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She was sobbing at the dining room table when he got there. He could see her through the window, sitting across from her sister, her face cupped in her hands. He couldn't hear her, but from the way her body was convulsing, he could tell that it was pretty intense weeping.

He pinched his lips together and hung his head, taking a deep breath. He had known tonight that this was not like the other times, the times when she had thought that she'd had enough but always changed her mind.

Tonight had been different. She had dragged herself across town, with an ashen face, post-surgery, to let him go. There had been tears in her eyes. Her voice had been week, but she hadn't wavered.

He contemplated knocking. It was, after all, over between them. But, he knew Julia would come to the door, and that would be the end of all peaceful resolutions.

Slowly he slid his key inside the lock, and quietly opened the front door. He stepped inside and shut the door soft ly behind him. He stood in the foyer for a moment and he could hear Cuddy's unabashed crying. Deep long sobs that came from within. He didn't know if he had ever made a woman cry like that, and it killed him that it was Cuddy.

Cuddy, who was always so strong, firm and determined, in all her thoughts and her ideas. Cuddy, who had been willing to give him his biggest chance, It had only been a matter of months before he had broken her.

He took a deep breath and strode through the short foyer, past the living room and to the edge of the dining room. "Hey", he called out softly, not wanting to startle her, as he stood outside of the room, looking in.

She looked up and choked back another sob. "House…." She started, "what are you…?"

"Cuddy," he stepped into the room, "I needed to see you, I…."

"No," Julia planted her hand on the table. "You had your chance to see her, you had plenty of time when she needed you ….desperately… don't just show up now!"

He turned around to look at her, His blue eyes deep and stormy. "Julia, stay out of this." He whispered.

"No," she continued, pushing back her chair to stand before him, "not this time. I have stayed out of this for far too long." She placed a hand softly on her sister's shoulder, "Look at her, look at what you've done to her! She needed you…and you ignored her for two whole days, until you thought she was dying, and then you showed up….high! You are a miserable…."

"Julia, stop." Cuddy's voice was strained, but firm. She placed her hand above her sisters. "Please….I,"

Julia stopped for a moment, and then looked up at House. "You don't deserve her," she whispered vehemently. Then squeezing Cuddy's hand briefly, she whispered, "I'll go check in on Rachel."

Cuddy looked up, her eyes were red and swollen from sobbing, her face was grey, "What do you want House?" she asked with a raspy voice.

He stayed rooted in one spot, "I needed to see you," he said softly, "to see if you were….okay"

Cuddy shook her head softly from side to side, "Do I look okay?" she answered.

"No," He mumbled. He actually couldn't believe how shitty she did look. He had actually destroyed her. "You look like hell."

Cuddy's mouth hung open for a second before she looked at him, "get out!" she cried, as the tears started to come again. "Get out...House, I can't do this anymore." She pushed her chair back and stood up wincing, as her hand went to her side.

"Cuddy, easy." He said taking a quick step forward and placing his hand on her forearm.

"Let go." She sighed quietly, "House, please….not now." She took a step forward then winced again, her hand rising to her side again.

"Cuddy, "he reached out with his other arm and steadied her gently, "I'm not going anywhere, until I know that you're okay." His eyes met hers, and his brow furrowed.

"House," she cried out, her eyes filling with tears again as she pushed away from him. "Yes, I'm in pain, I just had surgery…" she broke down again, "just go."

"Hey, "he whispered, taking a step towards her again, "calm down. I just….let me get you settled down." He reached a hand out and placed it on her cheek, "you feel warm Cuddy, you look…..grey."

"I've been crying for the past hour!" she cried out again, "of course I'm warm."

"Or it could be a fever, infection….overexertion…torn stitches, internal…."

"Internal nothing," she cut him off, "Forty-eight hours ago you could have cared less, now you're making up …."

"I did care." He cut her off. "I did care, I was just…scared. Cuddy, I didn't want to lose you." He looked up and met her swollen, red rimmed eyes. "Let me get you to your room, and I'll go."

"House," she started.

"Come on," he said softly, not giving her the chance to resist, as he took her hands and guided her down the hallway.

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