A Pink BracketBuster 5, Livin' the Suite Life: Chapter 1

A/N: Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year once again, March, and that means just one thing, March Madness, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, and in the world of fan fiction that means the return of my Pink BracketBuster series. This year's version of the story gets a new twist, as it will be a crossover story as I bring in the Suite Life series characters, making this the sequel of my Power Rangers/Suite Life crossover story Power Rangers on Deck that I just finished reposting. If you have read my previous stories in this series you know the drill, if you are new to the series welcome, and as I tell everyone every year, I don't make this stuff up, I use the actual tournament bracket and actual tournament results. Also to my Power Ranger fans joining the fun for this year's story are Eric and Wes from Time Force, Cassidy and Devin from Dino Thunder, and me, Phil Savitt (hey I was a character in Power Rangers on Deck so it's all good). I hope everyone enjoys the story, and as always please let me know your thoughts by leaving a review.

Summary: After meeting the Suite Life crew in my story "Power Rangers on Deck" the Rangers invite them to join the craziness that is the Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament

Disclaimer: As always, I only own my original characters (Phil Savitt, Jen Jackson, Chelsea Matthews, Lindsey Stewart, and Crystal Johnson). Everything else I DO NOT OWN.

Couples: Power Rangers – Tommy/Kim, Jason/Hayley, Zack/Trini, Rocky/Aisha, Billy/Kat, Adam/Tanya, Andros/Ashley, Zhane/Karone, Carlos/Cassie, Trent/Kira, Conner/OC (Chelsea), Ethan/OC (Jen), Justin/OC (Lindsey), TJ/OC (Crystal), Cassidy/Devin. Suite Life – Cody/Bailey, Zack/Maya, Woody/Addison, London/Marcus, Moseby/Tutweiller

Alma Maters/Future Schools: UCLA (Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Aisha). Florida (Kimberly). USC (Zack, Trini, Adam, Tanya). Stanford (Hayley, Billy, Kat, Justin, Ethan). UNLV (Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Karone). Oregon (Carlos, Cassie). Washington State (TJ). Gonzaga (Crystal). BYU (Lindsey). Nevada (Trent, Kira). Long Beach State (Conner). San Diego (Chelsea). Cal State Fullerton (Jen). Cornell (Anton). St. Mary's (Elsa). San Diego State (Cassidy, Devin). Syracuse (Ernie). Arizona State (Stone). New Mexico (Bulk). Maryland (Skull). Arizona (Eric, Wes). Bowling Green (Phil). Yale (Cody, Bailey). UConn (Zack, Maya, Woody, Addison). St. John's (London, Marcus). Georgetown (Moseby). Villanova (Tutweiller). Wisconsin (Kirby).

Sunday March 13, 2011. Hayley's Cyberspace Café – Reefside, California; 3pm PDT

"CBS Sports presents the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Selection Show"

"It's starting everyone," Wes and Devin yelled as the group of 39 that had assembled to watch the selection show gathered around the TVs at Hayley to see who would play who and where. New to the madness known as the Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament were Wes and his best friend Eric, along with Devin and his girlfriend Cassidy, and Kira and Kim's manager Phil. Eric and Wes had wanted to join the fun for years, but every March the Red and Quantum Time Force Rangers always seemed to be out of town for Silver Guardians business with no time to fill out a bracket, but this year the Arizona alums were in town and ready to win the whole thing. As for Cassidy and Devin, after the duo graduated from Reefside with Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Trent they attended San Diego State, and got jobs at a San Diego news station as a reporter (Cassidy) and a cameraman (Devin). While they loved San Diego, they couldn't pass up an opportunity to work at a news station in America's second largest city, so they returned to the area. As for Phil, well after the Rito/Vile/Scorpina incident on the S.S. Tipton he knew everything, and with no secrets among the group after the tournament pool two years ago, Kim and Kira invited their manager to join the craziness as well. With no secrets in the group as well Cassidy, Devin, Wes, and Eric were caught up on everyone and everything they didn't know as well.

"Good evening everyone and welcome to the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament selection show, I'm Greg Gumbel with my partners Greg Anthony and Seth Davis, along with us as well from Turner Sports is Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley. The five of us are here to reveal the field for the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. First we will start with the four number one seeds in the field. The overall number seed in the field, in the East Region is the Ohio State Buckeyes. The second number one seed in the Southwest Region goes to the Kansas Jayhawks. The third number one seed belongs to the Pittsburgh Panthers who are in the Southeast Region, and the fourth number one seed, in the West Region is the Duke Blue Devils."

"Another year, another number one seed for Duke," the always cocky Conner McKnight said as his friends couldn't help but to roll their eyes at him.

"Also another year and another easy draw for them too probably," Trent threw in as the others couldn't help but to laugh.

"Duke could be in a bracket with the fifteen greatest NBA teams of all time and people would say it's an "easy" draw," Conner remarked back, and some of the others couldn't help but to agree with him, even Trent.

"Ohio State, top seed, boring," Kimberly added.

"Don't worry, they are from Ohio, they'll find a way to blow it or choke it away," Adam said.

"Well as long as Zeltrax doesn't come back and try and ruin our pool they can be the top seed," Tommy responded.

"Wait a minute, Zeltrax returned, when was this," Cassidy asked as both she and Devin had never heard this story.

"2007, night of the championship game," Ethan said as he and Kira went to tell the two the story before the show returned.

"Now it's time to reveal our first bracket, and we start in the East, the regional final set for the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. These games to be played in Cleveland, Ohio Friday and Sunday and as mentioned the top seed those Buckeyes of Ohio State, they meet the winner of a First Four game set for Wednesday in Dayton between Texas-San Antonio and Alabama State, while the eight seed George Mason Patriots take on the nine seed Villanova Wildcats. To Tampa for these Thursday Saturday games, West Virginia's Mountaineers are the five and they will meet a First Four winner as well, either Clemson or a surprise entrant the Conference USA regular season champion UAB, while the SEC Tournament Champion Kentucky Wildcats are the four seed and they'll meet the champs from the Ivy League, thirteen seeded Princeton. In Charlotte on Friday and Sunday the second seed North Carolina Tar Heels are back in after missing the field a year ago and the Long Island Blackhawks, champions of the Northeast Conference await them as the fifteen seed, while the seventh seeded Washington Huskies will match up with ten seed from the SEC the Georgia Bulldogs. Lastly back to Cleveland for Friday Sunday games, the Orange of Syracuse are the three seed and will meet Larry Bird's alma mater the Indiana State Sycamores, while the six seed Xavier will just have to make a drive up I-71 for their first game of the tournament as they will face the eleventh seeded Golden Eagles of Marquette."

The group was relatively quiet for this bracket, though everyone who went to a Pac-10 school, led largely by TJ, Eric, and Wes gave a nice boo when Washington was mentioned.

"Thoughts on the draw Ernie," Stone asked his friend, the owner of the Angel Grove Gym and Juice bar was the first to see his school revealed.

"Glad to know Larry Bird won't be suiting up in that first game," Ernie said with a chuckle. "Xavier is always a tough draw though, especially getting them in their home state," he added as the show returned.

"We move out West for our next bracket, with the regional final at Anaheim's Honda Center."

As soon as they place they worked at got mentioned TJ, Justin, and Lindsey started cheering.

"Friday and Sunday games to be played in Charlotte, North Carolina as the top seed Duke won't have to go too far for the opening weekend to battle sixteen seed Hampton, the Pirates won the MEAC. Two teams with very up and down seasons meet in the eight nine game as the Wolverines of Michigan battle the Tennessee Volunteers. In Tulsa for more Friday Sunday dates the five seed is the Arizona Wildcats and they will meet the CUSA tournament champions the twelve seed Memphis Tigers, and the Longhorns from Texas are the four seed and they will face the Summit League Champion Oakland Golden Grizzlies, back in the dance again as a thirteen seed this year. These Thursday Saturday games will be played in Tucson, Arizona as San Diego State, what a season the Aztecs have had are the two seed and will face the Big Sky champion Northern Colorado, the fifteen seed Bears making their first ever appearance in the tournament. Temple is in for a fourth straight year, they are the seven seed and will meet the Nittany Lions of Penn State, first appearance in ten years for the ten seed from the Big Ten. Our nation's capital will host these games on Thursday and Saturday as UConn is a three seed after their amazing Big East Tournament run, they will meet the Patriot League champions fourteen seeded Bucknell. Cincinnati returns to the dance after a five year absence, first bid since joining the Big East for the Bearcats, and they are the six seed, matched up with the eleven seed from the Big 12 Missouri."

"Nothing is stopping Arizona on the road to Houston," Wes said as he and Eric high fived.

"And that includes Duke," Eric said pointing right at Conner, as Conner's only response was the bring it gesture.

Cassidy and Devin could only laugh at the two as they watched Wes and Eric talk to the three who worked at the Honda Center.

"They better hope Texas doesn't ruin their plans," Devin said to his girlfriend.

"I for one hope they do," Stone threw in, loud enough for Eric and Wes to hear.

"At least we get to go to Tucson, as well as Anaheim, when they Aztecs get there," Cassidy responded.

"How did you pull that off," Kat asked the two.

"Our old station in San Diego asked us to do some reports for them from there," Devin explained.

"Plus we were going to follow the Aztecs no matter where they went this weekend, so we planned ahead and got the weekend off," Cassidy finished.

"On now to the Southwest Region, its finals set for the Alamodome in San Antonio. Games Friday Sunday in Tulsa and Kansas is the top seed in the region and they will meet the sixteen seed champions of the America East the Boston U Terriers. Lon Kruger leads UNLV back to the dance as the Rebels are the eight seed, and they will meet one of Lon's former teams, the ninth seeded Illinois Fighting Illini. Onto Denver for these games Thursday and Saturday Vanderbilt is the five seed and the Commodores will meet the Atlantic Ten tournament champions the twelve seed Richmond Spiders. Louisville is back in the dance and is a four seed this year as they will face in state rival Morehead State; the Eagles are the thirteen seed. Down to the bottom of the bracket for games in the Windy City Friday and Sunday and there is Notre Dame, the two seed will meet the MAC Champion Akron Zips. Texas A&M is in the dance again under Marc Turgeon as the seventh seeded Aggies will meet the Florida State Seminoles; the ten seed out of the ACC. Staying in Chicago to finish the bracket Purdue is the three and gets to stay relatively close to home for a match with the fourteen seed Peacocks of St. Peter's from the MAAC. Lastly Georgetown is the six seed and they will meet the winner of a Wednesday First Four game in Dayton which will feature the VCU Rams from the CAA and the Pac-10's USC Trojans."

"USC, USC, USC, USC," was all that could be heard in Hayley's after it was announced that USC made the dance, as Adam, Tanya, Trini, and Zack were going nuts.

"CHEATERS, CHEATERS, CHEATERS," was the response from the UCLA group of Jason, Tommy, Aisha, and Rocky, referring to issues both the USC football and basketball teams have had recently.

"ANDREW LUCK, ANDREW LUCK," then started the Stanford five of Hayley, Billy, Kat, Justin, and Ethan, quieting both So Cal school groups; they may not have basketball they could talk about at that moment, but football talk they could bring up to silence the others, though two people were able to one up them.

"PAC-10 CHAMPS, PAC-10 CHAMPS," chanted Carlos and Cassie, as they had football bragging rights over all their Pac-10 friends at the moment.

"Ok we seriously need to get right of a Pac-10 group," Crystal and Lindsey said at the same time, drawing ire from both their husbands the groups that were doing the chanting, along with those who weren't like Eric, Wes, and Stone.

"Well we should at least not let any more into the group then," Chelsea said.

"Yeah it's bad enough we let Arizona in this year," Stone said with an evil smile as Wes and Eric sent just glares back to him.

"Well we certainly won't be letting anyone from Utah into the group," Jen said.

"Or Cal," Ethan added.

"Or Washington," TJ made sure got into there as well.

"Enough of all this Pac-10 talk, it's all about UNLV," Andros said.

"U N L V," Zhane chanted as Andros, Ashley, and Karone clapped along with him.

"Kansas is going down again in round two," Andros said as he and Zhane did their famous chest bump. The others could only roll their eyes and laugh, thankful that the show was back on.

"Final bracket we have for you is the Southeast, its regional finals in the Big Easy at the New Orleans Arena. Thursday Saturday games in Washington DC will see top seed Pitt meet the winner of the final First Four game, either UNC-Ashville or Arkansas-Little Rock, while the eight seed national runner up from a year ago Butler faces ninth seed Old Dominion. In Tucson, also Thursday and Saturday will be the five seed Kansas State Wildcats, Frank Martin's club will face the twelve seed Aggies from Utah State, the WAC champions, and fourth seeded Wisconsin meets the Atlantic Sun champs the Belmont Bruins. In Tampa on Thursday and Saturday is Florida, as the two seeded Gators meet the champs of the Big West, UC Santa Barbara, the fifteen seed."

Conner cringed at that announcement, as for the second straight year the Gauchos had ended his schools, Long Beach State, season.

"There is always the NIT," Jen said with a smile that Conner didn't return.

"Winner of Florida/UCSB will face either the seven seed Bruins of UCLA, back in after missing out last year, or the Tom Izzo led Michigan Spartans, the ten seed. And lastly in Denver, also on Thursday and Saturday is the three seed BYU, led of course by Jimmer Fredette, and they will meet the fourteen seed Wofford Terriers from the Southern Conference, they gave Wisconsin a run for their money last year, as they will look to end Jimmer and companies run early this year. Lastly St. John's is back in the dance for the first time since 2002, they are the six seed, and they will meet eleventh seeded Gonzaga."

"JIMMER, JIMMER, JIMMER," Lindsey and Justin chanted, which luckily got no response chant back. With Stanford down this year Justin was riding with his wife following the Cougars.

"Good to see those letters UCLA back in the bracket," Rocky said to Jason and Tommy after hugging Aisha.

"Things are right in the world again," Jason responded.

"And they will be once again when UCLA beats Florida in round two," Tommy added turning to his wife.

"Oh handsome, how many times does Florida have to beat UCLA until you learn," Kim responded.

"Our time is now," Tommy said to his wife.

"Florida is overrated anyway in this bracket," Aisha remarked.

"While I do have to agree with that, it's nothing that beating UCLA can't solve," Kim added with that sweet yet evil smile of hers.

"Sorry sis, but we finally get over that hump this year," Jason responded.

"Only if Izzo forgets to tell his team its March," Kim's manager Phil said coming up to the three.

"Thank you Phil, at least someone has my back," Kim said hugging her manager.

"Wow, I know we are rivals, but I think the Gaels got screwed," Crystal said going up to Elsa.

"Everyone all day said they would be in, so I don't know what to say," Elsa responded as Anton gave her a consoling hug.

Meanwhile Jason and Tommy were off to Hayley's office to print off thirty nine brackets. Once that was done they headed up to the performance stage.

"Alright everyone it's time for the seventh annual Angel Grove/Reefside Madness pool. Welcome first to our five newest participants Eric, Wes, Phil, Devin, and Cassidy," Jason said starting things off as the five waved.

"After last year we have two defending champions in Andros and Ashley, but its back to every person for themselves. While there are thirty nine of us here, the entire pool will consist of an even fifty people, as we are changing something up for this year," Tommy explained.

Meanwhile on the S.S. Tipton

"A six seed, a six seed, really, beating that many top fifty teams only gets you a six seed nowadays," Marcus complained as he, Bailey, Cody, London, Zack, Maya, Woody, Addison, Kirby, Mr. Moseby, and Miss Tutweiller were watching the Selection Show in the Sports Lounge. The future St. John's student was not happy about his team's draw, same goes for his girlfriend and another future St. John's student London, though she really didn't know what was going on; she was just nodding her head in agreement, because she liked it when her boyfriend ranted like this.

"Who cares about the Storm, it's all about KEMBA," Zack said as he and future UConn students Maya, Woody, and Addison applauded the name of the potential player of the year.

"And Ohio State," Woody added.

"Uh no Woodchuck, it's about Kemba," Zack responded.

"Well I'm just glad Princeton beat Harvard," Cody said.

"And they did it at Yale, what could be better," Bailey added as she put her arm around boyfriend.

"Yeah, but no one cares about those nerds, Kentucky will trounce them," Zack said.

"Oh be nice Zack, let them have their moment," Maya said back to her boyfriend.

"Yeah UConn didn't even make it last year, and with all the off the court stuff we really have no room to talk," Addison added.

"Well sorry kids but I gotta go with my Badgers to win it all," Kirby said.

"Besides if a Big East team ends up winning it, it will be Georgetown," Moseby added.

"No Marion, it'll be Villanova," said Moseby's girlfriend Emma Tutweiller.

"Georgetown," Moseby said.

"Villanova," Emma responded.

"Georgetown," Moseby said, his voice getting louder.

"Villanova," Emma said, her voice getting just as loud.

"Oh enough, they will both lose in round one," Marcus said, only to get glares from the both of them.

"Big talk for a guy whose school drew Gonzaga," Cody said to Marcus.

"Oh they aren't what they used to be," Marcus responded.

"Alright guys here is the info Tommy and Jason sent me, they set up a pool on Yahoo for us, here is the ID number and password to join," Zack said as he handed the information to the four other couples and Kirby. Once they had everything they needed the five couples and Kirby headed off to fill out their brackets.

"They also sent me what the prizes were, and it's crazy, listen to this," Zack said to Maya as they made their way towards his cabin.

Back in Reefside

"Same principles apply to win, best overall winning percentage, with championship game points scored as the tiebreaker, only difference being those eleven will have their brackets online, and we will fit them in the overall standings after everything is done," Tommy explained.

"With fifty people and ten dollars a bracket the cash total will be $500, and with so many people the top eight will get prizes. Eighth place gets $25, seventh $50, sixth $75, fifth $150, and fourth $200," Jason told everyone.

"What about the top three, what will they get," Billy asked.

"I can help explain that," Skull said joining Tommy and Jason on stage. "As everyone knows when I went to Maryland I met none other than Duff Goldman and we became friends. Well he is opening a shop up out here, and has offered that the third place finisher can get a free cake created from him," Skull explained as everyone thought that was a cool idea.

"Now the second place prize was offered up by London, and it's an all expenses paid week vacation at the Tipton Resort in Fort Lauderdale," Jason said, and everyone started to get even more excited.

"Now for the grand prize," Chelsea said as she made her way on stage. "Thanks to the sports PR firm I work for, this year the winner gets an all expenses paid trip to Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis," Chelsea said (no lockout in fan fiction world).

"Awesome," everyone else (minus Jason and Tommy) said at the same time as Chelsea couldn't help but laugh.

Once the awe of the prizes had passed everyone started handing Jason and Tommy their money so they could get their brackets and start filling them out.

Back on the S.S. Tipton, in Moseby's cabin


"Ohio State"


"Ohio State"

Moseby and Emma were at it again, this time with their picks. Both knew their schools were seeded too low to win, so Moseby was going with Ohio State and Emma with Purdue.

"You know something, I know the perfect wager for this little disagreement to see whose bracket really is the best," Emma said.

"And what would that be," Moseby asked.

"This," Emma said as she told Moseby her idea.

"How ingenious and evil, I love it, you're on," Moseby said with an evil smile before the two kissed on it.

In Bailey and London's cabin

"How can you not pick our school," Marcus asked London.

"I have never liked their colors, I like North Carolina's, they are pretty, yay baby blue," London said clapping.

"Fine, then I'll pick Duke," Marcus responded.

"Ok," London said back, not understanding the Duke/Carolina rivalry. "So do you want that platinum record you have," London asked.

"Of course I do, it's one of my most prized possessions," Marcus responded, not sure why London asked him this.

"But I want it," London cried.

"No way," Marcus said back

"Fine, then here is my proposal," London said as she told Marcus her idea.

"You're on," Marcus responded. Marcus didn't like the idea of potentially giving up his record, but the payoff if he won was something he couldn't say no to. "I will warn you though I am a master at bracketology," Marcus added.

"Bracket what," a confused London asked.

"I love you London," is all Marcus could say.

"I love me too," London responded happily as Marcus just glared at her. "And you too," she added and kissed her boyfriend.

In Zack and Marcus' cabin

"You are picking UConn right," Zack asked Maya.

"Uh…..," was all Maya said.

"Maya, how can you pick against Kemba," Zack responded.

"I like Carolina better," Maya said.

"Well if you want to lose that's fine with me," Zack said back.

"Excuse me, I am a master at this stuff, ask my friends back home I win every year, and I will certainly do better then you," Maya responded.

"Sounds like a challenge," Zack said.

"It is, and I have the perfect wager for it," Maya responded as she told it to Zack.

"Deal," the two said as they shook on it.

In Addison and Maya's cabin

"Woody how can you not be picking UConn," Addison asked her boyfriend.

"I'm from Ohio, I have to pick Ohio State," Woody responded.

"No you don't, it's not a law, I mean Phil is from Ohio remember and he doesn't like them," Addison said.

"Even if I wasn't from Ohio I would pick them, they are the best team," Woody said.

"Best team to pick if you want to lose," Addison responded.

"Well then how bout you put your money where your mouth is, or should I say your sweets where your mouth is," Woody said.

"You want to put a bet on this, bring it then," Addison said back.

"Oh yeah I do, and I got the perfect idea," Woody said as he told his girlfriend the idea.

"It's on," Addison said as the two shook hands on the bet.

In Cody and Woody's cabin

"Going with the home state team," Cody asked Bailey.

"Yup, I think this is Kansas' year," Bailey responded.

"I want to pick Washington, but I don't trust them, too streaky, so I'm taking Syracuse," Cody said.

"I like them as well, got them in my final four," Bailey said.

"You know Bailey, I've been thinking there is something we haven't decided yet and maybe we could use this to decide it," Cody said.

"Are you proposing a bet, because you know how much I love our bets," Bailey said to her boyfriend.

"Yes I am, here is my idea," Cody said as he told her.

"I love it, let's do it," Bailey responded as they sealed their bet with a kiss.

A/N: If you want to guess what the bets will be go right ahead, only one other person knows them, and that's because he suggested them. I will reveal them all in due time, while dropping hints along the way. Chapter two will be up Wednesday, it won't be a plot chapter though it will be my usual guide to the weekend chapter, where I will reveal everyone's picks along with when they play this weekend (along with listing everyone's schools who are in but aren't picks and when they play) so that you guys can follow along with everyone's schools and picks.