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Chapter 2

I was once again in the living room with Soun; Rangiku was curled up with her head in my lap purring as I stroked her hair. "You passed with flying colors Isamu," I smiled widely as Soun told me this and handed me a Pokedex and Pokeballs. I studied one 'ball in particular: the red part was ash colored with a cat running over it and instead of a white part it shimmered in the color of a flame. "Mrow row," Rangiku scowled because all she could do was make cat noises since I tamed her. I scratched her ears, "This is your ball right Rangiku." She nodded though she still looked annoyed. Soun looked toward the entrance as a few other girls peaked in as Momo entered.

"Ano, Tendo-san… what do we do about that guy?" Soun frowned. I raised an eyebrow as I tried to figure out who they were talking about. "From what Isamu showed us of that manga, it's likely that he's part of one of the teams trying to deceive us to get us to hand you over to him willingly." My eyes widened figuring out who they meant, Sousuke Aizen. "Aizen…" everyone nodded as I frowned. "What about having Toushiro claim Momo?" I asked having them turn to me with shocked looks.

"Shiro-chan and I were good friends before I went through threshold," Momo said. Rangiku smiled and nodded while pointing at Momo then me. "You want them to travel with us?" I said with a slight scowl, while I wouldn't mind hanging out with Toushiro I don't want to have to deal with Aizen after me. "We'll have to see if Toushiro wants to," Rangiku pouted but nodded. "I'll go call him to see if he's interested," Soun said. I nodded and watched the other girls half afraid the others, besides Momo, would try to pounce on me. Rangiku noticed and hissed at them, "Leave Rangiku's Isamu alone."

"Well at least you're not talking like a cat anymore," I said wrapping my arms around her waist. She gave them a smug look as she snuggled closer. Soun reentered the living room giving the girls a hard look which sent them scattering. "Your brother was already on his way here. He was coming to see you after getting his license." Rangiku blinked, "Rangiku just hope brother wasn't coming to make Rangiku his Pokegirl." She scowled in annoyance at the speech pattern. "He said he just wanted to see you. He has a starter, a threshold Frostdrake." I started laughing at this causing them to stare at me. "Wanna bet her name is Hyourinmaru?" I said with a grin. Rangiku and Momo blinked before getting the joke and joined me in laughing.

Soun gave us a bemused look as we continued laughing our collective asses off. I calmed down enough to point at my laptop, which had Soun finally getting what was making us all laugh. As we began to calm down, the door bell rang. "I'll get it father," came the voice of Tendo Kasumi, I knew I saw the Tendo sisters out in that mess of Pokegirls. Gotta remember to watch my bag in case I somehow obtain Akane, wouldn't mind having either of the others with me. Since Kasumi can cook and Nabiki would keep me from going broke dealing with Rangiku's habits. I checked my 'dex to see the amount of credits I got from the league, 5,000 credits, not bad. I look up when I hear Rangiku give a mewl of happiness and someone's muffled scream of "Matsumoto!" I look over at Momo, who is staring at the strange sight of a fourteen year old Hitsugaya Toushiro being squashed by Rangiku's massive boobs.

I look at the figure standing in the door way, looking confused as to whether she should help her master or not, and burst into a new fit of laughter. Because my guess had been right on the nose, standing behind Toushiro was a female version of Hyourinmaru's human form. I stop laughing when I notice Toushiro starting to turn blue, "Rangiku he needs to breath." She blinked and removed her brother from her cleavage; he immediately started gasping for air. He gave her his trademark glare then looked at me; hope he doesn't hate me for becoming his sister's "Master." His gaze then fell on Momo, who gave him an embarrassed wave of her hand, before sighing. "I hope you'll be able to put up with my sister," I raised an eyebrow. "I know what to expect, I just need to make sure she doesn't get her hands on my credits and things will be just fine." He gave me an appraising look, "How would you know what to expect?" So I ran through my story again, once again showing the Bleach manga as proof.

"So I am male in this story of yours," Hyourinmaru said then looked at Momo. "You are the one joining Master's harem?" Momo nodded looking more than a little nervous. "I will speak to you and Matsumoto later; I'm going to tame Momo now. And before you ask, no Matsumoto I will not travel with you. I want to go on my own journey." With that the younger tamer breezed out of the room with a giddy looking Momo leading the way and Hyourinmaru bringing up the rear. I blinked, wow, for a fourteen year old he ain't much different from his manga counterpart who is god knows how old. I gathered the upset looking Rangiku into my arms to comfort her. "We'll meet up again, if I'm right about Aizen and his Espada," I told her. She looked at me and nodded, "We're going to have Gin on our tails." I sighed and nodded, Ichimaru Gin would come after Rangiku. "Alright you two it's getting late, why don't you go grab some food then talk to Toushiro tomorrow. I'm sure Isamu is exhausted." I nodded and Rangiku brought me to the kitchen where Kasumi, an Angel, smiled at me and gave us both some dinner. Afterword we made our way back to the taming room we had used; only now it would be used as a place to sleep.

(Line Break)

The next morning dawned bright and early, and might I add very pleasantly for me. I definitely call waking up with a hot girl sucking me off as a pleasant wake up call. After another round of taming, Rangiku went off to get new clothes and I headed to the kitchen. When Rangiku rejoined me I was surprised to see her dressed in an exact copy of her shinigami outfit. I shook my head and shrugged it off as Kasumi served us breakfast. We finished eating and packed everything into a small bag Soun gave me. I was going to buy a Pokepack once we got to Cerulean; I refuse to call it by the perverted name people use around here. Soun had given me a few changes of clothes in the same style as the first one.

I left my bags outside the kitchen door to ask Kasumi if she would mind packing a lunch, I left Rangiku in charge of watching it. I just hope she actually keeps watch instead of sneaking off to pack some sake. "Kasumi-san," she looked at me wide eyed as if not expecting me to speak to her with such respect, "would you mind making a lunch I can pack for me and Rangiku?" "I wouldn't mind, I'll get started on it while you have a talk with Hitsugaya-san." I nodded and walked out of the kitchen frowning when I saw Rangiku sitting there attempting to look innocent. Uh-oh… she left my bag unattended for a while…

I picked up both bags frowning at the extra weight in both. I think Rangiku added some sake and someone possibly decided to join us. We went into the living room to find Toushiro and his team waiting for us. We joined them on the couch and discussed what our plans were. Toushiro was heading to Johto while me and Rangiku were going to stay in Indigo, forcing Aizen to split his forces if he really was running a Team Rocket Esq. group. After letting Rangiku and Toushiro get caught up after so many years of being separated, we went our separate ways. I was on my way to Cerulean and Toushiro was headed to New Bark Town.

After getting the lunch Kasumi packed for us I left the Tendo Ranch with Rangiku happily walking next to me. We only made it about two hours out of the sonic field around the ranch when we were attacked by a mass of fur and claws. I moved further back to let Rangiku take on the feral Catgirl. The two feline females circled each other hissing lightly before the Catgirl leapt at Rangiku claws raised. I swear this girl looks familiar but I can't place it, probably because of the fur. Rangiku countered what was probably a fury swipes with her ember attack, making the air smell of burnt fur. After hitting the ground the feral hissed and used Leap Rangiku easily dodged the move letting the Catgirl plow into a tree. She then tossed another ember at the feral to make sure she stayed down. Finding my empty Pokéballs I tossed one at the downed feline. When the ball dinged her capture I smiled and retrieved the ball.

"Got a thing for cats Isamu-kun?" Rangiku asked with a grin that would be appropriate on a Cheshire. "Hell yea," I told her with a grin of my own. I searched through my bag and found a ball that could only be described as weird. It was colored like the Cheshire cat from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie with a huge grin on the bottom of it. "That's Nabiki's Pokéball," Rangiku said looking at the ball. "Well at least it's not Akane's, I woulda sent her right back to Tendo-san," I told her shaking my head as I sent out my next feline. Damn I wonder if I'm gonna wind up with only cats. I watched as she materialized, looking at the differences between the two cats. Rangiku had a light covering of fur replacing her human body hair; it was so light you wouldn't be able to tell unless you touched her skin. Nabiki on the other hand had fur covering her hands in a fingerless glove look, around her neck like a choker, and around her ankles like bracelets. The only similarity to their looks was the pair of cat ears on the tops of their heads and the cat tails, though Rangiku's tail had a sleeker look to it.

Nabiki's fur was also colored in the Tim Burton Cheshire cat fashion, personally I like the blue and grey over the bright pink and purple of the Disney movie. She was also dressed in a blue tang top that matched her fur and a pair of grey short shorts. I'm really really glad these pants are baggy; out of all the girls in Ranma Nabiki was my favorite. She was gorgeous in real life, not more so then Rangiku but still… DAMN. She gave me a Cheshire grin and pressed herself to my left side. "So Isamu-kun, are you going to keep me?" she asked doing a very good job of convincing me to let her stay. I had to catch her hand before it could go down where the sun don't shine.

Rangiku scowled and took up residency on my right… um… is it getting hot around here or is it just me. "Rangiku you're my alpha Nabiki isn't going to replace you. And Nabiki give me one good reason why I shouldn't send you back to the ranch." I moved away from them to calm Isamu Jr. so he wouldn't be controlling my thought process on keeping Nabiki around. At my movement both girls shared a smirk. "Well I'm good with money, highly observant, resourceful, plus I'm a psychic type which can take care of Rangiku's weakness to water," she said ticking off every trait on her clawed fingers. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Rangiku for her opinion. She looked shocked for a moment still getting used to the fact that I don't think like most Tamers before responding. "I think we should keep Nabiki in the harem," Nabiki smiled at the fiery feline. I nodded "Alright she stays." I yelped as I was tackled by the blue and grey blur, though I smiled as she purred out a "thank you." After getting off the ground, I continued on my way to Cerulean with Rangiku on my right and Nabiki on my left.


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