I was at my mom's house watching my dad explain to Charlie (my little half-brother) what carnivores and herbivores were. "Alan he's five let's wait till he's six" my mom said as she came outside holding my baby sister Madeline. I got up and wiped the sand off my jeans. "Mickey what's that around your neck?" Charlie asked when he spotted my raptor tooth necklace. "It's a…" I was about to say raptor tooth but my mom sent me a look saying 'don't tell him what it is'. "It's a shark tooth Charlie" I said. "What kind of shark did the tooth come from?" he asked. "A tiger shark" I replied. Both animals teeth were about the same size so I assumed that it would be the right shark. Charlie put all of his toy dinosaurs back in the plastic box they came in and I picked him up and we went inside. I put Charlie down and he ran upstairs to his room to play with his dinosaurs while I followed my parents into the kitchen. I sat down next to my dad and across from my mom. Madeline began to cry and my mom was about to get up when Mark my step-dad said he would take care of it. "So McKenzie your father says that you have a boyfriend is that true?" my mom asked smiling. "Dad" I groaned. "What?" he asked pulling an innocent face. "So what's his name?" my mom asked eager for more information. "His name is Billy this is him" I said as I showed her a picture of Billy and I at a dig site both of us covered in dirt. "He looks like a nice boy" she said handing the picture back. "Yeah the only problem is the kissing it's too much" my dad said. "Oh Alan that's what couples do" my mom said. "Yeah dad and you can't tell me that you and mom never kissed. "That's a different story we didn't make out like no tomorrow like you and Billy do hell I don't know what's worse running from a dinosaur or watch you to play tonsil tennis" my dad said rolling his eyes. My mom chuckled at his frustration and I could tell she had some sympathy for him he was the one that had to put up with my teenage hormones most of the time. "You're lucky I approve of your relationship with Billy or else he would gone before you could say raptor" my dad said. He always liked taking certain sayings and adding in the name of a dinosaur. "Yeah just like my first boyfriend Nathan the one you scared off" I said. "He wasn't even your type he was majoring in technology and you are majoring in Paleontology and you know that I hate technology" my dad said. "Alan you scared the poor boy with one of those stories of your encounter with raptors and how advanced they are" my mom said. "I haven't seen him since high school graduation dad last thing I heard was that he was hospitalized for a few months because of some crazy nightmares he was having of dinosaurs his parents thought that he had gone insane" I said. "Well answer me this would you rather be with some technology obsessed boy or Billy who is interested in dinosaurs and is also majoring in paleontology like you?" my dad asked. "Billy" I said smiling. It was the truth I loved Billy more than anything in the world besides my parents and siblings. "So what are you working on?" my mom asked. "Raptors" my dad replied. "My favorite" my mom whispered. "Do you remember the sounds they make?" my dad asked. "I try not to" she replied. "They were capable of more than we ever imagined" my dad said. I tuned out my parents conversation as I began to think of Billy. I've been doing that a lot lately probably because I missed him so much. Billy and I haven't been apart this long before and I was starting to regret coming with my dad I can't believe I thought this would be an interesting trip most of the colleges we visited the students were only interested in Jurassic Park or the incident in Sand Diego some even asked about the scar I got on my arm after being attacked by one of the raptors while visiting Jurassic Park I still have nightmares about that. "How have you been sleeping honey?" I heard my mom ask. I finally snapped out of my daydreaming and looked at her. "Same nightmare" I replied. "I'm sorry Mickey I know you hate having those nightmares" my mom said resting her hand on top of mine. "I know" I replied. I looked down at the raptor tooth that hung from my neck. It came from the same raptor that attacked me I don't even know why I wanted to keep it. The tooth was practically a reminder of what happened back on Isla Nublar. I guess it was because of the fact that I always wanted something that came from a real dinosaur when I was little and I finally got my wish but in the worst possible way. Soon my dad and I decided that it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and I gave my mom a hug and kiss goodbye and we left and before either of us knew it we were on our way back to Montana. As I sat there staring out the window my dad brought up an unwanted subject. "You know you need to tell Billy what happened he's your boyfriend he should know don't you think?" he asked. "Don't worry dad I will" I replied. I refused to get any sleep on the plane because I didn't want to have a nightmare in front of a bunch of strangers. My dad decided not to carry the subject any farther since he knew that I was sensitive about it. The rest of the trip was silence neither of us said a word unless it was about the dig and how we were gonna make more money so we wouldn't have to stop digging. All I could really think about was how I was gonna tell Billy about my scar.