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Seriously, this manga is a train wreck. Madara and Obito(who we all saw coming a mile away) are the most pathetic villains I've seen in fiction. Shit, even NARAKU and AIZEN are better. One Piece villains even blow them out of the water, because if you have villains who have shoddy pasts and are "sympathetic" and doing something for a "greater" good then it gets old and repetitive and shit. Give me a villain who does it for the lulz(like One Piece) or fallen Hero-Villain done to PERFECTION(Griffith from Berserk).


October 12th Land of Frost

Jiraiya hopped along the tree tops, having one eye on the trees in front of him, and another in his written outline. As he breathed lightly, steam came out due to the cold crisp air.

Not just a day after Yondaime Day ended did the Sannin get a message from his sensei for a "private" talk delivered courtesy of an ANBU. Thank the gods the ANBU knew stealth otherwise he would have been found out in his favorite peeping spot.

'I gotta brush up on my stealth,' thought the white haired man. 'If an ANBU was able to catch me like that, I could have been killed.' Then again, perhaps Sarutobi told the ANBU where his hiding spots were. That made a little more sense.

After leaving undetected and making it back to the Hokage Tower he had a long talk with the Sandaime, normally they would have small talk but the look on Sarutobi's face proved otherwise.

The old man wanted Jiraiya to check up on the Kazamas again, just to be on the safe side. Jiraiya assured that they would be fine and have faith, but the old man's face quitted the Sannin.

On the horizon, he could see the outline of Tokimine Town on the horizon. He spotted the ground and with a leap, landed softly and walked carefully into town. Sarutobi wanted him to be on guard, and on guard he'll be.

After entering into downtown, he noticed people go about business as usual, so nothing seemed to have happened-

"Did hear about the incident earlier?" Asked a man talking as he was fixing a roof up above Jiraiya's vision. He slowed down to eavesdrop.

"Yeah. Didn't that happen over in the residential district?"

"Yep. Lots of bodies, but they had no tongues, as if they were burnt out."

Incident. Bodies. Burnt out tongues. Jiraiya Shunshin'ed out of the street and started to hop along the roof tops and towards the apartment complex that was home to the Kazama family.

It can't be right? There's no way they could have been targeted.

He reached the complex and looked around and saw a yellow tape, and only a few investigators.

And they were standing right outside the destroyed door that was the door leading to Arashi's apartment.

"Hey!" He yelled out, jogging up to the detectives. "What happened here!"

"Easy buddy," said an old detective around the Sannin's age. "Haven't you read the news or something? An assault-"

"I know about it!" Growled Jiraiya, feeling anger rise within him. Something happened to Arashi, to Marina, to Karui…

To Naruto. He wanted to know what. Now.

"What the hell happened! Who died here!"

"Pipe down gramps," the other investigator, younger man in black hair and heavy clothes. "You know the residents of this apartment?"

"Then why would I be asking! I-"

"You'll need to check in with the station sir, I'm sure they can fill you in, or you could read the newspaper to get the run down."

"That's right," said the old man. "You wanna know the details huh? Too bad." Jiraiya rolled his eyes.

'Fuck this,' he thought as his hands turned to a blur and he exerted his chakra, forming a genjutsu on the two detectives.

"Talk." Demanded Jiraiya.

"Do you want me to take ya from the top or you want to know about the identified bodies?" Said the older detective, eye's glassed over, along with his younger partner.

"From the top," asked a stern faced Jiraiya. The old detective nodded.

"We are assuming started early in the morning on October 11th, like, late at night around 1:30 A.M. Neighbors heard a disturbance of what seemed like a fight, and then it got worse when they heard screams. Naturally, they called for police after hearing some screams. By around 2:00, there were several bodies, all slain and wearing civilian clothing. Possibly a random gang attack"

"We inspected them as well as the other body, and the assailants," said the younger detective, speaking as if he was in a trance. "Had their tongues burnt out somehow, fresh too."

"What about the other body?" Asked Jiraiya. "Was their others?"

"No." They both replied in tandem. "Only one."


"We identified him as Kazama Arashi..."

Jiraiya felt his heart sank as he walked past the two detectives, who were still standing and staring out into space. As he walked into the apartment he noticed the damage.

Slashes, craters, destroyed furniture, floors gashed. Carnage.

The thought that a happy family of four was dining with him on Naruto's birthday made the Sannin's stomach feel like ice.

Yet it was a familiar feeling. He has seen similar carnage before, mainly during the Third Shinobi World War.

After all, through the carnage he managed to find Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan after all.

He simply walked past the now asleep detectives, and hopped to the roof tops towards the police station. After several minutes, he used a stealth ninjutsu to move through the walls, and in several minutes, he was in the morgue. He was lucky, there was no one around.

As the Sannin turned his head he saw the bodies on large steel tables, covered by white sheets. Walking over, he inspected each and every one.

The first several bodies were clearly male, young as well, around their late twenties to low thirties. And he set his eyes towards the last covered body.

He grit his teeth as his heart beat faster, his blood becoming colder. He already has seen the dead faces of two students already…

As he lifted it, he saw Arashi's face. And he put the shawl back on, biting his tongue to hold back the tears.

Then, as he turned around, he remembered what the detectives said.

The only one identified was Arashi. Yet Marina, Karui, and Naruto were missing. Their bodies were not here.

He gave Arashi another look. "At least you're with Minato again. Tell him I said hi." He said sadly. His name will be going up on the Memorial Stone, retired ninja or not.

He successfully succeeded in leaving the hospital undetected, no one the wiser and leapt to the roof tops.

After some jumping, Jiraiya landed under a water tower, and sat down and open up his thinking cap.

Arashi, while retired, would have easily handled a band of ruffians with ease. Whoever this gang was, they may have been ninja, or was led by a competent one at the least.

Yet why were Marina, Karui, and Naruto gone? Did they flee? No, they would have stayed and would be mourning Arashi's passing, or maybe even head south to Konoha.

He stood up and saw a hotel and jumped over the roof tops and landed into an alley and walked onto the street. He walked past the crowd and into the inn, and in a half hour he was inside a typical motel room.

The Sannin went over to his window and opened it wide and sat back on the edge of bed and his hands blurred, and in an moment smoke exited the window. Lots and lots of smoke.

At his feet, Jiraiya summoned over forty toads, all small and used for spying.

"What's up boss?" Asked one of the toads, paw raised.

"I need you all to comb the town and gather intelligence. Listen from everyone around town. In houses, bars, the red light district, the market, the police station, the scene of the crime at that apartment complex, everywhere. Someone somewhere is talking."

"About what?" Asked one of the toads.

"Only listen in for a missing woman and her children." Jiraiya pointed out the window. "Now scram."

All of the toads looked at each other, than began hop…

Towards the bathroom.

"W-Wait not there!"


Five hours later

Jiraiya took another sip of sake as he looked sour sitting in his room. He didn't anticipate all of his toads to lock the bathroom door and go into the toilet and bath drain. Then again, they were slimy and were able to squeeze into the tightest of places, so the drains where no problem for the summons.

He wasn't drinking due to the potential flooding of his bathroom and the expenses that may follow.

It was the lack of news, any news.

Every minute that goes by without a word of "Kazama" or anything describing the family, another minute of the possibility that they could be captured by some gang or worse.

He took another sip and took a sigh. All of his students…dead…

At least with Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan, he was only teaching them how to survive during harsh times. Yet, he knew Arashi and Minato personally. He got to know their wives, and their children…

And now this happens…

Jiraiya stood up, taking another sip of the alchohol and began to pace towards the door, then back towards the window. Then back to the door, back to the window.

Door. Window.

Door. Window.

He heard the sound of something wet in the bathroom and turned his head and went over and opened the bathroom door, and saw a toad sitting on the rim of the tub.

"Well?" Asked the white haired hermit.

"Heard talk from a hobo. Claimed to have seen something hop over the rooftops. Something large and not human sized, followed by something human sized."

"And this is relevant why?"

"Because he mentioned something of whimpering, like from a kid."

Jiraiya felt goosebumps and ice course through his veins. He turned towards the toilet and saw another toad hop out.

"Stopped by a guard station," said the toad, it's tone feminine. "They saw people hopping in the trees…and it looked like they were carrying people."

"Where?" Jiraiya asked, his voice becoming demanding. Could they have been kidnapped?

"It's at the northeast part of town." Jiraiya whipped out a scroll, bit his thump and wiped blood on the scroll's unveiled contents. Another poof of smoke, and chocolate candy bars littered the floor.

"Thanks!" Jiraiya went to the window sill and hopped out into the roof tops.

As he whizzed through the roof tops and water towers and power lines, his mind, although buzzed by the sake, was in overdrive.

Two figures, whimpering, carrying people, northeast. His head traveled and saw a wagon in the street being pulled by several donkeys.

The large box-like wagon had a cloud-like insignia and Jiraiya's heart plummeted.

"Kumogakure…" He whispered outloud…

His hand darted into his pocket, grabbing a food pill, inserting it into his mouth and swallowing it whole. He felt the surge of chakra and he channeled it into his legs and flew through the air, a long leap.

His face was set in stone as he narrowed his eyes towards the darkening east.

Minato saved Uzumaki Kushina from Kumogakure's clutchs. He saved her.

Minato in his prime as the Yondaime Hokage managed to fight off both the son of the Sandaime Raikage as well as Kumogakure's Jinchuriki: the Hachibi. From what his spy network has told him, that same son is now the current Raikage.

Minato isn't here…Jiraiya growled and continued to jump faster as he flew into the forest towards the Land of Lightning.

"Hang on…I'm coming!"


October 12th Kumogakure no Sato

Naruto poked at his breakfast of oatmeal. Looking across the table, Karui was merely sipping from orange juice, a vacant look in her eyes.

To their side, a smiling lady with chocolate skin and blonde hair was sitting across from them.

"So how's breakfast?" She asked, cooing.

"Fine." They both replied.

"Wanna play with any more toys?" The woman asked.

"No thanks." Replied Karui. Naruto said nothing.

Mommy hasn't been seen yet. Where is she? Aren't doctors supposed to be great at repairing owies?

The gross looking arm, or what was left of it…her pale white face…

Naruto started to eat his oatmeal, slowly but surely, eyes looking past the table.

This all was not good…not good at all…

And judging by Karui's desposition, she and him were in total agreement.


The Assembly located in the center of the Raikage Tower was quite a sight to behold. The room was circular, with the faces of each Raikage past and present adorning the wall. The Shodaime Raikage, the founder, was on the eastern wall. The Nidaime on the northern wall. Sandiame south, and Yondaime west. A large circular table with a finely tailored rug adorning the floor, patterns yellow, blue and black.

And Ei sat under his painting, arms crossed as he heard the door open into the Assembly chamber, and the people who walked in. He took note of them all: several shinobi, a scant few in service and some retired. Civilian politicians voted into places of authority. Though the most easily noticeable one was the Mouth of the Daimyo, a messenger who delivers and sends messages from the Lightning Daimyo. Even though technically he was a politician, he was more or less a glorified mailman.

Behind Ei was Kirabi and Nii Yugito standing at attention. He heard a grunt from B. Probably a bop upside the head from Yugito to either writing something or doing something stupid, licking picking his nose. It sounds like something B would do.

Ei opened his eyes.

"I trust I did not take you away from any important business, but this is an urgent matter that has occurred over the last several hours ladies and gentlemen," said the Raikage, sitting up straight and fixing his hat. The Assembly sat in their seats and had their full attention on the Raikage.

"If I may ask Raikage-sama," asked the Head Judge, the head honcho of all things legal within Lightning Country, an old man with wrinkled dark skin. "What is the matter? We were all told that this was top secret."

"I am getting to that." Said Ei as he clasped his hands in front of him and leaned forward, elbows on the table. "Ladies and gentlemen…" He took a deep breath. "The Kyubi Jinchruki was arrived in the village."

The Treasurer, who was sipping some coffee, spat it out onto the rug in shock. He heard giggling from B, only for a small 'bap' and a grunt. The treasurer coughed and turned towards the Raikage, eyes in disbelief. Ei rolled his eyes. There goes another several thousand Ryou to the best tailor in Lightning Country to make another one…that stain is not leaving.

"What?! B-But the Kyubi no Yoko was destroyed by Konoha eight years ago! Didn't the Yondaime Hokage sacrifice his life to kill it!"

"I must say," said the Mouth of the Daimyo. "This is…surprising."

"They must sealed it!" Growled the Chief of Arms, a retired jounin who has been around since the Nidaime's reign. Before the Chief was going to go on a tirade, Ei raised his hand to silence him.

"I know you all are curious as to how I was able to find out by the Kyubi Jinchuriki. Well, it was thanks to Kirabi."

"Did he subdue him? It's uncommon for Konoha to brainwash children at a young age to their bidding." Asked Foreign Affairs Minister.

"Well you see-" Kirabi tried to say something, but his mouth was covered by Yugito, glaring at the taller Jinchuriki.

'Thank you Yugito…' sighed the Raikage as he turned towards the Minister.

"Allow me to explain. B managed to leave the village, again," He moved his eyes in contempt at the Hachibi. "And went to Snow Country for a vacation."

He saw several of the civilians roll their eyes and the few jounin there chuckle. B's antics were well known among the acting shinobi force, and had a divided camp of popularity. He was either hated for his shitty rhyming, or well liked for his personality.

"While there, B came across a home raid by what appeared to be Nuke Nin, he heard the cries of a family and rushed into the rescue. Now why would he go out of his way to help some unknown family?" He said.

"The Kyubi's chakra." Said the Mouth. "The Hachibi inside of Kirabi must of sensed it."

'So the mailman has a brain. This day just keeps getting better.' Thought Ei to himself. "Yes, Kirabi, or more precisely the Hachibi was able to sense the chakra of the Kyubi no Yoko. According to the Hachibi, it was faint, so the beast must be sealed tight within the Jinchuriki. Anyways back to the story, Kirabi neutralized the raiders and saved the family, but lost the father." He closed his eyes. "The mother was injured severely and is now in the hospital as well as the children." He reopened them, eyes hard. "The Kyubi Jinchuriki is one of these children."

"Wow…" Breathed the mayor, mouth agape. "Those poor children…"

"While the loss of the father to those children is saddening we cannot grieve for now, because now the opportunity of a lifetime has literally, been handed to us on a silver plate," said Ei. "The Kyubi Jinchuriki, while in a traumatic state of mind, can become an invaluable asset to Kumogakure."

"But of course," said the Chief of Arms, grinning. "With this child, we now have three Jinchuriki. We have the most of any village, making Kumo…the undisputed power in the Elemental Nations."

There were nods of agreement all around.

"But still," said one of the jounin who has remained quiet. It was Darui, the right hand of the Raikage, whom Ei knew well. "The jinchuriki just lost his dad, his mom is severely injured and in the hospital fighting for her life. And let's not even go to his state of mind." He turned towards the dark skinned giant of a man. "We should handle this carefully and with tact."

Ei nodded. "Indeed. While drafting him sounds nice and all, he carries within him the strongest of the nine. With his volatile state of mind, I would best not have him release the beast in the middle of our village. Which is why I have a solution." He managed to grab the attention of all the Assembly members.

"I plan to make the jinchuriki and his family civilians of Kumogakure, in exchange for him and his sister to become students at the Shinobi Academy. Plus," He took a sip from his coffee. "His mother is currently in a state where whether she lives or dies is up to me. Plus, the price tag, recovery, surgery and medic nin healing her are…quite pricey for a foreigner."

The Assemblymen began murmuring among themselves. "Quite ingenious Raikage-sama," Said the Head Judge as he stroked his beard. "You would propose to them of the costs of the medical procedure, and they would become shinobi loyal to the village in order to avoid paying the cost…"

"I trust there is nothing illegal in this act that would go against our Constitution?" Asked Ei, staring to the Head Judge.

"Well…it would be illegal if you held the mother's life as an asset to the bargaining table to the Kyubi jinchuriki, but as you're presenting them the chance for citizenship…it's all legal."

Ei grinned a little. "Then…I hope we are in agreement then? We shall propose citizenship to the Kyubi Jinchuruki, Kazama Naruto, for all of his family members, in exchange for him and his sister to enlist in the Shinobi Academy."

No disagreement. The mayor, the elected man of the people, looked a bit perturbed about the idea of forcing thousands in debt on the backs of children…but it was all legal.

Besides, it's not like they will just let the jinchuriki walk. They are just playing 'good guys' at the moment to bring in what could be the strongest of the nine bijuu legally.

"Then we are adjourned."

The shuffling of chairs and murmurs filled the war room within the Raikage Tower and the few high ranking officials and elder jounin took their leave.

Leaving Kiraei, Yugito, Darui and Kirabi to themselves.

"So bro, that's yo master scheme?" Asked B. "To convince them to forsake the childhood dream?"

Kiraei rolled his eyes and stood up, the Hachibi Jinchuriki following along with a few other jounin, one which the Raikage knows very well.

"First of all, they have no childhood dream. And secondly, it's the best option."

The Jounin to his right, had other thoughts circling in his head. It is the best option because it is the most legal and humanitarian option. The Kyubi Jinchuriki was found in Snow Country, but is was perfectly that Konohagakure sought to hide the human sacrifice. Why though? Why would self disputed "strongest village" place what could be the strongest Jinchuriki so far from their borders? Why did Nii Yugito, who was walking behind Kiraei, looking so disturbed? Why-

"Darui." The jounin's train of thought stopped and turned towards Ei.

"I'm sorry Raikage-sama." Said Darui, rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish smile. He was young, in his early twenties with dark skin, indigenous to the northeast region of the Elemental Nations and had shaggy white hair. His complextion was easy going and relaxed. "I was just thinking is all. If you hadn't stopped my dull train of thought, I probably would have asked why the sky is blue." He chuckled.

Yugito rolled her eyes, the blonde fair-skinned woman looking annoyed. "You really need to get your head out of the clouds sometimes."

"Isn't a man privy to his thoughts within his own village, so long as they aren't harmful?" Joked Darui. "And sorry."

"It's fine." Ei waved his hand. "You're one of my best shinobi, I don't care what your mind thinks." He turned towards the jounin. "I need you…to get in contact with him."

The dark skinned jounin, who looked relaxed as can be, didn't looked that way and took the matter as business.

"Why him?" He asked, his tone serious.

"Him? Wait, do you inquire…" B thought out loud. Then he snapped his fingers. "Oh hell naw! You bringing that old dude who retired!"

"B shut up. You added a 'd' at the end." Said Ei. "And yes, I have plans in mind for him along with Kazama Naruto."

"Want me to go to him now?" Asked Darui.

"Do so. Tell him he maybe getting a future pupil…"

"Raikage-sama," Yugito spoke up as they walked down the stairway, various paintings adoring the walls. "So if you plan on him having a different style than us? Why didn't you bring it up at the meeting?"

"Because it wasn't important. If Kazama is going to be a shinobi that's fine by them, they don't care what type of shinobi Kazama will be."

The group stepped outside, the sky beginning to clear and rays of sun pouring in.

"I'm going to the hospital to handle this. Yugito, keep B on a leash. Darui, get going."

"Sir." Darui shunshin'ed out. And the large Raikage lept to the rooftops, leaving B and Yugito alone.

"So…" B grinned. "I know this sweat Enka bar down-Yowch!"

Yugito tugged on his ear, eyes narrowed. "Don't even think about it bucko." She looked away, eyes to the ground narrowed. The dark skinned jinchuriki rubbed his ear and looked at the blonde with a quirked eyebrow behind his shades.

"Wassup? You look like you drank a dirty cup."

"She…" Paused Yugito, putting a hand on her stomach. "Has been restless. It's been that way since yesterday."

"Eight-o was the same when we found Niner." B put a hand on her shoulder. "It'll be cool, it's just minor."

"Minor?" Yugito looked up at the man. "How minor is it that our village now has three Jinchuriki? Once Kazama becomes a trained shinobi, villages will take notice and…" She sighed.

"You scared shit may hit the fan, so you're worried of adding Niner to our clan?"

"In a way…I'm just worried is all. I can guess you can say for both me and Kazama."

"Tell you what." Smiled B. "Instead of an Enka Bar, I know this nice Wind restaurant that has food so good, you're eyes will beam like a star."

Yugito shook her head, but smiled. "If we're going you're buying. And don't expect me to cough up everything."

"Never expected that in the slightest girl, just want to take a good friend out on whirl." And soon enough, the two began walking together out of the Raikage compound.

"Also…Bro said you'd keep me on a leash so-" B flinched as he felt a hand go into his pack suddenly, and Yugito pulled it out quick. "Yo!"

And he shirked, as she held out a book and read a loud the title.

"Icha Icha Bedroom Dungeon: Pet Edition?" She glared towards the taller man.

"Just…wanted to-" Before B could explain the book went up in blue flames. "Oh nooo!"

And blonde woman dropped the burning book to the ground, B looking down at it.

"Ei's gonna know about this." B simply looked to the side.



"Where's mommy?"


"Where's mommy?" Asked Naruto towards the nurse. "We have not seen her since yesterday…where is she?"

"W-Well…" the nurse looked awkward, face looking as if she was trying to explain why her hand was in a cookie jar. Karui kept observing this as she looked through a picture book.

"Where's mommy?" he asked again.

"M-Mommy is okay…we're doing our best to care of her and all and-"

"I wanna see mommy…" said Naruto, voice slightly raised.

"I would if I could Naruto-chan but-"

Before Naruto could say anything, Karui's head turned towards the door, seeing it open.

And there was massive giant of a man, in dark skin and had a golden belt of some kind. Him opening the door so suddenly made everyone in the room jump. In his right hand looked to be a brief case of some kind. He turned towards the nurse.

"I take it these are the two Kazama children?" He asked.

"U-ummm…yes it is Raikage-sama…" The nurse bowed. "W-What are you doing here?"

"Helping them." He walked forward. "You're assistance is appreciated nurse. You are free to go."

"But Raikage-sama-"

"That's an order," he growled, and the nurse slinked out of his way as fast as he could. The giant man sighed and sat down on the couch, and looked at the two kids in front of him, staring at him.

Naruto picked his ear a little. "Who are you?"

"My name," said the Raikage in a stern tone. Then he stopped, as if thinking. Then his face softened up and he smiled a little. "Well. What is your names?"

"Our names?" Asked Karui, speaking up as she sat down next to her brother on the opposing couch as he fiddled with a toy.

"Mm-hmmm." Smiled the Raikage, closing eyes and speaking in a tone similar to Uncle Jiraiya. "You see, I want to help you and your mother. And to do that," He took out his briefcase and brought out a clipboard and some paper with lots and lots of letters. "I am going to need your names…"

"Why?" Asked Naruto in curiosity.

"You see kids, I am the leader of this entire village." He said. "Like, I am in it's king in a way. And it's my duty to help the people and those less fortunate. You mother, well, is someone that is being taken care of right now." He closed his eyes and smiled. "And I have good news. Your mother will be better by the end of the week."

For the first time in over two days, Naruto jerked and looked up, mouth agape and eyes wide. "Really?! Mommy will be better and she won't have that ugly sore on her arm anymore?"

"Well…" The Raikage rubbed the back of his head. "She has lost her arm, but she will recover and be good as new next week. However…" He said as he rummaged around for some papers. "I do not have anything on record…" He found some paper and started looking through it. "That says that you are registered with the village. Technically, you are a foreigner."

"I-Is that bad?" Asked Karui, sounding worried. She has heard the term before, but it was only used in a bad way, usually said when dad spoke of people from the south.

"It can be." He said. "You see, if you aren't a civilian, the cost of healing your mother will be exponentially higher." He found a small leaflet and gave it to the redhead. "As you can see, the total cost is quite high."

Karui looked on the paper, which looked like one of those receipts and looked at the grand total near the bottom and gulped.

Her frog-bank only had just under a hundred ryo…

This had a lot more zeroes at the end.

"That's a lot of zeroes…" Said Naruto leaning in to look. Karui looked up at the giant Raikage.

"W-We…" She looked down. "We don't have that kind of money…"

"S-So mommy won't get better?" Asked Naruto, face looking pale.

"No, your mom will be alright. The bill, is to be paid after she is better. Remember, I am here to help you." Said the Raikage. "And I need your help to help with this matter. I can help make all those zeroes…disappear."

"Disappear?" Naruto and Karui said in tandem. The Raikage nodded.

"Yes. You see, citizens of Kumogakure no Sato are eligible for reduced healthcare: basically, doctor work as doctors need to be paid to feed their families and what not. You'd still need to pay, but it would be much less than what you have owed to the hospital right now."

"Is there any other way for us to get healthcare…ummm…" Karui fiddled with her fingers, then looked back up at the Raikage. "For free?"

The Raikage's smile threatened to split his face in two. "Yes there is! Doctor work free of charge! You wouldn't have to pay a single ryo!"

"W-What is it?" Asked Naruto. "I'll do whatever it is! I wanna help mommy!"

"Me too!" Added Karui.

The Raikage kept that smile on his face as he looked through his briefcase and brought forth two similar looking paper sheets, with more under it stapled.

"This is a contract. A contract into becoming a guardian of Kumogakure no Sato. A Shinobi."

"Shinobi?" Asked Naruto.

"They are the protectors of Kumogakure, and are responsible for her protection and well being." He gave another warm smile. "Just like how you two are helping your mother."

He took out two pens and gave them to the two children.

"In that pamphlet is also a form for you applying for leadership. All you need to do is sign at the circled lines…

"And you'll not only become citizens of Kumogakure no Sato, but become Shinobi-in-training."

"In-training?" Asked Naruto as he signed the first paper.

"think of it as 'Shinobi School'. It is where you go to learn how to be a Shinobi." He leaned back, and saw the children nod and went to signing. Every stroke of the pen, every turn of the page, was watched keenly by the Raikage.

When the children happened upon the last page, they looked at each other and nodded.



"Let's become the best Shinobi we can be. And get stronger…"

"Mm-hmmm." She nodded, both of them mentally making a promise.

'I will not let anyone close to me die. Never again.'

Their pens meet the line. It took all the Raikage's willpower not to grip the couch's arm in anticipation.

Stroke. Swish. Stroke. Some dots here. Stroke.

Both of the children signed the forms for citizenship and application to the Shinobi Academy.

"It's signed." They both said in tandem as the Raikage looked it over and inspected it. He placed the forms into his briefcase and stood up, towering over the two children and walked past the coffee table and got down to his knees and held out his hand, smiling.

"Kazama Naruto. Kazama Karui. It is with pleasure to welcome your family as citizens of Kumogakure no Sato. And it is my honor to greet you on the path to becoming Shinobi in service to Kumogakure."

The two children took his hands and shook them, his giant calloused scar ridden hand around their almost soft ones.

Deep down mentally, he smirked, his thoughts much darker than was portrayed on his smiling peaceful façade.

'You were fools Konoha, and now I, no…Kumo will reap the benefits, and will rise as the ultimate superpower in the history of the Elemental Nations. You had your chance, and now fate as rewarded me.

Nii Yugito, Jinchuriki of the Nibi no Nekomata.

Kirabi, Jinchuriki of the Hachibi no Kyogyu.

And now, Kazama Naruto, Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko'

He stood up and walked over to the balcony, opening the door and stepping onto the overlook, Karui and Naruto following suit.

"Look Naruto-kun, Karui-kun." He jestured to the village. "This is your new home. Your future is now here." He looked down at them with a smile.

And Naruto beamed up at him. "Thank you mister…now we won't need to pay all that money…"

"When can we start being Shinobi?" Asked Karui. Suddenly, she saw something out of the corner of her eye and turned. "Oh look!" She ran to the railing, her brother following suite. Out there were some people hopping along the roof tops.

"That's cool!" Said Naruto.

"Wasn't Mister B doing that?" Asked Karui.

"Mm-hmmm." Said the Raikage as he put his hands on their shoulders and walked with them, overlooking the high jagged peaks, the building built into them, the bridges and the waterfalls and the happy people socializing below. "Those are Shinobi, far advanced and well taught. One day, you will both be like those ninja."

"I'm gonna be the best ninja then!" Smiled Naruto. "Well I be able to get some money being a ninja?"

"But of course!" Chuckled the Raikage. "The higher in the ninja ranks you go, the more money you get."

"Then I wanna be the highest ranking ninja in this village!" Beamed the blond boy. "And be able to help my family."

"Those are good goals. You seek to become the Raikage." He pointed at himself. "I am the Yondaime Raikage."

"Then Naruto will be the Godaime," Both males turned towards Karui, who was also smiling a little. "I'm gonna help him be the next Raikage." She walked over and hugged her brother.

"You will sis?"

"Well duh," said Karui. "That's what family's for right? We help each other. And we're gonna protect and be there for each other. And when mommy gets better, we'll help her too."

Naruto nodded happily and looked out to the village, his sister by his side and the Raikage standing behind them, arms crossed and looking proud. He looked out to the sun as it began to sink to west.

In the direction of the Land of Fire.

'Checkmate.' He grinned behind the children. 'Konoha.'


Infiltrating this village was easier than he thought.

After summoning a toad and having it trek through the sewer, all he needed to do was be regurgitated into an alley, and walk into the street like no one's the wiser.

All he needed was a hair cut, a fake moustache, and glasses, and he was walking past jounin on break like no problem.

If Jiraiya were any sort of ANBU, he could assassinate any high profile official in Kumo and walk out as if no one was there.

But he wasn't aiming to kill, but to retrieve.

He had to find them. Marina, Karui, Naruto.

'Where are you?' He thought to himself as he looked around. As he walked into a boulevard he turned his head and saw a large white building which looked like a hospital.

And up on one of it's balconies made Jiraiya's heart leap out of his chest in joy, only for it to sink to his stomach in despair.

Naruto was fiddling with a Kumo Ninja headband, a stray jounin and the Raikage was under Naruto, as the man was indulging the children to a piggy back ride to get a better look of the village. He saw a tad of red hair under the railing, meaning it must be Karui.

As the crowds walked past, Jiraiya could only stare in the realization that he was too late.

Minato's son was now in the good graces of the leader of who tried to have Kushina, his own birth mother, kidnapped due to the beast within her and her special chakra.

Sunagakure is rumored to have a Jinchuriki, the Ichibi no Shukaku.

Kirigakure is rumored to possess the Sanbi no Kyodaigame and the Rokubi no Namekuji, but the Jinchuriki has been in hiding and haven't been heard of since the fall of the Bloody Mist era of the Yondaime Mizukage.

Iwagukre had two: the Yonbi no Saruou and the Gobi no Shiroushi. They were still hostile towards Konoha.

Even the smaller villages had the power of the Nine, with Taki having the Nanabi no Kabuto.

Now, Kumogakure, a nation who which Konoha may get back to hostile terms with, now possess the most Jinchuriki of any country, with three. Worse of all, two of them are the strongest of the Nine: the Hachibi no Kyogyu and the Kyubi no Yoko.

And Konoha, the self reputed strongest of all the Shinobi villages, the original founder of the Shinobi village system, had zero.

Naruto and Karui, and possibly Marina too if she is alive, are now in the clutches of Kumogakure, and they looked happy and relieved.

Jiraiya turned around, head to the ground, and walked away to find that alley way and climb into the sewers and summon a toad to head back to Konoha.

He bit his lip, enough for blood to come up as he hopped into the sewer.

"God..." He punched the wall, making a crater. "Damnit..."