White Spy – She's the Man!

White Spy was running so hard along the steel supports that her boot heels were starting to crack. Why couldn't he just stay STILL? Yes, you guessed it. She was once again chasing that rascal Black Spy with an Ice-gun. Pulling it into position, she aimed and shot. He wasn't keeping still long enough for her to freeze him on the spot! She growled in frustration as he once again broke free.

Footsteps sounded behind her and White Spy turned her head to see Red Spy and Blue Spy approach along opposite moving supports. Stupid HQ and their dumb ideas for missions. Why can't I be trying to find those gadgets in Hawaii, or something? Why must I be on a freaking OIL RIG!

The red steel shook as the crane swung it back down to the deck. She switched weapons and pulled out a shotgun. White Spy didn't even bother to take aim at the three other spies; she just let it rip.

Five minutes later, hand to hand combat was in play on the edge of the liner. "Hyeah!" She cried as she hit the bastard. One more hit and it'll be a knock out, she thought. Lunging forward, White Spy made to hit Black Spy's arm, but then there was no weight on her head and her white-blonde hair bounced down to her shoulders. "SHIT!" She watched as her hat floated over the edge and into the deep blue water.

Eyes burned into her back. Whipping back around she saw that all three other spies had their eyes glued to her in shock. "And just what do you think you're looking at? Ain't you never seen a girl fight before?" she spat bitterly.

They shook their heads. She sighed, rolling her eyes, then made a dash for the helicopter. The stupid idiots, they hadn't realised what she'd done until she was halfway through take-off. They tried to reach her, but by the time they made it to the Helicopter-pad she was saluting them and steering the chopper back to dry land.

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