well i'm gonna start my suckish story from the scratch. tell if it's bad or good from the review. well, here we go

January 10/ 2007

God my life is messed up. FIRST, i forgot to feed my goldfish...and it died, i have to pay the rent for my fast. You'll probably think that i'm just gonna tell you that i meet the Death Note dudes, which was awesome. Or i got sucked into the Death Note world and L or Mello/Near take me in. BUT NO. NO. This is not a fanfiction (liar! it is a fanfiction! :D). Well, i do meet them. RIGHT on the first day of my school. Wow isn't ? just wow. Well, i'm gonna make my diary little bit like Emily The Strange diary. yeah...lets try that. Oh, i forget to tell you my name. Call me Lilly Witson. I have a reddish black kind of hair and kinda skinny. My dad gives me lots of money which i dunno where he gets it from, but he says its for food. Yeah...He's a damn fat man who have like...million dollar at his hand. My friend is coming. Write later.


She, or my friend (her name is Kyla Wonder. cute isn't ?) just ask me for an advice. She have a crush on someone. KYAAAAA! I'm squealing and jumping in my bed because my friend have a crush. AND IT WAS NEAR ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ok. i'm gonna cry because of laughing now. Oh, another ting is that you see, people made fanfiction like, mello being love sick or L making out with some one. But this one is kinda same, but different. L knows that Kira is Light, and there is no Death Note and Mello rarely LOVE anyone. just to tell you , i'm going to eat Mc Donald first. Write later. AGAIN !


Being licked by neenee, my cat. I somehow can painted red on her tail. awesome. Mello and Matt showed up. 1. because i have invented my own game and the CDs. It's called Moni 342. And Matt is CRAZY for it.2. Mello is trying to be number one. But never succeed. And need my help. HAH ! Even he's too stupid to study on his own. So this is how it went when they both knock on my door

*knocking on the door and raining

Me: er...guys...why are you here ? it's raining..

Matt: he can't study on his own. cause he's too stupid

Mello: Matt, for the last hundred time...IM NOT STUPID ! i beat you in every subject!

Matt: anyway, he want you to study with him. And i'm coming with him cause i want to you baby

Me: er...you mean Moni 342 ?

Matt: YEAH ! MONI 342 ! what you got? newest CD ?

Me: well, i got Left 4 Dead 9.

Matt: awesome, I'm in. *comes in without invitation*

Me: what the hell...*start at matt*

Mello: anyway, lets go. *Drags me inside*

Yeah...they both just bash in. AND THE OTHER TWO, L AND LIGHT COME IN. TO ASK TO BORROW MY SECOND LATEST GAME CONSOLE, AGRA 43. This is not a coincident. So here's how it goes

Light: ello? anyone home?

Me: ugh wat ?

L: we're here to have a match

Light: by you're AGRA 43. What's your latest game?

Me: 90 Kills

L: what is it about?

Me: it's like blackshoot. but more awesome

L,Light: sweet... *comes in*

Me: *sigh*

Yeah...they make a hell lot of noise. Well, i'm going to end my first day. Bye !