Chapter One

No one really knew why Casey was killed.

Thousands of people were around and no one saw how it happened. Not even her best friend Brittani. While questioning, all Brittani could tell the detectives was that Casey had went off to the toilet by herself and only minutes later she was falling to her death in front of hundreds of people.

It was a busy day at Greenboro Mall. The mall was large, filled with stores from Forever 21 to Hot Topic. The food court was huge. Panda Express, Subway, McDonald's, KFC and all the other places you could think of, the mall had it. In the middle of the mall was a large, flashy Hummer. It was surrounded with small kids looking up at the large looming black beast.

In the crowd of shoppers was a pretty girl with auburn hair. Her name was Brittani Cooper. Only being in the mall for half an hour, her hands were already full of bags from all the stores she and her blonde headed friend, Casey Rosenberg had visited together.

Brittani and Casey were best friends.

"Friends till the end." they would laugh in unison when they were younger.

They still often said the quote. Perhaps after an argument or a fall out over the silliest little thing.

"Ugh!" Brittani stressed, sitting down on the edge of the fountain. She wiggled her toes in her brand new Converse shoes. "I should have broke these in before wearing them to the mall."

Casey sat down beside her, putting down her bags, laughing. "Should have got yourself a nice pair of these." she pointed down at her white and red high top sneakers. "One hundred percent comfort."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Brittani rolled her eyes.

Bending down, she untied the laces on her shoes and slipped them off, exposing her bare feet.

"Ew! Brittani! Way to gross people out!" Casey protested, holding up her hands.

"What? If people don't like looking at my feet, then tough. Look away."

Brittani put her newly bought shoes into one of her bags and took out the pair of teal sandals she wore to the mall. She put them on and stood up, wiggling her toes again.

"All better." she smiled, flashing her white teeth.

Casey stood up beside her.

"Where to then?" she asked, her eyes glancing around at the stores.

Brittani looked around also, her eyes caught the food court.

"Aah! Food!" Brittani pointed to the left side of them. "I'm up for a trip to McDonald's."

Putting all her bags in one hand, she linked her arm with Casey's and they headed for the food court.

The girls ordered and collected their trays of fries, burgers and nuggets and sat down at the first table they could find. It was rare that they both ate junk food. They often ate healthily and drank a lot of water, orange juice and healthy smoothies. Coffee was also a rare luxury but it was their choice to stay away from those kind of foods and drinks.

"Okay, I'm stuffed." Casey threw down her napkin and took a drink of her coke.

"That was yum!" Brittani exclaimed, eating the last fry on her tray.

"How about we head to Hot Topic next?" Casey suggested.

Brittani nodded her head, her pony tail bobbing. "Sure."

Standing, the girls pushed their chairs back and picked up their bags, deciding just to leave the trays with their leftovers on the table.

Walking through the mall, Casey and Brittani stopped at the Hummer, looking at the shiny thing. "Wow. I would kill for that beauty." Casey smiled in bewilderment.

"Nah!" Brittani screwed up her face. "I prefer smaller sporty cars."

Casey shrugged her shoulders, "Well . . ." she said.

Before they could walk away from the Hummer's side, Casey stopped in her tracks.

"I need to go to the bathroom."

"You do? Why didn't you go back at the food court?" Brittani gave her friend a slightly annoyed look.

"I didn't feel like it then. I'll find one around here." Casey began to walk away and then turned to Brittani. "Aren't you coming?"

Brittani shook her head. "No, I don't feel like I need to."

"Why don't you just come with me, so I'm not alone?"

"I'm sure I don't need to hold your hand for you to go do your business." Brittani said with a little but too much bitterness in her voice.

"Are you serious?" Casey sounded shocked.

Brittani stood with her arms crossed, not looking at Casey.

This is one thing that was common with Brittani, something that Casey had notice. Her personality would change immediately sometimes.

Casey tutted. "Fine." is all she said. Making her voice sound very bitter, but not hurt. She turned on her heels, her long blonde hair whipping around.

"I'll wait here." Brittani called out as she watched her friend go. Casey ignored her and continued to walk.

It had been ten minutes since Casey had left for the bathroom. Brittani paced back and forth near the Hummer, once she had enough, she walked over to the window of a gadget store, sat down her bags and leaned against the window. Her back was aching from standing around and there wasn't anywhere to sit.

"Where are you, Casey?" Brittani said to herself, pulling her BlackBerry from her denim shorts pocket.

She searched through her contacts list and found Casey. She hit 'call' and put the cell phone to her ear.

That's when the first bag dropped from above.

Then the second.

Then the third.

Fourth . . .

Fifth . . .

The contents spilling out of the bags. Brittani knew right away that they were Casey's bags by looking at the bought items.

"What the . . ." she pocketed her BlackBerry and stepped away from the window of the store and looked up. Gasps came from everyone around as a sixth bag fell. Everyone was looking up now, murmuring.

And then she saw her.

The girl being launched over the railing, four floors up.

Her blonde hair fluttering. Her arms and legs flailing.

A terrified scream escaped her mouth on the way down.

Brittani screamed out.

Shoppers began to run, dropping their things. The people around the Hummer were jumping out of the way like crazy. That's when Brittani knew where the girl was going to land.

Her body hit the hummer with tremendous force, silencing her high pitched scream. The crunch of metal and breaking glass was deafening. Brittani hit the marble floor, a pain shooting up her tail bone. The girl's body bounced on the roof of the large car.

People all around her were screaming and running. Security guards pushed through the crowds of panicked people. A woman tripped over Brittani's legs but quickly got herself back on her feet and continued to run in a panic.

Brittani was kept at the mall after she identified the girl who had fallen on the car as her best friend Casey. She cried and cried and when she thought she had collected herself, Casey's mother walked into the security office and she burst into tears again as they held each other in a tight embrace.

A detective asked both of them if Casey had any enemies who would want her dead. They were sure that she didn't and it must have been a random act of violence. The detectives decided to stay on that, but they were still suspicious. A normal teenage girl isn't just thrown from a non-vacant part of the mall to her grisly death. It just doesn't happen. And it doesn't make any sense in why she was on the fourth floor of the mall which was under minor construction which had the full floor closed. Brittani just told them why Casey had left her. To go the bathroom. And there was definitely no bathroom on the fourth floor.

When the detectives let them both out of the office to go home, Brittani walked into the arms of her sympathetic parents and she wept again.

And all she could think about is that before her best friend had died, she never got to say those four words.

"Friends till the end."