I'd fight for you
I'd lie, it's true
Give my life for you
You know I'll always come for you
You know I'll always come for you
No matter what gets in my way
As long as there's still life in me
No matter what remember
I'll always come for you...
I'd come for you by Nickelback

I know I shouldn't be starting another story considering I need to update the ones that I have, but this just came to me while listening to the song: I'd Come for You by: Nickelback

"Wait! Ron!" I heard my boyfriend call to his friend.

Ron didn't like me at all but I hung out with Harry. He had saved me from killing myself, and now we were dating. I was a Slytherin, but he didn't care. Ron however did. I wasn't stupid. I had received death threats from him before, and I just blew them off, but now he was going after his best friend.

"What! Wait so you can invite that freak over here and kiss it in front of me?" Ron shouted at him.

I flinched at the word 'freak', but they didn't see me.

"No, Ron, listen. I don't even like that thing. It just started to come onto me, trying to get its freakiness all over me." The first boy said calmly.

"Glad that you were in your right sense, Harry." Ron said.

I couldn't take anymore, as they started talking about how to get rid of me and my freakiness. I ran, my feet not making any noise on the hardwood floors. No tears fell from my eyes. I knew that I couldn't cry. My tears had been dried up for to long.

I ran without any direction as to where my feet would take me. I ran letting my mind drift into the calm numbness of the world.

I only came back to my senses when my body collided with something. I was thrown backwards onto the floor. My head collided with the tiled surface, creating a loud thump that reverberated throughout the chamber.

"Miss Aly, I feel everyone would greatly appreciate if you watched where you were going and not run into their persons." A voice said above me.

I cracked my eyes, but quickly closed them to the bright light that was filtering through the windows above me.

"Miss Aly, it would also do very well for you if you could get off of the floor." The professor's voice sounded through the hall.

I just groaned and tried to even move to a sitting position but went back down before curling into a ball and gripping my head harshly. I felt my eyes squeeze tightly, not letting any of the light shine through the closed lids.

The professor's gasp sounded softly above me, the light sound helping the pounding of my head.

"Miss Aly I need to take you to the hospital wing. Is it okay to pick you up." The man said.

I wasn't really paying attention, but I nodded my head anyways. When his hands touched me, my whole body tensed, unprepared for the intrusion of my space. He didn't stop, knowing that I always did this.

I was lifted into the air, floating on his arms. A slight breeze passed over the both of us, and a shiver escaped my body. I curled into the warmth of the man holding me. Darkness was pulling at my consciousness trying to convince it to leave with it and rest for a few hours. I let it. With the footsteps as a lullaby, I started to relax. My head slowed in its pounding the farther I went under. Finally I was fully submerged.

The only thing I felt was the warmth that surrounded me.

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