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