A/N: 300-word drabble for the Challenge 24: Prompts. My prompt, suggested by Cathy (BellaPur), was:

Prompt: Any member of the Black Family gazing in a mirror. The more obscure member, the more points you get. (In saying that, I would still love a Bella/ Cissy/ Sirius etc. Your choice)

Must haves: A deeper meaning to it than just "Oh I need to fix my hair." They can be fixing their hair but the mirror has to lead to other thoughts, memories etc...

Mustn't haves: Hard core porn. Other than that... go wild.

Oh, and the title is taken from "I'll Be Your Mirror" by the Velvet Underground.

Reflect What You Are

What does one wear to a Muggle wedding, anyway?

Phineas Nigellus studies his reflection, adjusts his robes, straightens his cravat. He knows that Isla will have something laid out for him already, something itchy and mass-produced and horribly Muggle. He'll wear what she's picked out for him, let her have her way – she's his bossy little sister and it's her wedding day – but not until after he's made his entrance.

Bob Hitchens. Phineas Nigellus can't imagine a more grotesquely Muggle name. And he's refused to go by Robert, even in the vows. He looks like a Muggle, too – fat face, vacant eyes, unbelievably sloppy manner of dress.

But he makes Isla happy. So although Phineas Nigellus fully supports his father's decision to remove Isla from the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, he'll be at her wedding, and, what's more, he'll wear her horrid Muggle clothes – complaining all the while, naturally, but he'll wear them. He'll send Christmas and birthday presents – a set of wine glasses marked with the Black crest will be a nice start, to match the plates he's given them for their wedding present (both can only be used by Blacks, and since Isla isn't a Black anymore, she'll never be able to use them – but it's the thought that counts). He'll drop in unannounced for dinner, though he won't eat a thing.

He'll be in her life, and her children's. He'll do his best to compensate for his future nieces' and nephews' – the little Hitchenses' – dirty blood.

Phineas Nigellus smirks at himself in the mirror, imagining the little tykes' mouths dropping open as he suddenly appears in their tiny Muggle fireplace, green smoke swirling and his robes billowing all around him.

Oh, he'll be in their lives, all right – and he'll always make an entrance.

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