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Warnings: Possible language but only if it fits the plot. More warnings might come up as the story develops.

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Prologue: The Proposal

-I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, be everything that you need
I love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do-

Savage Gardens: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Whatever had possessed Blaine to think that a walk in midwinter, on Christmas Eve to be precise, was a good idea, Kurt didn't know. But there they were, holding hands while slowly strolling along the familiar street that Kurt had once lived on. He could still call it home, sure, but the fact that he now payed his own rent made him feel he was more like a visitor. And of course there was the fact that he never fit in Ohio like he fit in New York.

It was quiet as everyone was preparing for Christmas dinner and it was just a tad too cold for children to play outside. It certainly was too cold for this walk, as romantic as the scenery was, but Blaine had had that sparkle in his eyes when he had asked Kurt to come out with him and Kurt just couldn't refuse. So he had left the oh, so warm kitchen where the turkey was getting juicier and juicier, put on the coat that wasn't made to protect from the freezing weather (but it looked awesome) and against his better judgment, stepped outside of the house.

How was it possible for Blaine to still smile like that? Was his face frozen so he literally couldn't stop? They hadn't really talked and Kurt was slowly but surely starting to loose the feeling in his little toes. He wanted to ask if they could turn back but something told him that Blaine had a reason for his crazy request.

"Oh that's perfect!" Blaine suddenly said. Kurt looked up and saw that his boyfriend started to lead them to a little playground. He raised his eyebrows but didn't protest. He made a mental note to run as fast as he could and lock Blaine outside the house if he wanted to have a snowball fight. "Alright, okay... So... You wanna sit down?"

Frozen or not, Kurt still managed to put on an "are you crazy"- face when Blaine waved his hand at a swing that was covered with 10 inches of snow. Blaine chuckled and bit his lip, shifting from foot to foot as if he was nervous.

Why would he be nervous? No, he was just more cold than what he let on, Kurt thought, secretly hoping that was the case so that they could go back in.

"I had a lot of time to decide where to do this," Blaine began, still holding Kurt's hand. His hold was a little tighter than a minute ago. "I thought about Dalton, you know, where we sang 'Baby, it's cold outside' together but then I remembered just how many mixed signals I was giving you back then and crossed that off the list. I thought of Lima Bean and I the same issue came up... I pretty much figured out how much of a jerk I was back when we were in high school."

Kurt was more confused than ever. His brain seemed to be frozen as he couldn't figure out why his cheeks were heating up and his legs suddenly felt like jell-o. His body was giving him hints about what was about to happen but his mind was too affected by the cold to understand them.

"I almost already did it one morning when you woke me up by bringing me coffee. You looked so... beautiful just standing there against the light, still in your pajamas. But I stopped myself because I wanted to wait until Christmas break so we could just dwell in the moment and not worry about anything else right afterwards and your family..."

"Blaine..." Kurt interrupted, his teeth chattering. "Can you just please, please get to the point because I love you and all but my fingers are about to freeze off..."

"Right, yeah, of course, um... Yeah. I actually have no idea why I think this is the perfect place," Blaine said. "But it is. Maybe it's because we don't have any memories that involve a playground... I don't know. I tried to find the perfect song to sing to you,too, but then I figured this is one of those moments when I should just be able to just say it..."


"Sorry! So... yeah... My point is... I love you, Kurt, so much that you will never know and I want to spend all my Christmas' with you, for the rest of my life and I... Oh God, so I'm just going to say it. Kurt Hummel..."

And when Blaine dropped on one knee, Kurt's mind finally caught up. His eyes widened and his jell-o legs nearly gave up under him. "Oh my Gucci..."

"...will you marry me?"

There it was. A ring. A perfect, silvery ring that didn't have a diamond but...

"I had it carved. It says 'my missing puzzle piece' on the inside."

Kurt couldn't remember anything of the next five minutes. The next thing he knew he was flying through the front door of the Hummel-Hudson house, panting and flushed.

"What happened, did Blaine attack you with something from Targ... whoa!" Finn said when Kurt grabbed the front of his stepbrother's shirt.

"Where's Dad?"

"In the living room, I think, what...?"

But Kurt was already gone, leaving a trail of snow behind him. The frown on Finn's face suggested that someone had just asked him to translate The Bible into Swedish.


"Hey, kid, back so soon? I told you that coat..."

"I'm getting married!"

The short silence between the was so thick it could have been cut with a knife.

"You... what?"

"I'm getting married, Dad! Blaine proposed, I'm getting married, oh my GAGA, I'm getting married! Dad! Dad, Blaine PROPOSED to me!"

Kurt was jumping up and down in front Burt who could only stare, his expression a lot like Finn's. Kurt didn't really notice as he clapped his hands, more excited than a kid in Santa's workshop, still babbling about how perfect it all had been as if he had never even thought about the cold. He turned around when he heard Carole.

"Honey," she said, looking around. "Where is Blaine?"

Kurt blinked and stopped jumping. "He... OH!"

And he was off again, almost bumping into Finn in his hurry to get back out. The taller boy had clearly heard (well, most likely the whole neighborhood had heard) and was about to say something but was once again left without an explanation.

Kurt threw the door open just as Blaine turned to their driveway. He squealed, the cold forgotten, and ran to his unprepared boyfriend who fell backwards into the soft snow as Kurt all but smashed into him.

"Yes!" he yelled, kissing Blaine everywhere he could reach. "Yes, yes, yes, YES!"



"Oh good, you kinda scared me," Blaine said.

Kurt giggled before getting up and taking off his left glove. He squealed again when Blaine got up, too, holding the ring between his fingers.

"So... it IS a yes?"

"Oh for... It's a yes now put it on me!"

Blaine's smile was brighter than the ridiculous Christmas lights their neighbors had put up as he slid the silver band to Kurt's ring finger.

It was the perfect size.

"I can't believe this..." Kurt whispered, staring at the new piece of jewelry on his hand. "I'm engaged. I get to plan my own wedding. Oh my GOD I get to plan my own wedding!" Kurt turned around to the three members of his family standing in the doorway, his hands on his mouth. "I never thought... AAAAHHH!"

If people hadn't been paying attention before, that scream caused more than a few curious people to step outside to see what was going on.

"I love you!" Kurt declared, jumping again, wrapping his arms around Blaine's neck. "We're getting married!"

And he kissed Blaine, right there in front of his father, hell, in front of most of his neighbors, full on the mouth, tongue demanding access. And Blaine didn't fight back, so overwhelmed with happiness that he forgot to be afraid of the return from cloud nine. His arms found their way around Kurt's waist, pulling him even closer. For a moment everything else disappeared and it was as if the air was filled with the most beautiful, most cliché Disney music. Anyone with imagination could see stardust and sparkles and tiny fireworks all around the two of them.

Behind them Finn, who finally remembered how to use his mouth, cleared his throat. "I guess that kind of steps on the toes of the Broadway tickets I got him."

Kurt Hummel is engaged to Blaine Anderson.

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-Oh my gosh, Kurt, I'm so so so so happy for you! My dads and I wish you and Blaine all the best! Call me when you're back in New York and we can decide what you want me sing at your wedding!

-So not cool to post something like that and then log off! I want to hear details, was it romantic? Call me. Oh, this is Quinn!

-Hey Kurt! Is this going to be one of those weddings where there are only dudes and lesbians? Anyways, congrats, if nothing else it's a free dinner. Text the date and I'll be there!

-Hey, Kurt, this is Tina, can I bring a plus one?

-Hey man, just wanted to congratulate you! Call me when you have the time, alright?

-KURTIE! Which one of you is going to wear a white dress? Blaine is shorter than you but you're you... Santana says hi, too!

-KURT, I am warning you, PICK UP YOUR DAMN PHONE! I am you made of honor, right? RIGHT? CALL ME!


"You should really pick up your phone..."


"...a little later..."

"I thought so."



AN: So the next chapters will be longer, this is just a prologue kind of thing.

I didn't want Kurt's ring to have a diamond because he IS a boy and diamonds... well... they are a GIRL'S best friend! Ya know what I mean?

And I didn't have Blaine serenade Kurt because honestly, that's what people would expect him to do, if there was ever to be a proposing scene between them in Glee (one can hope and dream, yeah? xD) I wanted to do it a little differently.

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