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Chapter 9: Yuzuki

The spider youkia smiled down at Inuyasha from the shadows. He truly was a sight to behold, definitely worthy of Naraku's courtship. He watched in wonder as the hanyou's chest rose and fell to his breathing, as he wrapped himself in the blankets that surrounded the bed.

He watched as the hanyou quietly wept in his sleep, and couldn't hold back the growl that escaped him. Sesshomaru dared touch his Inuyasha. He nearly spat at the thought. He wouldn't let that happen again. That kiss, was suppose to be his.

However, he couldn't be too angry. After all, everything had went as he had planned - besides the kiss.

He smiled down at his future mate. "Sleep well Inuyasha"

Days after that night, everything had returned back to normal. Koga went back to annoying the castle, Keiko returned to her normal carefree self and Sesshomaru hadn't talked to Inuyasha or even looked his way since their almost-kiss.

He wasn't sure whether or not that last one was a good thing.

Inuyasha sighed heavily, earning the attention of Koga, who was lying on his bed with his hands placed comfortably behind his head. "What's wrong with you?" He asked turning his head to face Inuyasha.

Inuyasha shrugged, he didn't want to talk about it, especially not with Koga.

"I don't want you to smell like that wolf."

Inuyasha tried to shake his brother's words from his mind, but it was impossible. It had sounded like Sesshomaru was jealous of Koga, but Inuyasha knew that couldn't be it.

Inuyasha sighed again, stretching his arms. "It's nothing," he shrugged, smiling at Koga.

Koga smiled back at him but didn't believe him in the least. He knew Inuyasha enough to tell when something was wrong, though he knew his friend would never tell him what it was.

Inuyasha leaned back on his bed, so his head was resting on Koga's shoulder. "I'm just bored." He sighed. "There's nothing to do."

Koga laughed, running his hands through his best friend's hair, "well it won't be boring for too long," he grinned.

Inuyasha turned his head to the side slightly, too comfortable to move from his position. "What do you mean?"

The wolf chuckled, enjoying the feeling of Inuyasha leaning against him. "You didn't hear? Sesshomaru's new mate is coming today."

Inuyasha shot up at the news. He knew Sesshomaru was mating, but he hadn't really had time to worry about that with all of his conflicting feelings troubling him.

Sesshomaru was going to mate...

It was hard to process without the horrible sinking feeling in his stomach.

Koga sat up, shaking Inuyasha's shoulder gently, "You alright Yasha?"

Inuyasha nodded in response, not sure what to think about the information. He couldn't figure out why it bothered him so much. He knew Sesshomaru was never going to be with him. It wasn't like he thought he had a chance with the Diayoukia. But the thought of Sesshomaru with someone else hurt him more than he ever thought it would.

Koga frowned at the hurt look in Inuyasha's face. A look of realization and hurt flooded his own eyes before he smiled, pulling Inuyasha into himself, "Idiot." He sighed, earning a rough shove from the hanyou.

"Who are you calling an idiot?" He grumbled, but he didn't move to pull away from Koga. He sheepishly wrapped his arms around his friend and buried his head in his chest, needing the contact.

Inuyasha finally pulled away from Koga and smiled. "I'm fine. See?" He said grinning widely.

Koga just laughed, "Sure, whatever."

Inuyasha laughed but couldn't shake the feeling in his stomach that told him to fight for the Diayoukia. Every bone in his body told him that the Diayoukia was his and no one else's. If that bitch Yuzuki wanted Sesshomaru she would have to fight for him.

Inuyasha shook his head at that thought. Sesshomaru didn't want him, so why bother?

He sighed to himself, dreading his encounter with Sesshomaru and his mate at dinner tonight.

Sesshomaru turned away from his cousin as he told her. He couldn't look in her face while he lied. "It's what needs to be done. I can't lose the power I have now."

Keiko nodded slowly, taking in what she had just heard from her cousin. "You don't have to do it itoko. No one would lose faith in you if you didn't have a mate."

Sesshomaru turned back to his mirror, as he combed through his hair. He was confused. He didn't want to marry Yuzuki, he knew that much for sure. So why was he doing this?

Keiko sighed, taking the comb from her cousin's hair and began combing through the knots for him. "Just think this through itoko." She warned, running her finger's through his hair.

He pouted inwardly. He wasn't a child, he didn't need her telling him what to do. He was perfectly capable of making his own decisions.

None the less, Sesshomaru couldn't help his heart that skipped a beat at the bells, signalling the arrival of his guest. He sighed, swallowing his pride, and left to meet his soon-to-be mate. 'I might as well get this over with' he all but groaned as he made his way towards the entrance of the castle.

Koga rushed to catch up to him. "Slow down" he bellowed to Inuyasha, receiving nothing in response.

Inuyasha wasn't about to slow down for anything. He had to see what this girl who Sesshomaru was going to mate was like. 'If the bitch was going to screw Sesshomaru's life over, she better be pretty.' He thought to himself bitterly.

He rushed behind a the garden at the gates of the castle and waited as he was soon joined by Koga.

"You don't know what 'wait' means?" He snapped. But Inuyasha knew his best friend would never actually be mad, so he simple shushed him and signalled him to stay quiet as he saw Keiko and Sesshmaru make their way to greet the princess.

Inuyasha couldn't help but stare as Sesshomaru passed by. By just looking, it was impossible to tell how soft Sesshomaru's lips actually were. Inuaysha flushed red, and shook the thought from his mind. 'focus' he told himself, but couldn't help his eyes that gazed across his beautiful face and down his body. Even though the fabric of clothing, Inuyasha could tell his brother was beautiful.

He turned his head away from him and glanced to the gate where a beautiful, slim inu-youkia led the way for two humans holding bags of -what Inuyasha assumed was - the inu youkia's things.

When she laid eyes on Sesshomaru, her face lit up, and she ran to Sesshomaru's side, wrapping her arms around him.

Inuyasha gritted his teeth, it was obvious that this woman was Yuzuki.

Inuyasha had to admit, she was beautiful. Her hair was like Sesshomaru's, long and silver, but her's was braided back and didn't look nearly as thin as his brother's. Her face looked young, and soft, pale skin framed beautiful hazel eyes. He would be lying if he said he wasn't slightly jealous of the blue-eyed beauty.

Inuyasha gritted his teeth, looking for a flaw in the beautiful youkia, finding none. "Crap," Inuyasha growled as he inspected the youkia. "She's hot." Inuaysha stated to Koga, who nodded in agreement.

Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around the woman carefully. He decided that if all of this...touching was going to be a regular occurrence, he might as well get used to it.

He pulled away, studying his future mate's face. She was pretty, as he stared up at him with ice blue eyes. "I'm so happy to finally meet you." She sighed, wrapping her arms around the Diayoukia.

Sesshomaru looked beside him to his mother who was swooning over the "cute couple." He rolled his eyes. "I'll show you to your room Yuzuki." He said, trying to sound as pleasant as possible.

He sighed as she linked her arm with his, and allowed him to lead her towards the house.

It's what had to be done.He reassured himself.

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