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In the early hours of that Monday morning, a lone figure approached the gates of Gallagher Academy. Within the school, warning sirens began to go off. The student on watch, a seventh grader named Emily Sampson, ran for her headmistress. Within mere minutes, Rachel, Abby, Amos, Carter, and Sadie were on the front steps, struggling to see through the rays of the rising sun. Backup stood behind them, just inside the large double doors, including Eraka and Izadora, who refused to let Sadie go down alone.

Squinting, Sadie looked at the lanky figure. Slowly, certain features began to make an appearance. Short, corkscrewed hair half pulled up, tan skin shimmering with sweat in the glow of the early morning. It was a girl, she could tell.

"Dianna? Dianna Geoghegan?"

"Don't shoot!" the figure called.

"Dianna!" yelled Sadie, attempting to run to her friend, but Carter held her back while Rachel asked for a reason why she shouldn't.

"Because I came back," Dianna said. "Because it wasn't my decision to leave or to attack."

"Then why didn't you tell us that you were a magician?" asked Rachel.

"Do you think that I wanted to advertise that, Mrs. Morgan? You would've known who my family was, and cut me off from seeing my friends, including Sadie. For all I know, you would've expelled me."

"No, I wouldn't have-"

"You would have if you thought it would make them safer."

Abby looked at her sister. "She has a point."

"That still doesn't tell me why we shouldn't just send her away now."

"Because she can tell us their plans," Sadie interrupted.

Rachel stared at Dianna for a nearly a minute. "Fine. But one toe out of line, Miss Geoghegan, and you're gone."

The magicians seemed to be almost… late.

Dianna had told the faculty of the school that they would be waiting for a group of magicians from the North Pole to get to Roseville, and that they would get there by seven. The army would be there by quarter after.

When they finally did arrive, it was absolute chaos.

Through it all, however, Cammie was amazed by the power the magicians held- the power that she held.

Even the youngest of them- a ten year old, she was told- could do amazing things with their powers. Cammie felt legions behind everyone else. All Sadie had taught her was a basic shield charm and a stunning spell. It didn't match up to the spells that even the ten year old was using at all.

Bex lost track of how many magicians she took down within the first ten minutes of the battle.

Bex could no longer tell who was casting what spell, or where it would find its mark, and she doubted that some of the others, namely the little boy with all the penguins, could either. Said kid, with dark, curly hair and a mischievous glint in his eyes, was running around, trailed by penguins, and casting spells at any unfamiliar face. Luckily, she hadn't been aimed at, yet….. and she thought too soon.

"Hey!" she yelled over to him in the chaos. "We're on the same side!"

"Stranger danger! STRANGER DANGER!" he ran away yelling.

Bex mentally facepamed and rolled her eyes. If she hadn't been punching some unsuspecting magician in the back, she might've run after the kid to set him straight. Unfortunately, there were more important things that demanded her attention.

Macey nearly hit another friendly magician, if there was such a thing.

As she dodged spells and beat more and more of the 'bad' guys to a pulp, she got to thinking, about how the magicians she was fighting against and those she was fighting alongside weren't all that different. If they tried not to kill each other, and to even listen, they might get along. Good might even come out of it.

It reminded Macey of politics.

Liz furiously typed on the keyboard she had sat down at just before the battle began.

She was searching for something… anything… that would depower the bad magicians. Mrs. Morgan had told her that there weren't bad and good people, just bad decisions.

But it was much easier for Liz to think of the people she was helping to hurt as bad.

Izadora almost wished that she'd listened to Mrs. Morgan and Abby and stayed inside.

If she had, though, she would've missed her first fight- and wouldn't have been there when her friends needed her. It wasn't her best decision- spells were being fired everywhere, and she couldn't see the features of the people she was fighting. She just saw faces, and supposed that it was for the best.

Izadora wasn't sure if she would be able to fight them if she thought of them as people fighting against what they thought was evil.

Oh, curse Uncle Eddie for making her go to spy school!

Stop that, Izzy! She thought, kicking a magician in the gut. It'll help you in the long run, you know that! Focus on what needs to get done.

Out of the corner of her eye, Izadora saw a flash of light stronger than the others, and heard a strangled cry. Someone then began screaming- someone nearby. It made Izadora's skin crawl, and something in the back of her head nagged her to turn her head, to make sure that the person's okay…. Then she realized- Dianna was next to her a only moments before.

When Izadora turned, she screamed herself.