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March 10, 2011.

Dr. Dwyre sat across from his patient, his knee jumping up and down. His patient was bent over, his arms around his middle. "I guess I'm in a pretty good mood today. The medication isn't very helpful, but I guess its better than it would be without it," he said in a shaky, nervous voice. "But when I was on zyprexa, I was way better. At least, I thought I was. Except, that stuff made so fat. I still remember it. But now this stuff just makes my stomach hurt. And these therapy sessions aren't helping. Besides, you only have like two patients. Maybe you're just not a good doctor. Cause I'm not getting any better," he said bitterly, his mood going from ok to just foul.

"I am so sick of this. I don't want to hear it! You always whine and whine, would you just shut up?" said Dr. Dwyre madly, his eyes flashing. The mood change was so abrupt, his patient leaned back, putting space between them.

"Hey man, I'm just ranting, this is therapy, you're supposed to listen-" he said, but was cut off. Dr. Dwyre stood up, pushing him over, and sent the patient toppling backwards, the chair with him. He then proceeded to kick him, until nurses came in and pushed a sedative into Dr. Dwyre. They had no idea why he had had a sudden violent episode, but they had to call the police, noticing the battered patient.

Dr. Dwyre was taken into custody, and when the sedative ran off, he started muttering. "You have to let me go. You have to let me go! I need to go home, I have a patient there that I need to take care of!" he yelled, slamming his hands on the table. Three days later, the police officers called in the BAU.

Present Day (March 13, 2011)

Morgan drove like a maniac to Dwyre's house, with Prentiss holding on to the seat for dear life. Her knuckles were turning white. "Morgan, slow down!" Prentiss exclaimed, glancing at her coworker. Morgan's face was full of, if you didn't know him well enough, raw fury. But Prentiss knew that his face actually showed determination and panic.

"Emily, we're almost there. Reid could be there. Alone. Prentiss, he's been with that psycho for a year and a half. What have we been doing? Absolutely nothing! I mean, c'mon, Emily. Really? I'm not slowing down. Not when I could finally find him again," Morgan ranted. Emily was filled with emotion. She felt sorrow and grief for her missing teammate. She felt pity for Morgan.

"Morgan, we did everything we could. You know how Strauss can be. Reid wouldn't want us wasting time on him, when we could be saving lives-"

"Emily, don't you think Reid has earned at least the eyes of the BAU? Don't you think for once, he can be appreciated, and prioritized? He has sacrificed so much, and now, he could be dead!" the words left his mouth ahead of his thoughts. Emily and Morgan went silent at his word's.

They both realized that he told the truth of the situation. Reid could be dead. Or completely different than the Reid they knew and loved.

Morgan thought back to when he first met Reid. Gideon had introduced them, and Morgan had not even taken him seriously. Morgan laughed out loud when Reid gave him a statistic about IQs, when Morgan had made a comment on Reid's 'through the roof' IQ.

Morgan sighed, loudly in the silence that was there car ride. They pulled into the driveway, and Morgan walked up to the police officer in charge. Dwyre's house was nice, an old stucco style with an arched doorway. The police officer began to extend his hand, but was cut off by Morgan.

"Hi, I'm agent Morgan, this is agent Prentiss. What have you found in the house?" asked Morgan, ignoring the pleasantries.

The police officer noticed and became a little angry. He didn't let it show, though. "Right this way," he said, like a host would to his guests. He walked them in.

"We haven't found much of anything, except some journals. They're pretty bad. They're all about his experimentation and theories on stressors for psychosis. Cabin fever seems to be his favorite in the journal."

They hurried through the house, Morgan not bothering to wait for people. He could examine the contents of this insane doctor's house later. Right now, he needed to find Reid.

"Prentiss, look around. Officer, you sure you found no cellars or anything in this house?" asked Morgan, looking around as if a hidden doorway would magically appear in a wall.

The officer nodded grimly, all irritation from their previous encounter vanished. "Yeah. We searched top and bottom. We haven't really looked on the property, though. This guy has ten acres of land out back," he said. Morgan and Prentiss shared a look.

"We need to go search, now," said Morgan. Prentiss nodded.

"I'm calling Rossi," she said.

Police Station

Rossi held his phone up to his ear. "I'm coming over there, since there's not much for me to do here. Hotch has got the interrogation," he said, hanging up.

He spoke into Hotch's earpiece; "I'm heading out to Dwyre's property. There is ten acres of land to search," he said quickly and bluntly. Instead of replying, Hotch glanced up at the mirror, giving Rossi the notion that Hotch had heard.

Hotch sat across from Dwyre, for the second time that day. "You can tell us where Dr. Reid is now, or you can wait, and we tell the jury you were uncooperative." Said Hotch in the steely tone he acquired from being a lawyer and F.B.I. profiler.

Dwyre looked up. "Well, I'm sure you'll find him soon. But I'm not sure he'll be quite the same as you remember him," said Dwyre, holding back a smile.

Reid started feeling hot. He was shaking, and he could feel his whole body give violent tremors amidst his shaking. The withdrawl was worse than he thought. It had only been about 28 hours, at least he thought, and he was feeling like hell. But since he had a routine dosage time set, it probably made it worse, since his body expected to have dilaudid coursing through his veins right about now. He wondered if his abductor had done this on purpose, and planned on killing Reid. He was getting really dehydrated now. It had been three days, and he hadn't even noticed the symptoms of dehydration, his body craving the drug more than water. But he knew he would probably not last much longer without water, and felt his hands becoming harder and harder to stretch the skin on.

Dwyre's Property

Rossi pulled up, and hurried out back, having just called Morgan and Prentiss to tell them he was almost there. He waited, and saw Morgan and Prentiss emerging from the woods to his right. "These woods are really thick, it's hard to see distance in them," said Prentiss, walking over. "But ten acres isn't much. We should be able to find anything out there," she said.

Rossi nodded. "Good. I'm guessing you guys haven't found anything at all?" he asked, shifting to his left side.

Morgan shook his head. "We covered basically all the land on that side," he said, gesturing to the right side of the property. "And we just have to check the other side." He looked frustrated in their lack of progress.

An SUV pulled up while Morgan was talking, and JJ got out. "Hey guys," she said, running over. "I started driving here when I finished talking to Dwyre's colleagues. He was fascinated in Cabin Fever and P.T.S.D.," she said, but Morgan cut her off.

"We can worry about why this son-of-a-bitch took Reid later. Right now, why don't we actually find him?" he said, irritated.

Police Station

"Why? What did you do to him?" asked Hotch, ignoring the classic interrogation technique of understanding, and just drilling him. He waited for an answer.

JJ and Prentiss ran through the woods, stepping around bushes and weeds, looking for any sort of outbuilding or shelter. Morgan and Rossi stood a few feet away from them. Prentiss spotted something, a pile of leaves that was too badly placed to be natural. "Guys!" she said, calling to the team. They ran over, guns drawn as they swept aside the leaves revealing a trap-door type opening. They turned on their flashlights and carefully entered.

"I laid no physical harm on your agent. I was doing research. It was only for the good of science. Surely, you understand. You are an intelligent man, after all?" said Dwyre, leaning forward, putting his hands on the table, clasped together.

"The last time I checked, human experimentation is illegal. What exactly were you trying to research, anyway, Dwyre?" asked Hotch coldly.

Dwyre's Property

Prentiss, JJ, Rossi, and Morgan filed down the stairs, letting the police officers wait outside. They still had their guns drawn out of protocol. The trapdoor, they noticed, was thickly padded, so when it closed, no light could enter through any crack. They left it open, but still turned on the light switch at the top of the stairs. "He probably has this place running on a generator," said Rossi, looking around. They hurried down the stairs, coming to a more open area. At the end of the small room was a door, with a slot at the very bottom of it. It had no window, and appeared to be made of some sort of metal.

"I was experimenting with P.T.S.D. and cabin fever. Honestly, I'm surprised no one told you already. My journals are full of my research."

"And Reid was your test subject? What exactly do you predict is going to be the effects on him?" asked Hotch, treading lightly as if he feared the answer.

The small team surrounded the door, and Prentiss put her hand on the handle. She looked up at Morgan, and he nodded. They were so close. Reid had to be here. She pushed open the door, realizing it was somewhat hard to push because it was so thickly padded. "Reid! Reid, are you in here?" she called, shining her flashlight in the room. They entered cautiously, until they heard the gasps of pain.

"Well, I'm sure that he will have extreme sensitivity to light. It will probably be very painful for him to see any sort of it."

Hotch's brow furrowed at this. "Why?"

"Because, he hasn't seen any kind of light for one and a half years. His life has been complete darkness."

(About one minute ago) Reid was slumped up against a wall, leaning in the corner that he had made the area he sleeps in. His mouth was so dry, and he was so wracked with hot flashes and tremors, that he just wanted to die. 'Why couldn't he have killed me?' he thought. He didn't want to talk aloud, his tongue was so dry. But suddenly, he heard the door open. He thought it would be his abductor, but then a blinding light shone through and hit his eyes like daggers being driven into his skull. He gasped, and clutched his head, too driven by the shock of light to notice the people entering his prison cell. "Reid?" he heard. "Reid are you in here?" instead of replying, he gasped louder, seeing another beam of light shone in his direction. He had to close his eyes, and relied on sound.

Prentiss shone the light on Reid, and a wave of emotions coursed through her. But she had to get to Reid, and she hurried to him instead.

"He will be sensitive to touch, as well. Not being touched by anything but his same surroundings for eighteen months, after all. And there was nothing really in his cell."

Morgan rushed over to Reid, pushing the door open wider and letting light flood the room. He didn't even bother to look at the room, but there wasn't anything in there to look at anyway, save for the huddled form of his former colleague in the corner. Reid was currently closing his eyes though, his face scrunched in pain. "Prentiss?" he called out, finally registering that he heard Prentiss.

To Reid, it all seemed surreal. This couldn't be happening. Emily was here! She had found him! But the light, he couldn't open his eyes to see her. So he called out instead.

Morgan rushed over, and Prentiss was already crouched next to a seemingly unharmed Reid. JJ and Rossi rushed over as well. JJ had tears welling up in her eyes, seeing her Spence again. His hair had grown longer, to his shoulders, but it was pushed behind his ears. He even had traces of stubble on his face, and she had never seen Reid with any sort of facial hair. It was oddly shocking.

"Reid! Hey, Reid, it's Morgan!" Morgan said carefully, and touched his arm. Reid jumped, and the touch felt strange and alien to him. He cowered into the corner more, keeping his eyes closed. Morgan looked confused at the reaction, and hurt. The rest of them looked confused as well.

"He will be very doubtful and paranoid. That will be anxiety from cabin fever, I suppose, along with other things."

"Morgan? Prentiss?" muttered Reid, his voice raspy. "Is it really you?" he asked, wondering if this was a hallucination from the withdrawl and dehydration.

"Yeah Spence, it's your team. We're here. Rossi, Prentiss, Morgan and me," said a voice. She didn't say here name, but Reid didn't need it. He knew that only one person in the entire world ever called him Spence.

"JJ?" he said, his voice small.

"Yeah Spence, it's me," she said, kneeling down beside him. She touched his arm, letting him know she was there, but she did it gently and cautiously. "I'm here, Spence. Right here."

He jumped, but allowed JJ to touch him. He reached out gently, trying to find her with his hands. He found her face, and she let him touch her face like a blind man would. "JJ", he said, reaching out and embracing her. He began to sob, dry sobs, and Morgan had to look away, as if he were encroaching on Reid's privacy by watching him cry. Reid held on to JJ, who also began to cry, as if he would never let go. They sat on the cold concrete ground together, just embracing.

Police Station

"And most of all, he will probably never be the same person ever again. And I doubt he will be sane. Particularly with his family genetics," said Dwyre, leaning away from Agent Hotchner.

And as much as Hotch wanted to disagree with Dwyre, he wasn't sure Reid would be quite the same either. He had seen enough horrors in his life, and to be trapped with nothing but his thoughts for a year and a half . . . it was enough to make anyone go mad.

So, they have Reid. Now is the recovery process, the long recovery process. And how has Diana Reid been without her son's letters? Hmmm . . . we will find out.




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