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"I'm home!"

A silence.


Still no answer. Kurt frowned as he toed of his shoes and walked through the little apartment to the living room. The TV was on and Blaine's laptop was randomly going through pictures of him and Kurt.

Now this was getting alarming.

"Blaine? Blaine, honey, where are you?" Kurt called.

That was a pretty stupid question really because unless Blaine was in the closet (no pun intended) there was only one room left for him to be in. For once ignoring the fashion explotion that was Sex and the City on the TV screen, Kurt made his way to their shared bedroom.


There he was. Looking at the wall like it was most interesting thing in the world, clutching his phone in his hand. He seemed completely oblivious to the fact that Kurt had just come in.

"Hey? What happened? Are you okay?" Blaine blinked. "Are you crying?"

Only when Kurt kneeled down in front of Blaine did the other one seemed to realize he was even there. He blinked a couple of more times, turning his gaze to meet Kurt's eyes.

"When..." He coughed as his voice was slightly ruff. "...when did you get home?"

"Just now," Kurt replied. "Wanna tell me what's going on?" Blaine squeezed his eyes shut, a couple of spilling down on his cheeks. "Alright, you are really worrying me. Please? Just tell me what...?"

"My parents."

Kurt's stomach made a terrible twist and his hand automatically took a firm hold of Blaine's.

"They are coming."



The litany of 'I'm so sorrys' and 'they'll come arounds' died on their way out of Kurt's mouth which left him simply staring at his fiancé with his mouth not so charmingly hanging open.

"They called about an hour ago."

"That's... that's fantastic, Blaine!" Kurt said, his voice slightly breathless. "It's not?" he asked when Blaine looked at him with an unreadable look on his face.

"The seating plan..."

"Blaine!" Kurt laughed. "Your parents just said they are coming to our wedding, don't worry about the seating plan! If that's the only thing... It's not the only thing, is it?"

Because Blaine was shaking his head, looking much younger than what he really was. "We are getting married in four weeks, Kurt. A month. And they just called me that they are coming after all. It took them this long to decide they want to be there for the biggest day of my life! Shouldn't that be one of those things they don't really have to think about at all?"

Kurt felt a stab of love when he thought about this dad but hoped it didn't show on his face, for it would only make Blaine feel worse. The few times the Andersons had called their son during the last half a year, the phone call had pretty much always ended with Blaine hanging up.

"It might have taken them this long to admit that they absolutely want to be there," Kurt finally said. "But I am pretty sure they didn't just suddenly decide it. They're your parents! They've wanted to see you get married the moment you came to the world. Now it seems they have finally accepted that it's not a girl you're getting married to." Kurt hoped he was right and that indeed was a beginning of a smile he saw on Blaine's face. "So what did they say?"

Ugh. No, not now! Blaine had just had an amazing day at work, he was in such a good mood, why did his dad have to call him now?

Sighing, Blaine knew he would call every ten minutes until he picked up.

"Hey, Dad."

"Hello, Blaine. Uh... How are things?"

Blaine had to bite his lip not to snort. "Good. Busy. Working and planning the wedding, you know, the usual."

"Sounds uh... exhausting."

"It can be. It's worth it though." Yes, yes it was. "So why are you calling?"

"Well, actually. It's about the wedding."

Shocker. "Dad, I have already told you guys a million times: I love Kurt. We are getting married and it's just as legal and binding as a marriage between a man and a woman. Don't you dare start again with the..."

"No, Blaine, listen. We... Your mom and I... We were wondering, and we know that we are very late with this, but we wondering if it was still possible to respond to the invitation. We'd really like to be there."

Unexpected was a pretty lame word for what Blaine thought of what Richard has just said. "You... You want to be there? You want to attend the wedding?"

"Yes. Look, I know you sent us the invitation a forever ago and son, we truly are sorry. You're getting married. And we want witness that."

Blaine had to swallow. "Both of you?"

"Your mom said she's too ashamed to call you just yet. But she will, I promise."

"Oh, okay... Um..."

"We understand if this is too last minute but Blaine..."

"No. No, of course... of course you can come. I just... have to tell Kurt and... yeah."

Blaine heard his dad let out a breath as if he had been expecting Blaine to say no.

"Great. That really is great, thank you so much Blaine. We... we'll see you then, I guess?"

Did he sound like he wanted to see him earlier?

"Yeah. I guess so."

"Okay. I... we love you, Blaine."

Don't cry don't cry don't cry... oh what the hell.

"I love you, too."

"Well. Bye then."

And the call ended.

Kurt wasn't quite sure what to say. For a few minutes they just sat there, still holding each other's hands.

"So are you hungry?"

Blaine chuckled. "Yeah. Starving."

"Okay. Come on, I'll make something."

Because that's what Kurt could do. When moments like this occured, when Blaine wasn't just like an open book that Kurt could read, food was always a good way to break the tension. He lead the two of them to the kitchen and started to open the cabinets.

"What are you in the mood for? We have... spaghetti? And rice," Kurt said. "Wow, need to go grocery shopping..."

"You pick," Blaine replied.

Kurt could tell from Blaine' tone that he wouldn't get more out of him so he took out a bag of spaghetti and some half-ready tomato sauce that he had only bought for times when he was too lazy to even pick up the phone to call the local Chinese restaurant. It'd be good if you added garlic and oil... which they, of course, didn't have.

"We have to stop relying on take out," Kurt declared. "Even magic can't make this stuff taste like more than melted rubber without the right spices."

"So what do we have?"

"Salt and pepper. Some dried bazil. And... ginger? Why the hell do we have ginger?" Kurt frowned as he examined one of the spice-bottles.

"Try putting that in," Blaine suggested. Kurt glared. "Or not? I don't know. All I know about ginger is that it's a pretty hair-color," he said, holding up his hands.

"Oh you think gingers are cute now, do you?" Kurt smiled. "Would you like me better if I dyed my hair then?"

"You're gorgeous, Kurt, you know that."

"But just think... If I dyed my hair red and changed my name to... Weasley?"

Blaine laughed. Kurt cheered quietly in his head. "Sure, that'd be pretty hot, I guess. But I still think you're perfect just the way you are," he said.

Kurt liked the look on Blaine's face. He could almost see that his fiancé was trying to picture him with a hair like Emma Schuester's. "Blaine? Darling, do you have naughty fantasies that include Harry Potter characters?" he asked with a playful tone.


The blush on Blaine's cheeks told otherwise.


"Weren't you going to make dinner?"

"I'm making dinner, don't worry. I'll feed you, dear boyfriend of mine," Kurt smiled.

Don't try to distract him with sex, he's still worked up because of his parents, whatever he says...

So Kurt dumped the contents of the tasteless tomato-whatever into a pot and turned the stove on.

Only to turn it off when he felt Blaine's lips on the back of his neck.

He knew right then they wouldn't eat dinner yet.

"You're hungry."

"Right now I'm hungry for you," Blaine said in a tone that had no hint of him ever speaking to his father. "Only you can make me feel like this while discussing hair-colors and spices."

"Well I certainly hope that's the case," Kurt laughed. He turned around so he could capture Blaine's lips with his own. He moaned a little when Blaine pressed his harder against the counter. "Your moods change fast."

"You're really good at cheering me up."

"Am I?"


"That's always nice to hear." Oh, Kurt enjoyed the look on Blaine's face when he let his hand travel a little more to the south. "Back to the bedroom?"

"Too far."

Kurt squealed when Blaine took him by the forearms and not so gently pushed him out of the kitchen and to the living room, where they fell on the couch. "So how was your day? You know, apart from your dad calling you?"

Yeah, because that's what needed to be asked when someone was pulling your shirt off of you...

"Good. It was actually really good," Blaine answered, opening the last button of Kurt's shirt. "Yours?"

"Long. Missed you."

"I'm here now."

"Yes, you are," Kurt agreed. "Gosh, Blaine..."

"I don't want you to be a ginger," Blaine mumbled against Kurt's jaw-line.

"Well," Kurt choked out. "You'd be a pretty hot Harry Potter if you ask me."

"Hardy hardy har..."

"I'm serious. You'd be amazing. S-INGING Harry Potter, super sexy."

"Daniel Radcliffe was on Broadway."

"Oh, I still think you're way hotter than him."

"You're hotter than anyone."

Kurt arched his back when Blaine's lips travelled south from his chest. He let his fingers wander through Blaine's hair, not quite able to appriciate the softeness of it at the moment.

He moved his head and saw the lap-top that was still going through random pictures. The one displaying at that very moment was taken on the day of their graduation. He remembered that Blaine's parents had been there, they had stood up when their son's name was called and cheered just like any parents would.

The picture changed. Kurt wondered if Blaine remembered that, how proud they had been. They had been well aware of their relationship. Maybe they hadn't let that bother them on that day, maybe they just wanted to celebrate that Blaine's graduation and not let his happiness be ruined because they disapproved of his boyfriend. Kurt hoped that was the case. It could also be that they had thought they wouldn't last through college. That life would tear the two of them apart.

When they had children...

Kurt's thoughts were halted when Blaine pulled his jeans off. He suddenly became very frustrated with the fact that Blaine was still fully clothed and actually let out something that could be called a growl as he tugged on his fiancé's belt.

"All in good time, my love," Blaine murmured.

"I'm supposed to be cheering you up, you know," Kurt pointed out.

"Who says I'm not cheered up?"

Okay, why in the hell did that sound so hot?

"As if..." Blaine said, his hands wandering on Kurt's body. "...this wouldn't..." he kissed Kurt on the lips. "...cheer anyone up."

"I was just gonna make you dinner..."

"It's your own fault for being so amazing. And just to think, in a few short weeks you're going to be all mine."

"Blaine, I've been all yours since the day you sang Teenage Dream."

They didn't talk after that, apart from the occasional 'oh God...' or something similar. Eventually Blaine's clothes joined Kurt's on the floor and the two of them became a tangled, somehow freakishly organized mess of legs and arms.

It was a truly beautiful moment that ended with loud gasps and moans. Blaine collapsed on top of Kurt, taking his time before rolling off so that they were next to each other. Their chests were heaving with deep breaths, they were covered in sweat but in the golden after-glow neither one seemed to care. Kurt moved just an inch so he could be as close to Blaine as humanly possible without repeating what they has just done and Blaine put his arm around Kurt so that they were a nice little cocoon.

"I love you," Blaine said after a while of listening to the clock tick.

"I love you, too."

And somehow, Kurt didn't really know why, this felt like the perfect time to say: "What do you think of Toronto?"

"...as a honeymoon destination?"

"No. As a name."

"Uh... What?"

"As a name. For a boy. If we end up having one."

Kurt shifted so that his jaw was resting on Blaine's chest. It was a slightly awkward angle but he could see how the look in Blaine's eyes became a little less dreamy.

"You'd want to name our son Toronto?"


"You want a son."

"Well... a child."

"You want a child?"

"I know this is the most random time to bring this up again but... you know? Please know because I don't know how to explain it. It felt right?"

Blaine smiled and Kurt was happy to see there was nothing strained about it. "Kurt, there is never a bad time to discuss our future." He kissed Kurt's nose. "I think it's a beautiful name. And original. Just like you."

"You're very generous with the compliments."

"Easy with you."

"Just proofs my point," Kurt chuckled. "And you, my darling, are very handsome."

"Why thank you."

An easy silence settled between them again. It didn't last too long.

"If we have a girl, though," Blaine said. "Her name should be Elizabeth."

Kurt blinked. "You... You think so?"

"Absolutely," Blaine said.

Kurt bit his lip. "Elizabeth... Anne? Maybe?"

Blaine sighed. "We'll see."

"She'll call you."

"I know."

Kurt kissed Blaine for a long ten seconds before settling his head down on his chest again. They lied there for a long time, thoughts of having dinner pretty much forgotten.

It wasn't until 35 hours and 47 minutes later that Anne Anderson called. This time Kurt was there when the phone rang and Blaine didn't let go of his hand for the whole hour he used to reconnect with his mother.

That night they did have dinner. They talked more about how they would go about having children and if Blaine would indeed change his last name to Hummel or if the better way to go was to for them to become Hummel-Andersons.


"No, Blaine, we're not getting a dog!"


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