Zuko felt a movement on the mattress and sat up, his eyes focusing in the darkness. All he could make out was a back, Katara turned away from him, her legs hanging over the side of the bed. He moved toward her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Scratches along his back stung, opening and bleeding.


He pulled his hand away, only slightly. Was she crying?

"What's wrong?" He scooted closer to her, placing a kiss on her shoulder.

She shrugged him away and slouched over. "Please, just don't."

Neither said anything for a long moment. His eyes were clearing up and he saw the bite marks he had left along her neck. He could see that she had covered herself back up. He could see that she had, indeed, been crying.

"Do you regret it that much?"

She didn't respond.

"Is it because of the Avatar?"

"I love him."

His face heated and he balled his fists around his blanket. "The why..." His voice caught, angry and hurt. He swallowed the emotions down, unable to really breath. "Why did you do it. You could have said no and I would have..." He couldn't continue. He was almost crying now, too. He wouldn't do that, not to her.

"I should have. I wasn't thinking properly." She stood up, the bed releasing her weight and moving back to it's original shape.

He felt himself panicking. She was leaving and he knew if he let her, she would never come back. He threw himself to his feet, forgetting his blanket, and held her to him. One hand wrapped around her waist, and the other held her breast, right over her heart.

Instead of words he just kissed her. His mouth travelled from her back, over her shoulders.

"Let go." Her voice was weak and cracking. It held hints of tears, but she was not crying.

He didn't stop. He kissed her neck and bit lightly, pulling on her scruff. He felt her gasp, though she refused to make a sound. He smiled, and he knew she could feel it.

He pulled her closer, until their bodies conformed to each other, teasing her shoulders and neck all he could.

Slowly her hands wrapped themselves over his and he pulled her back to the bed. Holding himself over her he saw her smile.

"I'm going to regret this."

He lowered his lips to her chest and she gasped. "Regret comes tomorrow. Tonight is too beautiful to be spoilt by such things."

This is a present for a friend of mine. We're playing a game where we each had to find a word in the dictionary and write about it using a couple of the other persons choosing. My word was "scruff".