Common Room Adventures

Bhaavya, along with a large group of eleven year-olds, followed Juhee, their guide and Ravenclaw prefect, through the Hogwarts corridors. The first years were largely engrossed by the school's décor and all around magnificence, and Juhee took some time to explain many of the sights throughout Hogwarts.

"The portraits can move and talk," Juhee pointed at a picture of a small knight, decked in full armor, who looked indignant as she passed by without any further acknowledgement.

"These here portraits have feelings as well!" the knight spouted, sulkily. This caught the attention of the first years, especially those who had grown up in a non-wizarding home and had never seen a magical portrait.

"Whoa!" a young brown-haired boy shouted, "It really does talk!"

"That's exactly what I'm saying!" the knight frowned, "You knavish wizards treat us noble portraits as mere objects!" He was mounted atop a chubby pony, looking like he had stepped out of medieval times.

"Sir Cadogan," Juhee smirked, "although I enjoy your company a lot, I'm a prefect now, and I have to show the first years to the dormitory." She started to leave, beckoning for the younger students to follow, but they were still looking at the knight in awe.

"Oh, a prefect you say!" Sir Cadogan shouted, "I shall forgive the injustice you have done upon me if you allow me to assist in your noble quest!"

He looked especially giddy at this, and Bhaavya almost felt bad for the knight until she remembered that he was just the subject of a portrait. Bhaavya turned around to see Juhee's response to Sir Cadogan, but she was no longer anywhere in Bhaavya's sight. It seemed as though Juhee had led the other Ravenclaw first years to the dormitory while Sir Cadogan had been off on his tangent. The talking portrait had enthralled Bhaavya, and she had not been paying attention to the other students. As she watched the last pair of first year feet disappear around the corner, Bhaavya realized that she had been frozen in place. Rushing off towards where the others had gone, Bhaavya bounded around the corner at the end of the hall to find an empty corridor.

"Oh no!" The reality of the situation hit Bhaavya at full force. Stranded in an empty corridor in a humungous castle of a school, Bhaavya had no idea how she could ever find the Ravenclaw dormitory.

"Never fear, young maiden!" A gallant voice was heard from behind Bhaavya. A pony galloped into the foreground of a painting as an out of breath Sir Cadogan panted his way behind the steed. "This is a splendid quest for a fair lady such as you, and I shall be obliged to guide the way to the dormitory!" By now, Sir Cadogan had remounted his chubby pony, with assistance from a young wizard from another painting.

"Onwards!" Sir Cadogan declared exuberantly, and Bhaavya followed the knight through the castle. After passing through many corridors and climbing up many magical staircases, the two of them had ascended to the top of Ravenclaw tower. Before them, there stood a magnificent door with a bronze eagle shaped knocker, but no door knob.

"Here you are, my dear," Sir Cadogan pointed at the door, "We have completed our virtuous quest!" The knight extended his sword up above himself proudly. "Our goal is upon us!"

Confounded, Bhaavya scratched the back of her neck. "There is no handle to open the door…" She trailed off, not seeing how she could get into the Ravenclaw common room.

"Noble Ravenclaws are known for their ingenuity! Gentle maiden, the knocker."

Making her way over to the door, Bhaavya gave two curt knocks using the brass knocker. After meeting a house-elf and seeing the sorting hat, Bhaavya was less surprised to see the eagle knocker spring to life. Bhaavya heard a riddle emanating from the knocker and listened closely.

"What is black and yellow and red all over?" Bhaavya asked herself, pondering the possible meanings behind the riddle. Sir Cadogan watched on impatiently, yearning to move on to yet another noble expedition, but never willing to leave a young damsel in distress. After over five minutes of pondering, Sir Cadogen was suspiciously eyeing the young girl.

"What knavish trickery is this, foolish maiden? A true Ravenclaw would be able to answer this riddle!"

"Trust me! I am a Ravenclaw! Look at my house crest." She pointed to the Ravenclaw crest on the breast of her robe.

Sir Cadogan nodded, "I understand. You gentle lady, nervous that you are, unable to answer the riddle. Luckily, noble Sir Cadogan is here to provide support! The knob asks not what is black, yellow, and red, but what is black, yellow, and read!"

Bhaavya blinked at Sir Cadogan, uncomprehendingly. "You just said the same thing twice!"

"The answer that the eagle knob looks for is the Daily Prophet!" The door to the Ravenclaw common room swung open at once after the correct answer was spoken, but Bhaavya needed to understand the answer to the riddle before she felt worthy enough to enter.

"What are you talking about?"

"Why, the Daily Prophet is the wizarding newspaper, kind lady. Black ink printed on yellow parchment. And all wizards read it! Now, Sir Cadogan's bravery is nearly matched by his cleverness! Perchance, could I be inducted into the admirable house of Ravenclaw?"

Bhaavya giggled, "I'm sure that you would have been, had you been a student here!"

"I shall take my leave now, but I have found you to be a noteworthy questing mate." Sir Cadogan bowed to Bhaavya chivalrously, "I hope we can unite for many a quest in the future!"

Nodding, Bhaavya finally entered the Ravenclaw common room to find several of her fellow first year students staring at her.

"Why were you talking to that knight? He's a nutter!" A black-haired kid shouted, introducing himself as Michael Corner, "There's a reason that that prefect girl ditched him!"

"Well, he did help me find my-"

"What took you so long anyway? Did you get lost, or could you not solve the riddle?" Michael snickered as Bhaavya's cheeks reddened deeply.

"Hey, Michael, bugger off and stop being such a jerk!" One of the other first year boys gave Michael a shove, "I apologize for that! Michael can be a bit rude sometimes. I'm Terry Boot." He extended his hand to Bhaavya for a handshake. "I didn't catch your name." Looking at Bhaavya questioningly, Terry smiled shyly. Bhaavya recognized him as the young brown-haired boy from earlier. With his short, messy brown hair and big blue eyes, Terry still had the cute little boy look that his young age graced him with.

"Bhaavya," She replied, accepting the handshake.

"I don't know any of the female first years that you will be bunking with, but Michael has been crushing on this second year girl for the past fifteen minutes. I met her and she seems really nice, so she obviously has no interest in him." Terry glanced over at Bhaavya, who seemed to be listening to him intently, "I just thought that you would want to have a girl to talk to." They made their way over to where two Asian girls were standing and conversing.

"That's nice of you."

Reassured that he was not coming across as creepy, Terry kept leading her towards the two girls. Bhaavya immediately recognized one as Juhee, and was unsurprised when Terry pointed her out, saying, "That, of course, is our prefect, and the other one is Cho Chang." Cho was younger than Juhee, but not much shorter. Long black hair framed her face, and her dark eyes were full of laughter as she spoke to Juhee. Terry continued his commentary, "From what I've learned so far, Juhee is our Quidditch team's seeker, a coveted position. First years are not allowed to try out, but Cho is now a second year. I was talking to her during the feast, and she is nuts about Quidditch. She definitely wants to be seeker, but that position is filled right now. Cho will probably try out for another position for now. I guess she'll have to wait until Juhee graduates to be seeker."

"And they're friends?" Bhaavya questioned, "Even though Cho wants to be seeker so badly?"

"Well, they talk to each other at least. It's a friendly rivalry," Terry eyed the two chatting girls suspiciously, "At least I think it's friendly…"

"Hi Bhaavya!" Juhee shouted excitedly, as she noticed the two newcomers for the first time.

Terry jumped, startled by Juhee's loud greeting. "Oh hi. We were just talking about classes starting tomorrow… heh heh."

Juhee gave him an odd look, but shook it off after a moment, "Bhaavya, I don't think you have met Cho yet! She's nice. Second year. She likes Quidditch too."

"Hello, Bhaavya!" Cho greeted, affably, "It's nice to meet you!"

"Hello. Hogwarts sure is large. My old school was much smaller, but there were many more kids."

"Oh. That's terrible. I would think that more students would mean a larger school. You have an interesting accent though. Where are you from?" Cho asked.

"India, but I have recently spent two years in the U.S."

"Cool, but you can tell us about it later," Juhee hushed them, "It is time for bed. Classes start tomorrow, and these first years have no idea what is in store for them!"