Neji gazed contently at the birds soaring into the sky, free of all burdens, and his lips gave way to the tiniest hint of a smile.

"Neji!" Tenten panted,"You're amazing. You caught every one of them."

"Tenten, we'll stop this light exercise."

Tenten drooped. "You're getting as bad as Lee."

"Tenten-san! Neji-kun! Please join me in my battle against Gai-sensei! We are going to run from Konoha to Suna naked and upside down on 1 finger!"

Both Tenten and Neji wilted in horror.

"Actually! Technically we won't be running since we're not allowed to use feet, so don't worry!"

Neji and Tenten were having serious doubts on the mentality of their fellow teammate. Actually, they knew there was something suspicious about the mentality of their fellow team member, but he must have been injured on the head more times than they had realised.

"Lee," Tenten phrased hesitantly, "You won't be offended if we say no? I'm a little tired today, so-"

"But of course! You are a delicate lady! How ungallant of me! Please forgive me! I must get going then! I'll need to be stronger than ever to be able to challenge Gai-sensei fully. Goodbye!" Lee flew back to Konoha with more spirit than when he had initially greeted them.

"He never changes," Tenten smiled as her eyes met with Neji's in a flash of shared understanding.