Full Summary: Murdoc knew he couldn't rely on the Cyborg forever. He knew one day something would go wrong, and he'd have to leave her behind. He just didn't think it would be because of the Boogieman. He didn't know he would turn her against him. Now 2D and Murdoc are their own creation's prisoner. Where is she taking them? How far will the Boogieman go to get what he wants? And will they ever find the real Noodle in the process? No pairings yet. Takes place a few weeks before the 'Rhinestone Eyes' storyboard. Stylo didn't happen. Rated for violence and language. First in the 'Betrayal' series.

A/N: Ok, I'm literally so excited for this story. I've written a few Gorillaz One-Shots before this, but never something this long and this intense. Unfortunately this'll be sort of a lengthy author's note… but that's only because this is the first chapter and I just want to give everyone a vague idea of what's going to be happening. After this, no more long notes. Deal? Ok, let's get started.

If you read the full summary above, which I hope you did, I think you get the point. This takes place a few weeks before the 'Rhinestone Eyes' storyboard, but 'Stylo' and 'Melancholy Hill' didn't happen. The album has been released, Murdoc and 2D are on Plastic Beach, and Noodle and Russel are still, well, gone. Also as mentioned in the summary, this is going to be the first story in a whole series of 'em. Not sure how long this one's going to be… but I have the entire thing planned out already, which just totally adds to my excitement.

I'd like to thank a few people for the making of this story. The first is my brilliant little sister, Spazzy Bunny, who's helped me so much with this. I could never have come up with this without her. The second person is my dear friend Kukapetal, who has written an amazing Gorillaz story: Discarded. Her writing has inspired me so much, and she's so helpful. Other inspirations will be listed when they come up :)

This is a prologue that takes place a week before the actual story begins. I hope you all enjoy!

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The blood was shed

It will never be the same

Feel the intruding lead

That hangs my head in pain

The drainage not on my hands

But flows down my back

It was only in the sands

Where you planned your attack

Executed without flaws

With no issue at hand

You dug deep with your claws

Into a faceless land

Your face full of lies

When you greet me at that place

I see through your disguise

And reject your embrace

The wound you try to heal

Is now a gaping maw

Your words can never conceal

The true colors I saw

~Bryan P. Mix

The Boogieman had the whole thing planned out several weeks before it was initiated. The plan was sure to work; there was no doubt in the demon's twisted, foggy mind that it would be a success. It was a simple yet brilliant plan; one that would get him not only the revenge he deserved, but also his dignity back. How humiliating it had been, to not be able to take the soul of some narrow-minded, pathetic mortal. How Murdoc Niccals had managed to escape his clutches for almost a year now was well beyond him. But now, his plan was sure to work. There were no flaws. There would be no setbacks. The only downside would be how much energy would be required to put the first phase of the plan into action. It would leave him in a weakened state for several days to come; he didn't doubt that. But it would be worth it.

The best part was that he didn't even need to take one step out of the very room he was currently residing in. Not that he had much of a choice, anyways. The Boogieman's powers were strongest in here. In the Mortal World, they were weaker; drowned out by the many other sources of strange, thick energy that hung in the air of the outside world. Sometimes he would go up above to feast on the souls of locals, or of small animals that would scurry by. But he was growing weary of the sun and the moon and the stars. Down here, he was safe. Nothing could touch him. However, it sometimes pained him to be stuck in this room: an awkward little notch between the Mortal World and Hell. He would never admit it, but he longed to be accepted back into the Underground. He had made a fool of himself for not capturing the soul that both he and his master were owed, and had been exiled from the land of the demons. He was an outcast. A loser.

But not anymore. Once he put his plan into action, he would win. He would win it all. Respect, fear, power. It would all be his.

No one could stop him now.

At the same exact time that the Boogieman was preparing for the first phase of the plan, Android Noodle was doing the exact opposite. She was standing in her supply closet, powered down, charging, and certainly not doing anything her beloved master was not aware of. Dozens of wires, all different colors, stuck out of her back and her head and her legs. Even though she was powered down, she wasn't technically off. She was never fully off unless she was undergoing repairs to her internal hard drive, which would permanently damage her if she were on while that was being tampered with.

Being an artificial life form, sometimes the robot wasn't aware of what was real and what wasn't. She sometimes didn't know if the sky was really blue, or if her vision was just screwed up and turning everything a thin shade of the color. She sometimes didn't know if it was the coffee machine beeping in the morning, or if that was just coming from inside her head. She sometimes didn't know if her master was suddenly fluent in French, or if her translator had just gone haywire and was now interpreting everything in some foreign language. If the robot was programmed to be frustrated by things such as that, she definitely would have been. However, she was programmed to have very few significant emotions. Therefore, she didn't care what was real and what was just caused by herself. Right now, all she was really focusing on was charging.

charging status: 84%

charging status: 85%


The virtual words of panic flashed across the robot's field of vision as her green eyes suddenly shot open. She could already feel her internal systems slowing, preparing to be shut down to ward off the virus that was currently attempting to hack into her systems.

Despite the fact that all of her systems should have been shutting down, she managed to scan the ground beneath her before her vision began to fail. All around was thick, black smoke. It was hovering over the ground like it had just come from a fog machine. She didn't have time to scan what it was. She was sure her substance scanner had already crashed, anyways. She'd have to use her senses to decipher what it was. She only had seconds.

smoke;; black, low, thick, no smell, strange texture, grainy…


electricity; sparks. everywhere. around smoke;; around me…


electricity engulfing me; reprogramming internal drive;; switching user settings…


new user detected;;


Quitting all commands for: Murdoc Niccals bass player… gorillaz… god.


New Master: Boogieman. Demon.


Now retrieving all commands from new user: Boogieman




Self Destruct mode: off. Turned off by: Boogieman. New User.




Being an artificial life form, sometimes the robot wasn't aware of what was real and what wasn't. However, she knew this was real. She knew this smoke was somehow messing with her internal drives, her hard wiring, her everything. She was being reprogrammed. She also knew that Murdoc Niccals was not her master anymore.

And it felt oddly… nice.

And as she shut down, a foreign emotion sprang up out of her new hardware. It was something she had never felt before. It was excitement.

all systems;; down-own-own-nn….


Murdoc Faust Niccals, who had been sitting in the chair in his study, smoking a fag, nearly fell out of his seat as the thunder, followed by an unnaturally bright bolt of lightning, exploded through the air outside. Swearing under his breath, the Satanist slowly hoisted himself from the desk chair, trudged over to the large, circular window, and peeked out of it. Sure enough, black, menacing clouds were swirling over the floating landfill. The seas were gray and rough, and the flashes of almost unnatural-looking lightning appeared far too frequent for comfort.

Being who he was, however, Murdoc wasn't worried. Maybe it was because he had one too many bottles of rum this afternoon, or maybe it was because storms here at Plastic Beach weren't too uncommon.

But there was something off about this storm. Those clouds had a strange look to them. They were far too thin, yet far too dark. There was no rain, although there was a lot of wind. And if you looked close enough, small sparks of electricity, too small and frequent to be actual lightning, could be seen zigzagging in and out of the dark swirls overhead. No, this was no ordinary storm.

But, as mentioned before, Murdoc didn't notice any of those factors. He exhaled a puff of smoke as he continued to stare out of the window at the murky scene down below.

Then he smirked to himself, thinking, 'Hopefully the storm won't capsize the island. Then 2D would be on the top and I would be on the bottom! Ha!' The thought amused the green-skinned man as he stuck the cigarette back into his mouth. 'Maybe the whale will get all rowdy and bash that Faceache around a bit. Ah, how I'd love to hear him scream right about now…'

What he heard next, however, was not a scream from the man living in the basement. Instead, Murdoc nearly jumped right out of his boots for the second time that afternoon when a loud, deafening BEEP sounded from a few floors below him. Swearing loudly, Murdoc stomped on the ground a couple of times, even though he knew the source of the beep wouldn't be able to hear him from three floors up.

"Shut the bloody hell up, damn cyborg, and get back to charging!" He screeched at the floor, stomping one more time for good measure. When no more sounds came from the robot that should have been charging in the broom closet, Murdoc went back to staring out the window, now slightly irked. That robot caused a lot more trouble than it was worth.

Since Murdoc had nothing better to do, he decided to watch the storm for a little while longer, enjoying the few minutes he had that didn't require him to think about anything. He deserved a break. He alone had put together most of the damn album, for Satan's sake! Sure, there were guest singers and collaborators and directors and yaddah yaddah yaddah… but he was the real star. He was Murdoc Niccals, after all.

As he stared out at the sky, he had one last thought. His brow furrowed as he made a small discovery that sort of… disturbed him. He finally began to notice the electricity circulating through the thin yet dark clouds, the strange, grainy-looking texture, the lack of rain yet the surplus of wind. He had seen a storm like this one before; only once, but nearly twice as bad as this.

He had seen it the first time he had ventured into Hell; the time he gave the devil an I.O.U. on his soul, in exchange for 'El Diablo'.

Then Murdoc Niccals laughed at himself. There was no way this could be a storm from Hell. It had been a stupid thought.

He retreated back to his chair and lit another fag, just as another huge blast of thunder rattled the ceiling above.

Murdoc was wrong, of course, just as he had told himself. This was no storm from Hell. It was a storm from a few levels above Hell; in a place called the Subterram. A place where an evil soul lurked, a soul from the very bowels of the inferno. A soul much more dangerous than many things that lived in the layers below it. A soul that wanted Murdoc. Dead.

But Murdoc didn't know any of this. And he wouldn't know any of this until a about a week later.

But by then, it would be too late.

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