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Chapter 1

The first thing I was aware of when I woke up was excruciating pain, from head to toe. I felt like I was trampled by a herd of elephants, then tossed off a cliff, and finally run over by a semi truck. "Hey, are you ok?" I heard a semi-familiar female voice above me. All I could do was groan as I tried to place the voice. "Hold on I'll get Eloise and Tendo-san," said the voice hurriedly causing me to groan again but this time not in pain. I either just landed in Ranma ½ or I'm in a Pokegirl world. At least my muscles still seem to be alright, I worked hard to get that six-pack. I went to the gym every day since I was sixteen, and I'm nineteen now. And if I wasn't in so much pain I'd be more concerned about being relocated to another world.

"Don't leave," I manage to croak out. I crack my eyes open to see a blurry outline of some girl with cat ears, definitely a Pokegirl world. "Well… alright," she yowls loudly and the nearby bushes shake as another blurry girl comes out. "Momo-chan can you go get Tendo-san and Eloise?" blurry girl number one asks blurry girl number two. Momo? Don't tell me… please tell me this is a coincidence. The second girl ran off, becoming an indistinct blob. Next order of business, checking if all parts are there: two arms, check, all ten long fingers, check, both legs, check, ten toes, check, sense of smell, yep- I can smell crushed grass and some flowers, hearing is already established, eyesight, blurry but still there, sense of touch, yep-I can feel the pain and the grass under me. As my vision starts to clear I come face to face with the biggest pair of boobs I've seen outside of anime. My eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as I watched those humongous tits move when she took a breath. I heard her giggle at my obvious goggling and moved my eyes to her face.

My eyes went even wider at the site of whose chest I was just admiring. It was Matsumoto Rangiku, with cat ears, oh my fucking god! For a moment I forgot how much pain I was in as I stared at one of my favorite fukutaichou in Bleach, and it wasn't only because she's got a great pair of knockers, I love her personality to. "You like?" she asked running a hand down her body, I swear if I wasn't so banged up right now I'd have a huge hard on. She must have taken my slack jawed look as a "yes," I'm also guessing that my banged up state didn't mar my good looks, because she let out a loud purr and attempted to cuddle with me. This action reminded me of my current state of pain and my lack of all clothes besides my boxers. I screamed in pain causing Rangiku to jump back, I guess she just remembered how banged up I was.

"Gomen nasai!" she shouted as she checked if she damaged me even more. I gave her a pained smile, "its ok." Just then we heard the sound of running feet, and now that I could see I was sure that was the Momo I thought it was. Great… Hinamori Momo. My eyes passed over Tendo-san, since he looked exactly like he did in the manga, and looked at Eloise. She looked like your average NurseJoy except her hair had a purple streak, which I can only guess is a dye job, going from her bangs all the way to the tip of her pony tail. "Oh you poor boy," Eloise said as she kneeled next to me. I relaxed as her healing ability washed over my injured body, and I smiled at the worried looking Rangiku.

Once the nursing Pokegirl finished, Rangiku rushed to help me up. "Now young man," Tendo-san said, "can you tell us where you're from?" I nodded, "Sure, but can I get some clothes?" Soun laughed and lead our group to his home, though we had to pause when Momo ran up yelling that she found something. "My laptop bag!" I yelled taking it from her and holding it to my chest. They looked at me questioningly, "I'll explain later." They nodded and we headed inside. Once we got inside I hid behind Rangiku, which isn't easy to do since I'm taller, noticing all of the Pokegirls hanging out in here were looking at me like prey.

Rangiku purred leaning back into me giving all the other girls the stink-eye. The girls pouted and walked off as Soun came back with some clothes for me. "Well son, it looks like someone wants to be your girl. Though I'd like to know how you managed to drop into my ranch before we go any farther," he looked from the voluptuous feline to my still naked form. "Don't know, one minute I was in my room looking through my laptop bag and the next I'm waking up here feeling like I've been trampled by a herd of Rhynodame, tossed off a cliff then trampled again. Yeah she seems to like me a lot Tendo-san. If you don't mind me asking what kind of Pokegirl is she? I figured she's a fire type since I'm a lot warmer with her pressed against me then before."

"I am… I'm a Firecat," Rangiku said as I walked into a bathroom to get dressed, Soun seeming appeased with how non-threatening to his ranch I seemed. Figures she'd be a Firecat since Haineko means "Ash Cat." I look in the mirror once I close the door behind me, studying my short spiky black hair, purple eyes and tanned skin. I could use a shower; even though Eloise's healing got rid of all the wounds from my trip I was still dirty from my landing. I take my laptop out of its bag and thanked anyone listening that it didn't seem to be damaged like I was; maybe technology travels easier than people. "Hey Tendo-san, I'm gonna take a shower then I'll explain," I shout through the door. I hear his confirmation before stepping into the shower. While washing I think on the strange turn my life had, I mean seriously you read about this kind of stuff but never imagine it could really happen to anyone let alone yourself. I had been looking for a change any way… maybe this was the universe's strange way of giving me that change. Oi whoever is out there, this wasn't what I meant but I'll take it. Who in their right mind wouldn't want a chance to have plenty of sex, especially with anime characters you could never meet other wise. Once I finished I stepped out and dressed in the outfit Tendo-san brought me: a blue Chinese shirt, black pants, plain blue boxers, and a pair of black martial arts slippers. Heh, I look kinda like Ranma wearing this shit. All I need is longer hair to tie into a pigtail.

As soon as I stepped out of the bath room I once again had an amorous strawberry blond plastered to my side. Not that I minded one iota, I was enjoying the attention quite a bit actually. I watched Momo, who I now noticed was a Growlie, settle in a chair before making myself comfortable on a couch when directed to by Tendo-san, Rangiku making herself comfortable in my lap. "Now why don't you start with your name?" I nodded. "My name is Walker Isamu, my mother is Japanese and my father is American," at their blank looks I explained that I was tossed here from a non-Pokegirl dimension, to which they nodded. "I also know who Rangiku and Momo are," I said with a slight glare in Momo's direction. She gave me a puzzled look not understanding the reason behind my dislike of her.

"In my world they are characters in a manga called Bleach. Matsumoto Rangiku is my favorite Fukutaichou her captain Hitsugaya Toushiro being my favorite captain." To prove this I took out my laptop, plugged it in, and pulled up my downloaded version of the Bleach manga. I showed them up to the end of the rescue Rukia arc before shutting things down. Momo actually looked appalled at what her counterpart did; maybe this one isn't too bad. "Toushiro is my younger half brother," Rangiku said. "We have the same father but different Pokegirls were our mothers. Toushiro always called me Matsumoto after my mom. Her last name was Matsumoto before she went through threshold; she died three years after Toushiro was born." Seeing her saddened expression I wrapped my arms around her to which she gave me a small smile and leaned further against me.

"Well Isamu, since there probably isn't a way to send you home, would you like to take the Tamer's Exam? Then Rangiku can officially become your starter." I looked at Tendo-san and asked, "Which league am I in?" He laughed, "You're in the Indigo League." Relief flooded through me when he told me the league. Thank god, at least I know a lot about this league. "I'll take the exam," I said as I stood to my full six foot two inches. Rangiku smoothly slid to her feet as I got up but she did stay pretty close to me as I was lead to a room to take the written part of the exam. The only reason she left was because Soun said that she had to let me take the exam on my own. Once I finished that part, which was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be, a Megami walked into the room. My eyes nearly popped out of my skull when I recognized Inoue Orihime.

"Oh is something wrong Walker-san?" she asked me. "No… but you're another character from Bleach which is one of my favorite animes." She giggled and nodded before starting the psychic evaluation part of the Tamer's Exam. As soon as I stepped out of the exam room I once again had the beautiful feline stuck to me like glue. "Can we go to a taming room?" She gave me such a pleading look that I just couldn't say no. "Sure," I was promptly dragged to the nearest taming room. Rangiku let me go when we entered the taming room to prowl the room; I think she was activating cameras knowing her personality. I turned and locked the door before proceeding to strip to my new boxers and setting all my clothes on a shelf so nothing would happen to them during the taming. Once she finished prowling, Rangiku turned to me with bedroom eyes and a sexy smile.

(Lemon warning)

"Ready to tame your hot kitty Master?" I winced slightly at being called "Master." "Rangiku, when we're not around other Tamers or in cities I don't want to be called 'Master', ok? I'm uncomfortable with it." Rangiku stared at me wide eyed, "You're going to let your Pokegirl call you by name?" I nodded and was tackled to the bed, Rangiku shedding clothes faster than I would have thought possible, as she purred loudly. "Thank you Isamu," she purred out before shimmying down my body and taking me into her mouth.

I groaned arching into that wonderful heat, my hands tangling themselves into her hair of their own accord. She began bobbing her head, going faster or slower when my hands prompted her. I eventually had to stop her, "I'll cum to soon." She nodded as I flipped us so she was laying on the bed so I could look down at her. I smiled and leaned down capturing her lips with my own while using my hands to play with her breasts. She moaned into our kiss as I licked her lip to ask for entrance. She granted it quickly, her cat-like tongue felt weird but not in a bad way. Our tongues fought for dominance which, and this is only speculation, she let me win. Once the need for air became too strong I broke our kiss, leaving both of us panting for air.

Once my breath was regained I kissed my way down Rangiku's neck, down her chest, to her stomach, then further where I licked her lower lips causing her to groan and arch against me. I plunged my tongue into her most sacred place, using my hands to keep her in place as she writhed from pleasure. Using my fingers and tongue I brought her to orgasm, than I got into position and searched her eyes for the permission to go further. At first she seemed surprised, than her eyes lit up as she purred with a small nod. I smiled widely as I kissed her before sheathing myself in her womanhood.

(Lemon end)

What happened after that I can't be too sure because my mind went blank with the pleasure of being with Rangiku. All I am sure of is that once we cleaned up and left the taming room a lot of the other girls were telling Rangiku that she was "lucky to have gotten herself such a hot tamer who's a real tiger in bed." I could only smile nervously as Rangiku purred and clung to my arm.