Rachel sighed. Her younger sister, daughter, and niece stared at Rachel expectantly." Fine. I know you two," she glanced at Abby and Sadie, "would manage to come back and kick butt, so I'm not even bothering to try to keep you from it."

Abby snorted. "Good choice. You know we'll need Amos' help, right?" She pulled out her phone and began to type in commands. "Amos? It's Abby Cameron. Remember? I'm the one- Okay, okay, good." Abby wandered out the door and down the hall.

"They're going to need to know," a dark figure appeared in the doorway Abby had just left vacant.

Sadie stared at the figure. "Mr. Solomon?"

"The one and only." The covert operations teacher took a step forward and mockingly bowed with a flourish. "You honestly believe that the Cameron sisters were the only Magicians who entered our field of work?"

"Well… Yeah, actually, I kinda did," Sadie admitted.

"You're sorely mistaken, kiddo," Abby reentered the room. "He wants to talk to you."

"Sadie?" Amos' voice came clearly through the speaker.

Sadie took the phone. "What's up?"

"Thank God. Abby was being infuriatingly vague as to what's going on."

Sadie rolled her eyes. "Of course she was. What'd you expect? A nice explanation that says that everything's fine and that you'll see me at the end of the year, as planned? Even better question- why'd you ask for me? I'll give you the same response. Get over here. Now."

"Sadie, that's about exactly what Abby said. Put Rachel on."

"No way. She's busy. Gotta go! Bye, uncle of mine!"

"Sadie-!" She hit 'end call'.

Rachel gave her a look, then shook her head.

"You two are so alike, it's scary."

For the next few hours, everyone was busy. While Rachel, Abby, and Solomon told the school what was going on, Cammie and Sadie barricaded themselves in the library, so that Sadie could teach Cammie some basic defensive spells. Within a few hours of receiving the phone call, Amos had prepared and portaled all of the trainees and Carter up.

When they finally arrived, the real preparations began. There was, after all, so much three functional magicians alone could do to fortify a hundred year old mansion. While the ten trainees ran around, preforming minor strengthening spells on doors and windows and answering questions from armed students, Carter, Sadie, Amos, Abby, Rachel, and two of the most senior trainees, Walt and Jaz, did as many cloaking and protection spells that they could without drawing the suspicion of the sleepy town of Rosewood.

Cammie, wishing to be more assistance than standing around and listening to questions that she couldn't answer, decided to do a bit of research, and dragged her friends along.

"Guys," Liz said, looking up from the book she studied, entitled The House of Life: A Modern History an hour after they began. "this is saying that the House has always been based in Cairo."

"Under, actually," Cammie glanced up. "Where'd you get that?"

"Your mom's stash. Anyway, it says that major bases are- or, at least, were- in St. Petersburg, Bejing, London, Paris, Washington D.C., and-get this-Dublin. And, when you cross-reference the surname Cavan with the city," she picked up another open book, "we discover that Ioseph Cavan's ancestral home is on the outskirts of Dublin. In a small, influential, gated- not to mention exclusive and expensive- community. The same as the base of the House.

"You're saying that they might be buddy-buddy? Seriously?" exclaimed Macey.

"Should've known," Bex muttered. "She's like, half Irish. "

"Last name's Geoghegan," Cammie input.

Liz nodded, now staring intently at her laptop screen, typing furiously. "Most of the families in the neighborhood- scratch that, all of the families- have been there for generations and have distant Egyptian roots. We have a match. The Geoghegans are one such family."

"So the Circle is a part of the House of Life." Bex leaned back and threw her book onto the table. "What do we do from here?

In the early hours of that Monday morning, a lone figure approached the gates of Gallagher Academy. Within the school, warning sirens began to go off. The student on watch, a seventh grader named Emily Sampson, ran for her headmistress. Within mere minutes, Rachel, Abby, Amos, Carter, and Sadie were on the front steps, struggling to see through the rays of the rising sun. Backup stood behind them, just inside the large double doors, including Eraka and Izadora, who refused to let Sadie go down alone.

Squinting, Sadie looked at the lanky figure. Slowly, certain features began to make an appearance. Short, corkscrewed hair half pulled up, tan skin shimmering with sweat in the glow of the early morning. It was a girl, she could tell.

"Dianna? Dianna Geoghegan?"

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