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Sadie POV

Well, this is bloody brilliant! I always knew Amos would force me into school, but who knew it'd be a boarding school. In Virginia. For rich, snobby brats- and I'm supposed to be one of them. Amos claims it'll help me hide from the House, but I'm still not too keen on the idea.

"Sadie, you can't stay mad at us forever. One day, you'll be thanking me." Amos said from the driver's seat. He, Bast, Carter, and I where headed to LaGuardia Airport- unfortunately, a half an hour ride.

It could be worse, Isis muttered, reading my thoughts as I grabbed a bag from the car's trunk, barely giving Amos time to stop the car. If you'd gone to JFK, it would've been an hour.

"Shut up," I sighed, regretting letting Bast talk me into being Isis' host while at school- she claimed 'Isis will help you more than you think,' huh! We walked in silence until we reached security.

"Well, it looks like this is goodbye," Bast hugged me, dropping her voice to a whisper, "You'll understand why we want you there soon enough. Promise you'll read this on the plane?" she held out a brochure for the school, Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women.

"Fine," I tucked the brochure into the front pocket of my backpack, never intending to read it.

"See ya, Carter-headed Chicken," I said as Carter hugged me.

"Be careful," he rolled his eyes.

"When am I not?" I asked, turning to Amos.

"Don't rebel too much," he muttered as we embraced. "They can- and will- expel you. Be yourself- but a bit nicer- that's your best bet. And write us!"

"OK," I said, starting for the line of people to get through.


"What?" I turned back.

"Good luck," Carter smiled.

After boarding and finding my seat (thankfully I had talked Amos out of having someone baby-sit me.) I pulled out my IPod, looking for a decent song. Once I found one, I reached into my bag for a magazine, but my hand hit something first- the brochure Bast made me swear to read. What the heck, I thought, looking at the cover: the grounds look alright, the mansion huge- and like the type they show on TV, the ones with a bunch of dark, damp, and awesome secret passageways. I opened the brochure, and something fell out. It was an envelope, addressed to me- from my mother.