A Pink BracketBuster 5, Livin' the Suite Life: Chapter 6

A/N: Alright everyone this is the final chapter of Pink BracketBuster 5, the tournament is over and the results are in, it's now time to find out who is going to the Super Bowl, who it headed to the Tipton Resort, who is getting a cake, and who ended with a few extra bucks in the pockets. Also I finally reveal what the actual Suite Life bets are, and we'll see the results of those as well. I hope everyone enjoys this final chapter, and as always please let me know your thoughts by leaving a review.

Summary: After meeting the Suite Life crew in my story "Power Rangers on Deck" the Rangers invite them to join the craziness that is the Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament

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Thursday April 7, 2011

Hayley's Cyberspace Café; Reefside, California

As the wrap up party of the seventh annual Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament started at Hayley's it was a much different feel then it was the year before. Last year the championship game had decided things for the pool, but this year that was not the case, so no one except the pools founders Tommy and Jason knew who was walking away with any of the major prizes at the moment. Most expected three of the four who picked UConn to be big winners though, as them picking the champion helped big time in a pool that saw no one do as well as they had in previous years.

What was also different about the gathering was not everyone would be there in person. The whole school on a boat thing obviously didn't allow for the kids, Moseby, Tut, or Kirby to be there, but Cody and Billy made sure there was a way for those on the S.S. Tipton not to miss out on the festivities.

"Alright that should do it, our webcam should be good to go now," Billy said as he brought up the screen on his lap top. Once he did that everyone in the Ranger group was able to see the kids, Moseby, Tut, and Kirby on the screen.

"Do you guys see us," Billy asked Cody once they all came up on screen

"Yes we do," Cody responded as they all saw some of the Rangers waving at them. "Do you see us," Cody asked in return, as he and the rest of the kids started waving as well.

"Affirmative," Billy responded as Cody gave him a thumbs up, while London, Woody, and Zack gave Cody as confused look.

"Alright then let's get this party started," Kim said as Jason took center stage to announce who would be leaving that night with all the prizes.

"Glad everyone could be here tonight, no matter if it's here in person or via webcam," Jason started off. "Well it was a wild tournament, and while it wasn't some of the best results for anyone this year, the seventh annual Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament was a success, just like the previous six," Jason said as everyone at Hayley's and on the boat clapped.

"Luckily this year we got some suspense as the title game didn't decide things, and we got more prizes to give out, so let's get started with the cash prizes," Jason announced as Hayley handed him the card with all the results on it.

"Coming in eighth this year, taking home $25 is Bailey," Jason announced as everyone at Hayley's congratulated Bailey via the webcam. Meanwhile back on the boat Bailey let out a very loud scream before receiving a congratulating kiss from Cody, and more nice words from her friends.

"This is so exciting, this is the most I've ever won in one of these, granted back on the farm no money was ever involved, the winner just didn't have to deal with cleaning the barn for a month," Bailey said happily as the others just let out a nervous laugh.

"Taking home $50 this year for coming in seventh, one of last year's runner ups, Mr. TJ Johnson," Jason said.

"Well it might not be $120 and a cruise paid for by Andros, but it'll still do," TJ said after collecting his money and returning to his sit next to Crystal.

"Damn I wanted him to win the resort trip, that way they could pay for us to go to the resort with them, you know return the favor after last year" Andros whispered to Ashley as she could only roll her eyes and playfully slap her husband on the arm.

"In sixth place, the winner of $75, one of the two 2-time winners of this event, my partner in crime, the Rainbow Ranger himself, the good doctor Tommy Oliver," Jason said.

"Finally beat the wife in one of these things," Tommy said after receiving his winnings from his best friend, getting a laugh out of some both at Hayley's and on the boat.

"Better be careful handsome, I got the pink hair and male cheerleader pics on me, and I know certain people on a certain cruise ship who haven't seen them," Kim responded, which got Tommy to shut up real quick as everyone laughed.

"Ok we got to email Kim and have her send us those pictures," Marcus said as everyone else on the boat nodded their heads in agreement.

"Taking home 150 big ones for finishing in fifth place is none other than Zack….Martin," Jason announced as he did his best to keep the suspense for which Zack it was.

"Alright that's what I'm talking it about," Zack celebrated as Maya, Cody, Marcus, and Woody were the first ones to congratulate him, followed by Bailey, Addison, and Kirby.

"You might as well hand that money over to me once you get it," Moseby said to Zack after the others congratulated him.

"And why would that be, I haven't broken anything recently," Zack argued.

"But I'm sure you'll have broken something by the time it gets here," Moseby responded as the kids and those back in California laughed.

"Now is the tough part though," Zack said before turning to his girlfriend. "You will look great in a Sox, Pats, Celts, and Bruins jersey my dear Maya, I just don't know which players I have will have you go with though," Zack added, as he had plenty of jerseys from each team.

Maya was about to say something when Jason beat her to the punch.

"I wouldn't get to cocky there Mr. Martin, because winning the $200 for coming in fourth place is your girlfriend, Miss Maya Bennett," Jason said, and while everyone on the boat congratulated Maya, everyone back in Reefside could only laugh, as Zack had the most shocked look on his face that any of them had ever seen.

"With that facial expression you would think Vile, Rito, and Scorpina had just shown up on that boat again," Kira said.

"So, you were saying Zack," Maya said once she turned back to her boyfriend. Zack appeared to be speechless for the first time in his life, mouth a gapped, and if you didn't know any better you would think he was frozen, he hadn't moved since Jason had made the announcement.

"That's what I thought," Maya said sweetly as she kissed her boyfriend on the cheek.

"Alright everyone now time for the big stuff, coming in third place and winning a free cake from the fantastic people at Charm City Cakes is Addison," Jason said.

"YES!" Woody said after the announcement was made as he began to celebrate, which he was doing much more of than his girlfriend, who was the actual winner of the cake. While her friends congratulated her Addison could only watch her boyfriend, as an evil idea for when she would cash in on her free cake got her smiling more and more.

"In second place, winning an all expenses paid week long vacation for two at the Tipton Resort is the other Zack, Zack Taylor," Jason announced.

This time it was both the winner and his significant other letting out a very loud yes as Zack and Trini shared a hug as soon as the words were out of Jason's mouth.

"No need to swap husbands now for a week is there," Zack said teasing Trini about a previous comment she made.

"No way Mastodon," Trini said kissing Zack.

"And sadly, for the second straight year that damn second Turbo/Space team will be taking home the top prize," Jason said looking right at that group, as Andros, Ashley, Justin, Zhane, and TJ all returned glares back at him. The other two members of the group didn't however; they were too stunned by what they heard, as they knew what was coming next.

"The winner of the 2011 Angel Grove/Reefside Madness Tournament, winning an all expenses paid trip for two to Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis is Carlos," Jason announced, and as soon as the words were out of Jason's mouth Andros, Zhane, TJ, and Justin all lifted up Carlos in celebration, while Ashley was joined by Karone, Lindsey, and Crystal in started a Carlos chant. Meanwhile Cassie was just in shock, a good shock though, not the shock Suite Life Zack had experienced. As Cassie watched her friends lift up her husband and chant his name she started to cry tears of joy. As soon as the boys put Carlos down he went immediately to Cassie and shared a passionate kiss with her.

"Wow guys, I don't know what to say," Carlos said after he joined Jason on the stage. "I've had some great experiences in my life, from saving the world with my best friends, to winning a National Championship with the club soccer team at Oregon, to Final Four appearances as a coach with Oregon women's soccer team and Angel Grove U's men's soccer team, and this easily goes right up there with all of them, and I can't wait for another great experience when me and my beautiful wife head to Indy for Super Bowl 46," Carlos added as the entire second Turbo/Space group, along with Lindsey, Crystal, and Karone busted out another Carlos chant after he finished up.

"Alright everyone those are the winners for this year, to those on the S.S. Tipton who won something, your prizes will be mailed out tomorrow," Jason said.

With the important news out of the way everyone continued to enjoy the night with their friends, as those on the boat stayed on the web cam until curfew, chatting it with those at Hayley's about a variety of things, and most importantly also learning everyone's final results, so that they could find out who all won the individual bets the five couples on the boat had made.

Tuesday May 3, 2011; S.S. Tipton Sky Deck

It had been a quiet couple weeks on the S.S. Tipton after the craziness that occurred during Spring Break (please see The Suite Life Movie for that story). The craziness was about to come back though, as this was the week that those who lost their tournament bets had to pay up.

With it now being May graduation was quickly approaching, and Cody and Bailey were ready to start writing their valedictorian speeches. The couple was currently on the Sky Deck coming with ideas for their speeches when Kirby approached them.

"Hey there guys, what are you up to," Kirby asked the couple.

"Just starting on our valedictorian speeches," Cody responded.

"Excited about speaking first Bailey," Kirby asked.

"Sure am, granted I had known since March, thanks to Marquette," Bailey said smiling at Cody.

"Yeah Syracuse going down that soon kinda sealed the deal for Bailey to win that bet, though it was one I was happy to lose," Cody said.

"At least you were smart on the bet idea, I guarantee Marcus, Moseby, Zack, and Woody aren't saying the same thing about losing," Kirby responded, and then as if on cue Marcus came up to the Sky Deck following London, who was in possession of his platinum record.

"I look so pretty in platinum," London said happily as she looked at herself in the record.

"London you said I could use that for motivation to write my next song, since I need a new hit so I can win another platinum record to replace that one I lost to you," Marcus cried from behind his girlfriend, who wasn't listening to a word he was saying, she was too enamored with seeing herself in the record. Cody and Bailey could only laugh as they watched Marcus chase after London.

As soon as Marcus and London left the Sky Deck they heard the voice of Mr. Blanket.

"But Marion, Emma said we have to go on the Sky Deck," Mr. Blanket said to Moseby as he stepped onto the Sky Deck

"No way, there is no chance of me stepping on the Sky Deck like this, it was bad enough when I was handcuffed to Zack," they heard Moseby say, but they couldn't see him, just Mr. Blanket.

"Oh I think it's happening," they then heard Miss Tutweiller say, who then pushed Moseby onto the deck, revealing he was handcuffed to Mr. Blanket. Kirby then joined Cody and Bailey in the laughing, as the couple was laughing even harder at this sight.

"Just think Marion, at least it's only for forty eight hours, Woody and Zack have to suffer for a week," Emma said to Moseby, who could only glare at his girlfriend.

"Has anyone seen a rabbit," Mr. Blanket asked.

"Oh I think I saw one by the water slide," Emma responded.

"Oh no, not the water slide," Marion protested as Mr. Blanket sprinted in that direction, forcing Moseby along, as Emma could only laugh and follow the two.

Just as Emma left Addison raced by her and went right up to Cody and Bailey.

"Oh my god you guys the Charm City Cakes cake I won is like the best cake I have ever had in my life, and I'm so glad I went with a husky since UConn helped me win it," Addison started saying, as that was the only thing Cody and Bailey could understand, the rest of what Addison said was just a blur due to her sugar rush from eating the cake.

"So Addison, where is Woody," Cody asked about his roommate.

"I don't know, he was right behind me, oh wait there he is," Addison responded as she saw her boyfriend slowly make his way onto the deck.

"Need energy…..need sweets," a tired Woody said.

"No way Woody, you lost the bet, no sweets for a week," Addison said teasing her boyfriend.

"Hurt….ful, especially you…..deciding this was…..the week…..to get…..your free cake," Woody said slowly.

Addison was about to respond when Maya appeared on the Sky Deck, bullhorn in her hand, and a big old smile on her face.

"Ladies and gentlemen, now batting for your twenty seven time World Champion New York Yankees, the captain, shortstop number two, Derek Jeter, Jeter," Maya announced through the bullhorn, and after she finished a dejected Zack walked onto the Sky Deck, wearing a Derek Jeter home Yankees baseball jersey.

"I want to laugh, but it's just too sad a sight, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy," Cody said.

"Fine, I'll laugh then," Kirby said as he continued to laugh, only to receive a glare from Zack.

"You mean he isn't your worst enemy," Addison asked.

"We may have our issues, but he is still my brother, and part of me loves him, part of me could never love my worst enemy," Cody explained.

"Now, decision decisions for tomorrow, should we go with the Carmello Knicks jersey or the Eli Giants jersey," Maya said with a smile as Zack could only groan, which got even Cody, Bailey, Addison, and Woody to snicker.

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