Chapter 3: "An Angel's Wish"

Flonne could not fall back asleep. She knew something was up and that Laharl was keeping something from her. He always kept something from her. She tossed and turned in her bed, trying to think of what he could be keeping from her this time.


She sat up, fully alert. That sounded like it came from the roof. She climbed out of her bed and ran to the door, opening it. Ghoss stood outside, her back to her. She turned at the sound of the door opening. Manti, Gargo, and Goleck stood nearby, a deck of cards between them.

"Ghoss, what's going on?" Flonne asked, stepping past her.

"It's nothing, Flonne." Ghoss floated past to block the Fallen Angel's path. "Laharl is just—"

Flonne grew tired and pushed her way past. The vassals all looked at her as she stormed off. Goleck chuckled as he threw down a card.

"Ghoss, why do you always try to get between those two?"

Laharl was pissed. This assassin was strong and fast and Laharl was seriously annoyed at the mere thought of a lowly demon being stronger than him. He parried his sword, deflecting the assassin's while dodging his spear at the same time. He pushed back and summoned up an Overlord's Wrath, throwing it at the ninja.

The demon dodged the attack like it was nothing, laughing at Laharl. "What's the matter?" he mocked, thrusting his spear forward. "Am I too fast for you, my lord?" Those last words were like poison, full of sarcasm. Laharl grunted and swung his sword, the blade just missing the ninja.

Damn it, he was getting weak.

The assassin lunged forward, his sword cutting deep into Laharl's chest. The blue-haired overlord yelped in pain, stumbling back. He launched another Overlord's Wrath, only to watch his assailant evade it. His vision began to blur, his body becoming weak. He dropped to one knee, panting deeply.

"Do you feel… tired?" the Ninja asked. "Like your body refuses to listen to you? I guess even the mightiest demon is not immune to such a simple poison."

Laharl tried to yell, only to have it come out as an unintelligent grunt. He tried to keep his head up as the poison coursed through him. He'd never be able to see Flonne's lovely smile anymore. Never again hear her wonderful voice. Never hold her in his arms.


He was hearing things. He guessed it was true: when you were about to die, you heard the one most important to you.

"Get away from him!" Flonne's voice screamed.

Laharl felt a wave of light, warm magic surround him, cleansing him of the poison. He felt and saw his wounds suddenly heal before his eyes. He stood up, drawing his blade as someone ran past him, swinging a staff at the Ninja.

Flonne grunted as the staff made contact with her target. The assassin was thrown back from the force of the blow. Laharl ran up beside her, grinning from ear to ear. "Damn it, Flonne, will you for once just let me fight by myself?"

His sweetheart giggled darkly as the Ninja got back on his feet. "Why? This bastard's trying to kill you. I'm going to enjoy killing him slowly."

Laharl was shocked. Never once in the time he had known her had he heard her utter a vulgar word. Even as a Fallen Angel, she had never fully given in to her demon self.

The assassin spitted blood from his mouth. "Fucking bitch! I wasn't paid to kill you, but I'm going to make an exception." He charged at them, throwing his spear at Flonne. She dodged it, spinning. She grabbed the projectile out of the air and pointed it at its previous owner. She jabbed it at him while Laharl got behind and brought his sword across the assailant's back.

Against two at both sides, he wasn't fast enough.

He stood there, the spear deep in his gut. Laharl walked over and took it from Flonne, lifting the Ninja high in the air, walking over to the edge. He held him there.

"Who hired you?"

The Ninja didn't say anything. Laharl snarled and began to pull the spear out to let the demon drop.

"I'll ask again: who hired you to kill me?"

"I'll never tell. There will be more after me. He will be reborn!"

Flonne had heard enough and pushed Laharl aside, throwing the spear—still deep in the Ninja—over the edge. Down he went, his body hitting the hard ground below. Flonne let out a long sigh, slumping to the ground. Laharl sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her as he realized she was crying.

"Oh god, Laharl, I killed him! I killed him! Oh god, I'm a murderer!"

Laharl sighed. Flonne was always so full of peace and love and swore that she could never hurt anything. But this was different. She was a demon now and…

"Flonne, you didn't do it for the hell of it," he reassured her, feeling sympathy for the first time in centuries. "He was trying to kill me. Had you not killed him, I… Shit, I don't even want to know what would have happened." He stroked her silky hair, tears falling from his eyes. "I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you…"


He stood up and stared at the moon as the storm passed. "Hey, Flonne… want me to walk you back to your room?"

The Fallen Angel smiled, wiping tears out of her eyes. "No, but… can I sleep with you tonight?"

His face burned red. "Um… s-sure…"

Sunlight poured out of the window, landing on Laharl's face. He opened his eyes and sat up. Flonne was asleep beside him, snoring softly. He stood up and walked into the bathroom, turning the shower on. He stepped inside, sighing as he fully woke up. Not five minutes later, the shower door opened and Flonne entered. Laharl tried his best so that she didn't notice the blood rushing south.

"Flonne, a little privacy, please?"

She just laughed and wrapped her slender arms around him. "Why? Can't I take a shower, too?"

That got the Overlord laughing. They always did this and she always won. He didn't want to think of what happened. All he cared about was being with her. Soon, they were out and clothed. Flonne sat on his bed, drying her hair with a towel. "Laharl," she said, "I have something to tell you."


She didn't respond. Laharl turned and noticed she was holding her—

"I think… I think I'm pregnant."

All the thoughts in his head left him. Suddenly, he felt that Etna had to return soon with the rose so he could propose. He sat next to her and put his hands on hers. "Are… are you sure?" he asked.

She nodded, tears of joy filling her eyes. "It's a girl."

"How do you know?"

"Mother's instinct."

Laharl was speechless. They were going to be parents. A random though popped in his head out of nowhere: Did Father ever feel this way? Just then, there came a soft knock on his door. "Master Laharl," Tili's voice said, "can I speak with you for a moment?"

Laharl kissed his beloved on the cheek and walked to the door, closing it behind him as he entered the hallway. "This better be good, Tili," he snarled.

The young Brawler nodded. "Master, it has to do with the rose." That got his attention. She continued. "It seems there's a hitch to your plan. The rose has a defense system to it. Only the one who intends to use it may obtain it, or else it wilts."

Laharl cursed under his breath. He had to leave for a while and find Etna. "Who all knows of this?"

"Only you and me, sire."

Laharl began to walk to the dimensional gate, Tili right behind him. "What do you plan on doing?"

He stopped right in front of the portal. "I'm getting that flower, whether it kills me or not!" With that, the blue-haired Overlord entered the portal, Tili following in the hopes of becoming stronger and being promoted to Black Belt.