Annabelle danced in the pounding throng. It was so different from the first time she'd been at a St. Trinian's party. It wasn't that the party had changed - same band, same music, same bartender (Anoushka with Beverly helping). It was Belle that had changed. She'd done a perfect wallflower impersonation back then, staying to the back of the room and just watching in wonder. Now she was out in the middle of the floor, feeling the beat race through her whole body like a new heartbeat. Hell, she didn't even care that Chelsea made a joke of grinding on her for a song. The self consciousness was gone, the superiority, the distance. It had all washed away in the absolutions of St. Trinian. She sang along with the anthem, proud of every word.

She saw Kelly make her entry, bottle held high as she led the chant. Damn. Belle lost the rhythm of the song for a moment, staring at the raven goddess. She was coming closer too. The Head Girl sauntered, danced and rocked across the crowded dance floor, winding between the gyrating press of bodies. Christ, she's coming over. Belle tried to concentrate on the music, on dancing, on the ecstasy of untamed youth she'd been experiencing just moments ago. It was still there, but was being overwhelmed by a far stronger surge of excitement.

Then Kelly was right there beside her, dancing with her, one hand on her hip and a whole new ecstasy flooded her being. They danced in symbiosis, sometimes losing contact to turn and move with others but still in sync, still able to come back to each other at the same moment. The songs shifted around them, happy rebellion, raging youth, gleeful menace, confident seduction; song after song wrapped them in its embrace. The beat stayed hot and hard but the mood was shifting towards a more sensual air (no one stopped to wonder why this should happen at an all same-sex party). Kelly had discarded her empty bottle and had both hands on Belle, tugging her in close until they moved as one body to the writhing melody. Her arms unconsciously wrapped around the taller girl's neck, enjoying the feel of tracing her fingertips through short, black hair.

Belle could barely notice anything other than the contact of fingers gripping her hips. The feel of the lithe body pressed against her. She looked up and found herself falling into bottomless black eyes, plummeting through the layers of unspoken words and desires. Her feet stopped, her whole body coming to a halt as she clutched at Kelly's body, trying to stop her descent into that deep color.

"You all right?" said eyes widened in concern. Belle swallowed, trying to clear the lust out of her throat before she spoke.

"Yeah, just need a drink!" she smiled brightly. If the other girl knew she was lying she didn't let on, just followed her to the bar.

"Another? You are breaking record, Belle!" Anoushka husked as she poured the DVR. Annabelle may not be able to hold whiskey worth a damn but she'd discovered she had an endless capacity for Vodka and Red Bull, even when mixed by the Russian's generous hand. Kelly got the same and they lingered by the bar, watching the party thrash out in every direction. This night would go down in history. Jones had 10 quid on 5 to 1 that none of Sixth Form would be walking the halls tomorrow. Crawling maybe, but not a soul would be upright.

"We in some kind of race?" Kelly's eyebrow arched as she saw Belle down her drink in one breath.

"Yeah, first one drunk gets a free ride to bed." Fritton smirked, passing her glass back to Anoushka for a refill.

"So, if I stay sober I get to slip you away to a mattress?" Jones' smile was punctuated by the tip of her tongue curling in the corner of her lip. The predatory expression might've been a joke but it made Belle shiver. The flirting had been escalating for days now and tonight it was accelerating by the minute.

"Miss Jones, you just want to get me back in your bed!" Annabelle laughed to cover the way her voice trembled at the thought. She leaned forward, showing off her figure in the cleavage-enhancing vest of her uniform.

"Only if I get another wake up call like the last one." Kelly shifted in closer, the cocky smile not leaving her lips. Was that a bit of a hitch in her breathing? Belle could swear she'd felt a fluctuation in the soft sigh of breath against her face. She wanted to reply with something smart and flirtatious. She couldn't because her brain was screaming at her - all her senses electrified with the same, overwhelming signal: Kelly. The sound of her sultry voice, the sight of those desire-laden eyes and pouting lips, the heat radiating off her body, the smell of perfume, the taste of her breath and skin so close. Kelly.

She knew Kelly Jones wanted to kiss her every bit as much as she wanted to be kissed. But they both knew that they couldn't - wouldn't - here. Not with all the girls and teachers and people everywhere. If it was ever going to happen, it'd be tonight but it simply couldn't be here! Annabelle snapped. She grabbed hold of the loose ends of Kelly's tie in one hand and dragged her from the room.

She made her way quickly through the winding corridors, moving further and further from the beat. She had Kelly in tow by her tie, the Head Girl keeping up with a quick walk, silent in her curiosity. Annabelle knew where she had to go. It was where her head had been sent reeling and she'd never fully recovered. The place where all this started. She'd replayed that first day in her mind so many times. She strode into the deserted main hall, determined they would finally finish what they'd begun during that first meeting. Finish it right.

She spun around, pressing her back against the wall. She gave a hard tug on Kelly's tie, forcing the girl to catch herself with her palms against the wall, effectively caging Belle with her own body.

"Been nurturing an aggressive streak, have we, Fritton?" Kelly teased but Belle could see the way her eyes flickered over her face, continually trailing back down to her lips.

"Shut up and kiss me, Jones." Belle growled, startled by the sound of her own voice.

Kelly smirked. She could definitely get to like this side of the formerly shy schoolgirl. But she didn't entirely like being given orders. She obeyed, brushing her lips over Belle's for the briefest moment before pulling back. The younger girl's mouth followed, seeking to hold the contact but Kelly leaned away, skillfully staying just beyond range. Jones loved that Belle's eyes had shut the moment she'd felt breath on her lips, but now the hazel color was flashing at her angrily.

"Damn it, Kelly!" she fisted the Head Girl's shirt.

"Ask nice, Annabelle." Jones arched one superior brow, masking her own thrill at the feel of the hands clutching at her.

"Please." Belle whispered. Kelly leaned in again, close enough that Belle could feel her words.

"Please what?" she lingered a breath from touching.

"Kiss me again, Kelly. Please." Belle begged. Her irritation had vanished. The aggression was likewise gone, washed away in a need far more pure. Jones felt her temperature spike as the plea echoed over her skin. She wouldn't be able to play this game long. She pressed forward again, this time lingering on the touch of the other girl's lips. Soft caresses traded back and forth, Kelly bringing her hands in to cradle Belle's face as she explored the flavor and heat of her kiss.

Kelly could feel herself falling into the embrace and deliberately pulled back once more. She watched Belle's dazed expression. Her eyes fluttered slowly open and the golden green had all but vanished in the swirling desire. Belle licked her lips, the pink gloss absorbed in a darker crimson flush.

"Again." she could barely force the word out. She didn't have to say 'please,' her eyes were screaming it. Kelly relented, capturing the waiting mouth again, ending the game. She darted her tongue across Belle's lower lip, receiving immediate entry and she could feel the moan in her chest, unable to discern whose is was. Belle had an arm wrapped tight around her shoulders, clutching at her neck. The other was gripping her waist, fingers clenching in her shirt and working it loose from her skirt. The first touch of fingers against the bare flesh of her spine felt like electricity.

Jones only gave up exploring Belle's mouth when her lungs began to ache. She reluctantly broke the kiss, gasping but staying as close to her skin as possible. Annabelle obviously felt the same, lips working feverishly over Kelly's cheek, jaw, neck and throat; sprinkling kisses between each lungful of air. Every breath a whisper of her name. Kelly's head was reeling, all her senses overwhelming and overriding her brain.

Cameras. She struggled to focus amidst the sensual onslaught advancing over her skin. Even if all the Geeks had passed out, she didn't doubt Polly had left the cameras on record.

"Belle we have to - we can't - we have," she struggled to get out a coherent thought but Annabelle had found her pulse point and was mounting a diligent assault with lips, tongue and teeth, "Christ! We have to go upstairs. Now!"

There was a protesting sound from Belle but Kelly was able to pull her backwards, moving towards the stairs. Walking backwards up a staircase, in an intimate embrace, with lips biting at her ear, Kelly took a passing moment to think that anyone who did see this would be dashed impressed. It should be an Olympic event. They had to pause every few steps for another exploring kiss, hands moving more freely each time, sounds getting louder. By the time they were at the top of the stairs they couldn't break apart to save a life. The tangled entity that was their all-encompassing need moved them like a pinball through the corridor. From stair rail to wall, wall to doorway, doorway to banister, banister back to wall and finally landing them against a familiar door.

Kelly slapped her hand against the door, struggling to find the doorknob she knew was buried somewhere within reach. Fastening on the cold metal she twisted and felt them both falling into the room. She almost corrected their balance but at the critical moment Belle's hand slipped under the front of her shirt, grazing inside the lace of her bra. They collapsed to the floor in a flurry of limbs, both of them yelping in surprise before dissolving into laughter.

"Five feet," Kelly looked at their distance from the bed, "We couldn't make it five bloody feet?"

"Are you kidding?" Belle hovered over Kelly, "I want a medal for making it all the way up here. I nearly gave in on the fifth step!"

As lips descended on her again, Kelly had just enough clear thought to slam the door shut with her foot. The rest of the night had much in common with an auto accident, drug trip and roller coaster: all sound and action blurring together into an indecipherable mass yet every single moment seared into an eternal memory.

Each girl only had one conscious thought during the exercises of the night. Belle's came when she felt her fingers slowly releasing clenched bed sheets. How did we make it to the bed?

For Kelly it was with a sharp sensation dragging down her shoulder, crossing the fine line between pain and pleasure and making her groan as nails dug into her skin. Andrea just won 20 quid.

When Kelly felt the late morning sun warming her face she had a brief moment of confusion. Why was she still asleep so late? Why was there no noise from the rest of the school? Why did her arm feel so heavy? It was when she tested the movement of her arm and realized it was pinned beneath a body that memory flooded back into her, spreading a contented smile over her lips. She and Belle had fallen asleep (collapsed) side by side, facing each other, around 4 am. The young brunette was still curled against her, the head of curls tucked beneath her chin.

The previous evening played through her mind and Kelly could only shiver. Annabelle had definitely been a prize worth waiting for. Who knew innocence could be so deceptive? She pressed a kiss to the top of the brown curls, feeling the body stirring against her. Time to face the music.

Kelly was a deep seated realist. She fully knew that Belle was buzzed (heavily) last night and no matter how much the desire had been mutual, waking up in another girl's bed might be a bit traumatic for her. So, would she remember? Would she plead alcohol amnesia or excessive loss of inhibitions? Was this to be a one time thing and if so, how would they salvage their friendship? It all depended on Belle's reaction when she woke. Kelly kept her eyes closed as she felt Fritton twitch and move.

The touch of lips against her shoulder brought an involuntary sigh from Kelly. Belle's mouth was tracing the exact pattern she'd made last night, kissing every spot her teeth had marked. One hand was tracing gently over the contours of her naked waist and hip, the barest brush of fingertips raising gooseflesh before gripping tight. Déjà vu. Kelly wondered if Belle had such sensual dreams every morning or if it was only when she was in the Head Girl's bed.

The caresses were trailing up her neck, teasing her ear before biting gently at her lobe and Kelly gasped. It really wasn't fair. She couldn't let Belle do these things in her sleep when she didn't even know what had happened last night. Summoning the last of her strength (resisting the urge to tighten her grip around the other girl's body) Kelly opened her eyes.

The first thing she saw was hazel flecked with green and gold. Belle's eyes were smiling at her, watching her reaction. Jones shifted back, taking in the fully alert and awake face staring at her. As if to confirm that she truly was aware of where she was and what she was doing, Belle's hand caressed Kelly's ass, pulling her hips closer as she leaned in to kiss the pulse throbbing by her throat. Not a one time thing then.

"Christ. I thought you were still asleep again!" Kelly moaned, returning the embrace. Belle laughed, a vibration that radiated directly into Jones' body.

"I have a confession to make," she smiled at the Head Girl, "I was awake the other morning. I just wanted to see how far you'd let me go."

Kelly paused, absorbing that thought. How far would she have let her go?

"I'm going to kill the Totties." she announced finally before capturing Belle's lips in her own.

After some morning cardiovascular exercise (read: shagging) Belle emerged from the bed and stretched. It was just past noon and they'd both worked up a more than substantial appetite.

"I'm famished, let's go find some food." she reached for a robe, only to have Kelly grab her hand and pull her back to the bed.

"We could just stay put - I have a kettle and some biscuits here." she offered with a mysterious smile.

"Or I could just pop down to the lunch room. They're sure to have some tuck out." Annabelle looked up at her captor in mild confusion.

"Yes, but if you do that I'm out 50 quid."

"What did you bet 50 pounds on?" Belle raised up on her elbows.

"I only bet 10, but on 5 to 1 that none of the 6th form would be in the halls today. Not walking about anyway. I'd take the same bet at 100 to 1. That party was epic."

"So you're saying we have to stay here, in your room, all day?" Belle raised a skeptical brow. Jones felt a moment of doubt but didn't let it show.

"Unless you have some more pressing engagement, Fritton." it was one of her only tells: she used Belle's surname only when she wasn't completely certain of herself or the situation. Annabelle had already memorized that tiny, telling cue.

"Nothing more pressing than you, Jones," Belle arched deliberately against the older girls' body, "But if I'm to be captive all day, you will have to feed me."

Kelly grinned, kissing the teasing smile once before slipping off the bed. She rummaged in her cupboard and emerged with an electric kettle, bottled water, a tin of tea and a box of biscuits. There were definite perks to being (and dating) Head Girl.

Annabelle pulled on her underwear and blouse, just for cover from the cool air. She left the buttons open, enjoying the effect on Kelly as they sipped tea side by side on the bed. Conversation between the two had always been easy and this was the longest they'd gone without interruption. Usually they were lucky to get about 7 minutes before a Chav came shouting complaints, the twins exploded something or a fight broke out in the dorms. Not to mention the flirtation always escalated by the minute until both would forget what they were actually discussing. With the sexual tension finally diffused (for the moment) it was easier to fall into a relaxed, companionable chat. They talked about family (Belle's mother was dead, Kelly's divorced) schools, friends and enemies, the past and - eventually - the future.

"It's your last year, where do you go from here?" Belle settled back on one elbow, facing Kelly as she sipped from her mug. The black tea could use milk but it was caffeine and this morning (with a mild hangover and massive sleep deprivation gnawing at her brain) that was the only criterion.

"Well, Oxford is out," Kelly smiled, "Much too strict with their dress code, you know."

"So I'd heard. Shame, Posh Totty could do wonders for their campus." Annabelle deadpanned right back, earning a soft, throaty laugh from the other girl.

"St. Trinian's Head Girls are a high demand commodity. We get recruited quite fast. I've had a few offers, legal and otherwise." Kelly shrugged.

"Not committing yet?"

"Just waiting for the right one." there was something to the way her breathing paused after the innocent statement that made Belle blush. Were they still talking about jobs? Kelly must've sensed her discomfort because she cleared her throat, dispelling the moment.

"What about you? What comes after Trinian's for you?" Jones nibbled the edge of a hard biscuit.

"You mean if Daddy hasn't killed me or cut me off? Not too sure. I can't really imagine actually surviving another year here, just sort of assumed I'd go missing a few months before finishing A Levels."

"Only if you tick off the First Years. Keep them on your side and no one can touch you," Kelly confided the ultimate secret for navigating a school of anarchy, "What do you want to do?"

"Really? Travel. I grew up with daddy shooting off all over the world to pick out art, or receiving these packages with exotic postage and markings and I always wanted to see the places for myself. He once got a statue from Bali and I must've spent hours just staring at the stamps."

Kelly watched the way Belle's eyes went unfocused and dreamy, thinking of worlds past and distant. She could see her standing in a hundred airports, one beaten duffel slung over her shoulder as she ventured off to yet another foreign destination. Belle could explore a jungle in Peru, a market in Mombasa, a temple in Singpaore and a club in New York and look just as at home as she did at this moment, half naked in bed. She would do the same with every other culture as she had with Trinian's - observe, understand and adapt. It was the thought of the dauntless Fritton going off and doing these things without her that made a dull pain nestle into Kelly's ribs.

"You should've been here when we went to Cameroon. The headhunters made us honorary tribesmen." Jones smiled, forcing thoughts of the future away.

"I thought I recognized Chelsea's touch with the hair on one skull." Belle laughed, reaching for the last almond biscuit at the same moment as Kelly. This immediately sidetracked the conversation into a playful argument over who had first dibs, which further devolved into a wrestling match.

If the tea mugs hadn't been empty it could've been quite hazardous but they landed with dull thuds on the floor and no more than slight black drips hit the carpet. The pillows were hurled aside in attempts at disarming each other and the sheets were quickly spooling to the floor. The plate was eventually flung through the window - a hail of glass shards showering to the garden below and neither girl could be bothered to care.

Belle stared at the beautiful face pinned beneath her. She wasn't entirely sure how she'd gained the upper hand but she held Kelly's hands fast to the bed and grinned breathless triumph. Her raven bob was in complete disarray, her makeup had vanished in the night's sleep, the only coloring on her cheeks the natural flush from Belle's body against her. Fritton stared. She never would've thought it possible for Kelly to be even more beautiful than on the first day they met. She leaned down to taste the parted lips. How did I get so bloody lucky?

They only realized the sun had gone down when the broken window let in the cool evening air. They'd reassembled the bed a few times but even huddled beneath the blankets they could feel a night breeze chilling the room. A whole day whiled away in talk, music and snogging. If there were ever a St. Trinian's holiday that was how it should be celebrated. Kelly covered the hole in the window with plastic and tape. She was in her sleeping kit - tangled, removed and restored several times throughout the day. Belle was propped up against the pillows, scanning through the playlists on Kelly's Iphone. She could really get to like these girl grunge groups.

Jones had been expecting the bang on the door, smiling when she saw Annabelle jump. She opened it just a crack, no reason to give any snoops in the hall more gossip than they deserved. Andrea stood in the hallway, as ever caught in a mood of sullen irritation.

"Right, 's after sundown. That's 50 quid to you," the emo pulled a wad of cash from her pocket and handed it to the Head Girl, "Is Belle in there?"

"Why? You need her?" Kelly demurred.

"Yeah, I do! C'mon, Belle, that's 50 pounds you owe me!" Andrea thumped the door a few more times with her open hand. Before Kelly could argue, Fritton pulled the door open a little wider. The younger girl rummaged in her uniform pocket and pulled out the appropriate notes, handing them over without a word. Andrea thumbed through the wad, then just cocked one disdainful brow at the two of them before vanishing down the hall in her best impression of a wraith.

"What was that about?" Kelly turned to Belle as the door shut.

"I asked Andrea to make that bet with you - about no one being up and about today." Annabelle admitted, looking at her feet.

"Did you now? That keen for my company?" Jones invaded her personal space, forcing her eyes up to her face.

"That goes without saying," Belle smirked, "But I also happened to bet Polly that I could keep you in bed all day today. 20 quid on 10 to 1."

"You conniving little minx," Jones gaped, realizing she'd been expertly played, "When did you hatch this darling plot?"

"Yesterday before the party. If I couldn't get you to kiss me last night, Kel, then we both know it would never happen at all."

"So you seduced me for 200 quid?" Kelly leaned against door, putting on her best 'pissed temptress' expression.

"Think I took unfair advantage, Miss Jones?" Annabelle leaned forward, fingers teasing around the collar of her sleeping top. Kelly shivered at the slight touch against her skin. They'd barely been out of contact for more than 2 minutes the whole day, how could such a simple touch still be so electrifying?

"I was intoxicated and vulnerable, you know. Makes you quite the predator."

"Then I must've learned from the best," Belle smiled and kissed a pattern on Kelly's cheek, "But for the record, I was after the same thing last night as today. For weeks past and months to come I want you, Kelly Jones. The bet was just to prove I know you."

"We'd better get that cash from Polly before she figures out you duped her." Jones struggled to keep her hands at her sides when all she really wanted was to run them up the skin of Belle's back and crush her close against herself.

"I'd rather have you right now than the money." Belle's whisper in her ear broke that restraint completely.