Wyatt Cain,

Man of little words,

Many deeds, it seems.

He is quick on drawing of his gun.

Saving the Princess is the easy thing,

Tramping across the OZ on a moment's notice.

So how did he get talked into a dress uniform

And a ball?

Looking across the room,

He can see Princess DG, looking so wonderful in that dress.

Which took five maids,

One sister and a lot of yelling to get her into it.

Though he is on duty,

Cain can watch over her, easily.

As long as she doesn't sneak out.

Where did DG go?

Blast that girl!

He goes out into the garden,

Looks around.

He doesn't find the girl.

Where could she be?

Heading back into the castle,

Cain starts to check around.

Coming around a corner,

Finding the runaway Princess, talking to young lord.

Moving back so Cain isn't seen,

He watches them talk.

Then the lord put his hand where he shouldn't.

DG yells "Hey!"

Then she kicks the little shit,

Where no one shouldn't, except gently.

Falling to his knees.

DG yanks the lord's head up, so she can speak to him.

Cain is too far away to hear what she said.

He wishes he had heard it.

She slapped the lord's face.

DG turned on her heels,

Headed back into the ball.

Cain follows DG back into the ballroom.

He knows she can handle herself.

But he still has to watch over her.