Cheating-"Zim," Dib huffed, as the two made their way to the Principal's office, "next time you want to copy off my test, don't stand up and demand it loudly enough for the world to hear!"

Superior- A look of triumph passed over Zim's face. "HA! I knew it! Admit it, Dib-human! Who's the superior being now? Huh? Huh?" Dib blushed and closed out of the window. "An quiz doesn't prove anything, Zim!"

Jokes- "I don't know, Dib, what does Snoop Dawg wash his whites with?" "BLEE-OTCH!" exclaimed Dib, and he collapsed on the ground, shaking with laughter. The Irken simply stared at him.

"Music"- "…And you listen to it because… You want to? What, do you get some sick satisfaction from torturing yourself?" Dib growled and opened the CD player. "Fine! No more screamo!"

Homicidal Maniac- "I'm… Never… Reading… Another… Comic book… Again…" breathed Dib. "What kind of sick, twisted person could come up with this stuff?" Zim shrugged. "Some Earth-monkey called Vasquez."

The Cat-Guy- Dib stopped in his tracks. "Kitty!" he squealed. He scooped the tiny calico up in his arms and cuddled it. "Happy birthday, Dib-thing," Zim said with a chuckle.

Hate- "I hate you!" Dib screamed. Zim blinked. Dib said things like this all the time. Why did it suddenly bother him?

Politics- Zim watched the humans debating on Dib's TV. "I don't understand. Why don't they just admit they're both idiots?" "Welcome to the wonderful world of Earth Politics, Zim."

Date- "Huh?" "It's when two people who like each other go out and have fun." "Isn't that what I was suggesting?" "No! At least… I hope not."

Losing- "Aw, CRAP!" shouted Dib, throwing the TV remote across the room. "I just lost the Game!" Zim tackled him to the ground. "NO!"

Tears- "Dib… I'm so sorry… I didn't know." Dib pushed the picture of his mother back under his pillow. "Whatever…" He turned away so that Zim wouldn't see him cry. Too late.

Annoying- Dib and Zim ignored Gaz's orders for them to shut up as they bellowed out, "I WILL NOT BOW! I WILL NOT BREAK! I WILL SHUUUT THE WOOORLD AWAAAY!"

New Moon- "Who do you think was cuter, Edward or Jacob?" Zim asked with a sly grin. Dib glared at him. "No." "Of course, Edward had that sexy glitter-" "SHUT UP!"

Stars- Zim and Dib sat in silence as they stared up into space. Around them, stars and far-off planets glittered like a kindergarten art-project. For once, they both felt the same thing-a feeling of content. Happiness.