Although the thick terrain slowed us down a bit we all kept pushing through when we saw a compound. A spark of hope lit up inside of Paul. "Eric is in there I know he is. I bet my bottom dollar" he said making his way towards the compound as fast as he could with us following. I hoped Paul was right because I wanted to get the hell off of this damned island. "What do you think it is?" Billy asked me. "As far as I'm concerned four seasons" Udesky said. I rolled my eyes but chuckled. As we got closer to the compound I saw a few cars similar to the ones on Isla Nublar that were used to take people through the park. I looked in through the windows to see if any useful tools were hidden inside but I had no luck. "Anything?" Billy asked me with hope in his eyes. I shook my head and Billy sighed. I looked up at the building covered in weeds and vines and I felt a shiver run down my spine. "You ok baby?" Billy asked. "This place gives me the creeps and a bad feeling" I replied. Billy pulled me closer to him and kissed my head. "Mac I won't let anything bad happen to you, I'm gonna make sure you get out of here alive even if I have to die trying" he said.

We went in through the doors taking it slow so we wouldn't make much noise in case something was close by. Everything was destroyed and in pieces. Glass was everywhere littering the floor "Eric! Eric!" Amanda yelled. "Shhhhh Mrs. Kirby please stop yelling you're no use to Eric dead and right now you're just asking for a raptor to come and kill you" I snapped. I saw Paul send me a slight glare. He obviously didn't like me snapping at her. Amanda looked over at the counter where the computers were and saw a phone. I already knew it was useless just like everything else on this deadly island but she didn't hesitate to try. "What the hell" she said as she made her way over to the phone. She picked it up but put it back down when she heard nothing. We all walked further into the building and I saw some old vending machines. "Hey guys look" I said pointing at them. Everyone turned and followed the direction my finger was pointing. "Good work babe" Billy said. "Let's see. I've got a buck forty how bout you guys?" Paul asked as he searched his pockets. Billy sighed and rolled his eyes and kicked the glass in grabbing a bunch of chips and candy and handed them out.

Everyone continued on while Paul stood dumbfounded at what Billy did and attempted to do the same with another machine but failed. Knowing that it wasn't worth another try Paul limped away following the others. They came to two doors and Billy and my dad pushed them open. I looked around and saw a bunch of empty incubators with hatched eggs inside from various dinosaurs. "This is how you make dinosaurs?" Amanda asked. "No" I replied as I looked around. "This is how you play god" my dad finished. "Ok if I take pictures?" Billy asked. My dad nodded and Billy began to walk around and take pictures of various things. I found it weird that Billy didn't have his camera in his camera bag. Billy always put his camera back in its bag as soon as he was done with it but I shrugged it off and walked around with Amanda looking at the things stuck in the tubes. I came upon the last tube but I found it odd since there was a full grown raptor head in it while the others were all pre developed dinosaurs.

I leaned in to look closer when I saw the eye move and a full grown raptor lunged at me. I screamed capturing everyone's attention. Billy pulled me away from the reach of the raptor and we all took our chance to run. We ran to the very back of the compound and saw a bunch of cages. The raptor was right on our tail. I could hear the long sharp claws of the raptor making contact with the cold floor as it ran after us. Udesky, Paul, and my dad quickly ran into one cage while Billy, Amanda and I ran into the other. Before we could completely close the door the raptor rammed its body into it trapping us in the corner of the cage. It desperately tried to get to us snapping its jaws and growling. Udesky, Paul and my dad tried getting its attention but it was determined to get to us. It suddenly looked up and saw a gap and began to climb up. "Push!" Amanda yelled. Not knowing what else to do Billy and I obeyed and helped Amanda push the door trapping the raptor. We all ran for the exit of the compound leaving the raptor calling for help. Billy gripped my hand and pulled me along with him as we ran towards the heard of dinosaurs. "Head for the trees!" I heard my dad yell. Billy and I ran for the closest tree and climbed up as high as we could. "Billy where's your camera bag?" I asked. "I dropped it but your dad picked it up so he's got it" he replied. I could see a spark of nervousness in Billy's eyes but shrugged it off thinking that it was because he was afraid which I couldn't blame him for. "Welcome to the nightmare of Isla Sorna" I mumbled. Billy pulled me close to him and tried his best to comfort me. "We'll get out of here soon Mac I promise" he said. I could hear the truth behind his words and knew he meant what he said. I just hoped he was right.