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A Certain Pair of Goggles – Borrowed Courage

Radio Noise, the SISTERS, the key to Kazakiri Hyouka's Angel materialization, clones of Tokiwadai's Railgun, Kamijou Touma's fanclub of 9969 members, call them whatever you like, but they were an undeniable and influential existence within Academy City. Being able to live on both sides of Academy City, they were tied to it, but that also meant they had a certain degree of control over it. They were an army of 9969 clones generated from a level 5 esper after all.

Though, despite being clones of a level 5, their individual level of power only amounted to a high level three, not more, not less. Was there a failure in cloning? No, the program made to train them probably couldn't account for everything that made a level five. Probably no one could… since each person, no matter how similar they are at the genetic level, was still a unique individual worth saving. At least that's what he believed in and she believed him, wholeheartedly at that. Thoughts fluttered around Misaka Mikoto's head as she fiddled around with the object in her hands.

"There's no switch to turn it on…" She said as she turned it over to look at the other side again. "It's probably powered by our bioelectricity then. I wonder if they're special or something."

She lifted the goggles into the air to get a better view of them, but they seemed normal inside too. Misaka Mikoto was sitting in a café somewhere in the third district, holding her sister's goggles in curiosity. She of course had bought some coffee and a cake, but she hadn't touched either due to certain thoughts bothering her.

And once again, it was all his fault.

It all happened a few minutes earlier. She was walking peacefully and having some well deserved rest and relaxation after school. She had decided to eat some of her favorite cake at the café within the Sky Gardens. She had already made a reservation since that certain cake usually ran out quickly, so she wasn't worried too much about not being able to eat it. Though to her surprise, the store was swamped with couples. The poster outside the store explained everything.

There was a special for couples today, 2 cakes for the price of one.

"Couples huh…" Her thoughts soon flowed to a certain boy she had once forced to get a cellphone deal with, a cellphone deal for couples. But she immediately shook her head to clear it. There was no way she was going to do that again anytime soon, she didn't have an excuse to drag him around this time.

She sighed as she decided to get her cake and eat in peace. She was about to squeeze her way to the entrance when a certain exiting couple caught her eye. It was him and… a girl who looked exactly like her. It was one of her sisters. As she analyzed further, her sister was holding his left arm close to her chest while smiling genuinely, an expression she rarely saw. It made her heart sink as she felt her chest tighten. It would be unfair of her to ruin her sister's time, but that didn't numb the unwelcome feeling she was getting.

"They look like they're having fun…" She emotionlessly whispered to herself as she pulled on her hair, though not entirely sure why she did so.

She was the big sister and instead of letting out a bolt of electricity like always, she held back and hid behind the line of couples with her head down. Hopefully, they hadn't noticed her as she sulked to a table and claimed her cake from the waitress who looked at her strangely. She already knew what this look meant.

"That was my little sister with that idiot who looks like a punk." She explained as she took the cake from the waitress, who accepted her explanation and went back behind the counter. Mikoto sighed. Her whole day had been ruined just by that. Suddenly, the waitress was back.

"Since she's your sister, could you give these back to her? She left them in the bathroom when she was fixing herself up."

"Oh", Misaka exclaimed as she took a look at the item. It was the goggles they always wore.

"Okay, I'll give it back to her later." She chose to ignore the fact that her sister fixed herself up for the idiot.

"Thank you." Mikoto said with a forced smile. The waitress bowed and went away again.

"She must've been having so much fun that she didn't notice it wasn't on her head…" Mikoto thought to herself.

At present, Misaka looked at the goggles again in the sunlight. Then, she sighed and looked at her phone."I sent that idiot of a guy a message about the goggles half an hour ago… He'll probably never be able to read it." She said to herself as she remembered all the past messages she had sent him. He only replied to about 20% of those since his phone usually got crushed or the message was treated as spam or got corrupted somehow.

She sighed again. She never used to sigh so much. Another unfortunate thing she picked up from him. Then an amusing idea suddenly popped into her head.

"Why don't I try these on… just for a while. I'm sure she won't mind." She had a mischievous catty grin on her face as slid the strap behind her head. When she put them on, there wasn't much she could see aside from the green tinted lenses, but when she tried running a little electricity on it, it started up.

Bars and figures moved about in front of her as the goggles started up. It made her slightly dizzy. Finally, the goggles displayed the words ALL SYSTEMS GREEN. When the screen cleared up, Misaka tried looking around, the goggles seemed to have a targeting feature built for electromasters. Not only did it have a crosshair to show you where you were aiming by looking at how you held a gun, it also showed several types of magnetic and electric fields and lines in the area.

"Wow, this could definitely help me…" Mikoto said to herself, not that she actually needed them so much since she worked on raw power rather than pinpoint accuracy. Unlike her sisters, she didn't need as much effort to manipulate these electric fields to create lightning. It was more of a sensate thing for her.

"Hmmm… ahhh it has other settings too." She flipped around the settings. Apparently it could also track distinct electrical signatures, another thing Mikoto could do just be feeling it, but she had to have at least been with the person she wanted to track first and if she couldn't remember the feeling, it was useless.

"Ahhh, what's this, there's a record of certain signatures…" She opened the file and the name in top priority was no other than Kamijou Touma.

"S-stalker…" She thought to herself. "So, that's why they can find him so effectively… Maybe I should try it. No one's going to know anyway." When she activated the tracing function, the screen suddenly flashed red with the words:


Misaka froze at the words and what they meant. She hoped that they were malfunctioning.

"Ummm…" said a familiar voice from behind her. She turned around and saw a mass of electric charges in the shape of a spiky haired boy. She lifted the goggles from her eyes to make sure it was him.

"Is that you Mikoto? Or are you another sister? I'm sorry, it really is hard to tell you guys apart." He said while scratching his head nervously. From experience, he knew that even Misaka's clones were moody sometimes, so he tried to be as politely blunt as possible.

Blue sparks gathered around her head.

Misaka began to grit her teeth in rage. Couldn't he even tell her apart from them? And what was with his impeccable timing? She was about to shower him with her bolts of wrath, when another ingenious idea popped into her head.

Another mischievous catty idea...

If she acted like a SISTER, she could do a lot of things; a lot of things with him and he'd never know it was her. It was a perfect plan. Though, as for what she was doing it for, she herself had yet to know.

Come on, put on your game face. She told herself to psych herself up and not let her usual shyness or wrath take over.

She opened her mouth.

"Misaka is disappointed that you cannot tell her apart from oneesama or the other sisters… Mi-misaka says while attempting to pout." Talking like this is a lot harder than I thought… Misaka noted.

"Ahhhh Mikoto! Don't shock me please!" Touma shouted on impulse while shielding himself with his right arm." I promise I won't mistake you for… eh?" Touma suddenly stopped pleading and took a look at his surroundings. "People staring, that's normal… no debris or zap marks?" He exclaimed, bewildered.

"Th-then you're a sister?" He sighed. "Thank goodness. I was really sure you were Mikoto for a while there. Well at least, I didn't get shocked…" he mumbled under his breath.

Mikoto stared at him in surprise as an intense blush crept up her cheeks. He could tell her apart from her sisters. That was a big deal for her… A really big deal. The feeling in her heart pushed against her chest so much that she almost let her guard down. She looked down at her feet.

No! No! No… she told herself. Put your game face on. This is too big a chance to lose. She whispered to herself again to regain composure.

"Are you looking for oneesama? Misaka inquires as Misaka collects information." Mikoto said, mimicking her sisters' monotonous voice.

"Ahhh, well… she said that she had 10032-chan's goggles and she was here at the café. So I came to get them so I can return them tomorrow." Touma looked around the café. "She doesn't seem to be around though. I wonder what happened?"

"-Chan?" Mikoto repeated in her head, while trying not to blow a vein.

"She left and said she'd just give them back herself. Misaka informs." Might as well give myself an alibi while I'm at it, she thought.

"Hmmm… really… Maybe I should just call her to make sure." Touma pulled out his phone and quick dialed Misaka's phone, which by the phone deal, he could call anytime, anywhere, free of charge.

SHIT! Misaka nearly screamed out, but thankfully it stayed in her head. She quickly turned to leave before her phone rang. Damn Touma, always giving me trouble…

As she ran she shouted "Mi-Misaka will be back, Misaka states as she panics… goes to deal with a tiny bit of business." Mikoto corrected herself as Touma waved to say goodbye. Mikoto ran a good 50 meters before she stopped.

"Thank god his phone is crappy…" Mikoto told herself. As it took nearly 10 whole seconds before her phone rang for the first time. She let it ring two more times before answering.

"H-hello, Misaka greets as Misaka tries to… T-this is Misaka Mikoto speaking?" She face palmed herself at her stupidity.

"Yo, been spending too much time with your sisters I see", Touma quipped.

"Sh-shut up you… Why are you calling?" She asked, trying to sound casual, despite her lack of oxygen.

"Well, about the goggles…" He started, but Mikoto cut him off in a hurry.

"Oh, I'm going straight to the hospital to give them back later. So don't worry about it. Bye then!" She said quickly and cancelled the call.

"Well, that was weird…" Touma remarked as he stared at the phone and then at the panting sister who suddenly appeared beside him.

"You okay?" Touma asked in concern.

"Y-yes…" Mikoto managed to answer between breaths. "Misaka… is fine… Misaka says… while… panting."

"Talking like that really takes out a lot from you… why don't you try to speak normally." Touma suggested. "Not that there's anything wrong with the way you guys speak."

Mikoto thought for a moment. What a lucky break… now I don't have to talk like this all the time. I just have to make the transition believable then. She grinned to herself.

"Th-then, h-how's this… Misa…" Mikoto tried to look as if she was struggling a bit. She may not look like it, but she had been given acting lessons in Tokiwadai..

"Well, don't push yourself too hard." Touma replied.

"I'm not… I'm not…" Mikoto said as if practicing acting lines.

Now what should I do now… Touma said aloud, as he crossed his arms to think.

CHANCE! Misaka thought as her eyes glinted. She was determined to grab this opportunity.

"If you're not too busy, then could you accompany me somewhere?" Mikoto tried to say in a somewhat monotonous tone, but it still came out half excited.

"Well… I guess I can. Index is eating out with Komoe-sensei tonight after all. So what do you have in mind?" He asked while unfolding his arms.

A mini Mikoto cheered wildly inside her head as she thought about where to go.

SCORE: Misaka Mikoto, one. Stupid scrawny nun, zero.

She stood there for quite a while with holding her chin with her thumb and forefinger as she scanned her memory for possible locations for their "date".

"…You haven't thought that far have you?" Touma said in an annoying tone that made Mikoto want to shout back at him, which she did.

"I have thought about it! I want an accessory to make me look different from my sisters! Just like you did with Misaka 10032, Misaka demands!" She shouted so loudly that everyone in the café turned to look at them. Touma immediately got a bad feeling.

"Is that punk picking a fight with that girl?"

"How'd he get in here anyway…"

"Doesn't he have any shame?"

"Should we call Judgment or Anti-skill?"

"No, no you've got it all wrong… We were just talking about where to go…" Touma muttered as he looked around. Nobody seemed to be buying his story. Cold sweat trickled down his face. He had been detained several times in the past for his appearance despite his good intentions. He didn't want any more trouble than possible, so he grabbed Mikoto's hand and dragged her off in a sprint while everyone else watched.

"Fukuo da!"