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Amu's POV

I dealt the cards to Utau. "Are you going to rob me of my money again?" She asked me. "Maybe" I said to her smirking. I flipped the river cards one by one, I was inwardly smiling but on the outside, my face was unreadable. Just before the last one, "All in." I said and she complied. I flipped the last one, and then revealing my royal flush. "Beat you!" I told her grinning taking all of the money and chips, to put away. "No fair! Why do you always win?" She asked me pouting. "Because I'm that good, but you are getting better Utau." I told her truthfully. "So I'll tell Kukai about you when we both are near him okay?" I told her completing my end of the deal as she just did with hers. "Okay." She said blushing then going under her covers. "I'm going to shower." I told her, grabbed some clothes, and went off to the girl's showers. There I took a quick shower and left. Once I did, I bumped into one of the girls on this girl's only floor. "Sorry" I said to her and left. I got back to my dorm and shut the lights off and we went to sleep.

Ikuto's POV

I was finishing my homework, and I couldn't get that girl out of my head. "Amu" I whispered softly. "So you are thinking about Hinamori," Kukai told me. "No I'm not." I told him finishing my homework. "Well I'm going to bed. Night" I told him going to my bed and shutting off the lights. "Night I heard him say and I fell asleep.

Next day…

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I got up, changed, and got ready for school. I looked at Kukai. "Let's go." I told him and we were on our way to school. I practically had to shove girls off me trying to go down the stairs. I also noticed pink hair. I smirked and continued on down the stairs to the class room.

Amu's POV

I got up and got ready for school, since I woke up late. "Utau! How come you didn't wake me up?" I yelled at her practically throwing my clothes on. "It's not my responsibility to wake you up." She told me, munching on her toast. I sighed, hurryingly brushed my hair, and put little black and pink x clips in my hair. "Okay let's go!" I said rushing out the door. Just before the bell rung the door to the classroom opened revealing Utau and I. We rushed to our seats and the teacher came in. I saw Kukai looking at Utau. I smirked. After class, I was with Rima and Utau. "Hey Utau Kukai was checking you out in class." I told her and she blushed. I giggled and Kukai came up to us with the blue haired guy. "Hey Hinamori." He told me. "Hey. This is Utau." I told him pointing at her. "H-hey." She said to him slightly blushing. "I'm going to my next class now Amu bye." I heard Rima say, and I waved as she left. "Who's that?" I asked Kukai, pointing to the blue haired guy. "This is Tsukiyomi, Ikuto." He said to me.

End of chapter

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