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Chapter 1: Clouded Minds

Keiko was nothing like her cousin. She really, really didn't hate humans. In fact, she spent the majority of her time in the human villages around the western castle. It was common knowledge; you can't have one, without the other. Humans and demons go hand in hand. Good and evil, dark and light. She understood this, which was why she always chose to respect her human brethren, instead of casting hate on those considered beneath her.

But not today...today she could care less what could happen to the disgraceful vermin. How could someone be so cruel, as to do this to a young child?

She knelt down to where the small hanyou laid face down, his long silver hair casting a curtain over his blood stained face. His robe of the fire rat was ripped along his chest and legs, exposing the sun kissed skin of the young boy stained red.

She never expected anyone would do this to a child, demon or not...but... She reached down to brush her fingers along a triangle pointed ear atop his head, sighing in relief when they twitched slightly. He was alive...but for how long?

Ignoring the blood around the boy, she lifted him up, holding him close to her chest. She was right to go against her Lord. This boy needed her. She felt her jaw tighten at the thought of her Lord, regal and proud, unfeeling, even to the pain of the trembling boy in her arms.

"READY THE CARRIAGE!" She whipped her head to where her human advisor stood, watching the scene play out in front of her with her hand clasped tightly on her Hiricose, as if preparing to fight an invisible force. That was what she liked about the former demon slayer Sango; she was always prepared for a fight, regardless of the situation.

The demon slayer shook her head slightly, making her long black hair whip around her face from the high pony tail atop her head. "But Lady Keiko, Lord Sessh – "

"Would you let this boy die?" She snapped, causing the demon slayer to flinch. She shook her head, allowing her voice to return to its normal compassionate tone. "Please..." Her voice was quiet now, almost a whisper. "Just ready the carriage...I...I will deal with his Majesty..."

Sango nodded understandingly. "Of course Milady..." She smiled, turning in the opposite direction to appease her lady's request. Though dog demons were the most powerful and feared demons in the entire west, her lady was truly different than many of her elders; which was why Sango knew it was pointless to argue with her about this. Her Lady would never turn her back on those she could help; human and youkia alike. To her, the boy was not a weak hanyou in danger, he was a young boy, who needed her help.

When she was sure Sango was gone, Keiko returned her attention to the boy in her arms, sighing in relief when she was met with similar golden orbs. She smiled down at the confused hanyou and ran a hand though long locks of familiar silver hair that contrasted her own pitch black hair, careful not to scratch his fragile ears with her claws.

" H–Haha?" The small voice shook with a sorrow that cast a frown on the youkia's face.

Keiko shook her head solemnly. "I am not your mother young one..." She chewed on her bottom lip as she watched the life slowly drain from his eyes.

Tears streamed down the boy's face as he turned away from her, grimacing in pain. "Oh..." She reached to stroke his cheek, but stopped when he flinched away from her. "...A-are you going to k-kill me..?"

She furrowed her brow, taken back by the comment. Why would he ask that? "Of course not"

The hanyou clenched his eyes shut; pushing his way out of Keiko's arms, only to find the youkia's grip tightening. Was this the day he would die? He thought bitterly. He would welcome death now, he had nothing left to live for, and no one left to miss him if he disappeared...so what was the point? "W-why not?" The hanyou shuttered at the thought that passed his mind. If it wasn't death that she was going to bestow on him, then why was she here? What other painful things would await him in the care of this woman?

The Lady bit back tears at the boy before her. What had this child been through in his short life, that he would question his very saviour? Though she knew the hanyou was much older than he appeared, he had on outward appearance of only a twelve or thirteen year old boy. He was still only a child. And to see the young boy speak so carelessly about his death left her boiling with rage. Why?

"You don't have to worry about that any more, young one..." She could tell by his voice that he didn't believe her, but continued despite it. "What is your name?"

"Inuyasha." was the boy's shaky retort.

"Well Inuyasha...I am going to take you to a place where you will be safe. No one will hurt you there, I promise..."

The hanyou – Inuyasaha – tensed in her arms but didn't object when she wrapped her arms around him tighter. Over the sound of the carriage pulling up beside her, she almost didn't hear the stoic reply...



The Daiyoukia of the west, stood nimbly from his seat so that he could examine the royal ambassadors before him. He should kill them simply for their request, but considering the consequences that would follow their murder; he decided it was best to spare them.

"B-but Milord..." One of the noble demons spoke, his head lifting slightly from his bow to gaze into his Lord's expressionless golden eyes, transfixed on the elegant magenta markings that drew a scratch like design on both of his cheeks, and imprinted a crescent moon on his forehead. The raccoon demon had been enchanted by his Lord's beauty since the day he laid eyes on him – him along with anyone who had the pleasure or misfortune to cross his path – which was why he – along with the other Lords – followed him without question. "We all feel that the kingdom would be better off if Lady Keiko would leave to live in the eastern part of the kingdom."

Sesshomaru glared at the raccoon demon whose name he scarcely remembered, – Matsu or something along the lines of that – and watched as he shook with fear under his intense gaze. Who were these people to ask anything of him?

"You are dismissed." His stoic voice caused shivers down the noble's spines.

"B-but Milord, She went against your wishes and has already left to retrieve the hanyou..." Sesshomaru gritted his teeth at the information. That woman would be the death of him. "She is of the weakest demons under your rule and fraternizes with the help... She is out of place in this castle."

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the grovelling demon before him, and weighed his options. Would anyone really miss the raccoon demon? "Your request is denied. Send in Lady Keiko when she returns. I need to have a word with her."

"Y-Yes Milord..." The ambassadors exchanged looks before backing away and out off the door, only to be frozen by a familiar voice.

"What's everyone doing here?"

All eyes rested on the young dog demon behind them. Her black hair was pulled back in an elegant braid that was flung carelessly over her shoulder, contrasting against her pale, flawless skin, save the light blue markings that matched their Lord's. The nobles curled their lips at her. They understood not, why the Diayoukia was so quick to defend the disgusting hybrid. "Lady Keiko..." They all greeted before quickly leaving the two cousins alone.

"O hayou gozaimasu itoko..." The dark haired youkia greeted the Diayoukia with a calm smile and a bow of the head. Keiko studied her cousin, attempting to read past his stoic gaze but gave up with a sigh "I assume you were informed of the reasons for my disapearence..." Her smile widened when his gaze turned into a glare. "I'm sorry Sessh, but he really needs someone. I – "

"It was not your place to bring him here. And I believe I told you to refrain from using that degrading nickname." He growled in his throat as a warning to his cousin that he wasn't in the mood.

"I apologize Milord."

"Don't mock me Keiko..."

Keiko's smile wavered at the Diayoukia's tone. "I mean no disrespect, but... T-the boy... He – I won't let you harm him."

"Is that so?" He asked in a bored tone.

"Your father, before he died, he – "

"I understand my father's wishes."

"S-so...?" Keiko wasn't usually intimidated by her cousin, but not when concerning someone else's well being. Her cousin could be ruthless at times.

"The hanyou will live for now..." He turned away from her, ignoring the set of golden eyes that followed him to where a stack of papers awaited his attention.

"He...He needs you..." She started, walking closer to her cousin with caution. "He needs someone to love him Sesshomaru..."

A short laugh sounded from the Lord of the west, causing Keiko to shiver. "And you expect him to receive this from me?" He turned to face her, his eyes hard and unreadable. "Are you daft?"

"Sesshomaru..." Her breathy tone became soft, as she locked eyes with him. "Have you someone, to protect?"

Sesshomaru froze at the familiar words. The last thing his father had ever said to him. Sometimes he wondered about his cousin, her choice of words seemed a little too much like... coincidence sometimes. "No..." He replied simply, quickly turning from his cousin's gaze. "Do what you wish with the hanyou..."

Keiko sighed and turned to leave her Lord's room. "Sesshomaru..." She breathed, just loud enough for him to hear. "You're not as heartless as you wish yourself to be..."

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