A holiday with destiny!

The Guardians & the winx!

Chapter 1: the first day having funny and wonder!


In a normal town called Heatherfield were everything was the same; people heading to work kids finishing School and having fun. The sun shone so nicely on the town that most people went to the beach and so stay inside to cool off. For five girls and two guys walked the streets loving the feeling of School holidays the freedom was so nice but they still had some people to fight as they had powers they had an enemy still watching them waiting for them.

"It's such a nice day" the Boy said holding his girlfriends hand.

"But what are we going to do?" a girl with two long black piggy tales walking freely around the group.

"we could go to the Ice Cream place and chill there for a well then had to the beach" the blond suggested which sounded like an idea they thought about it then agreed "count me in" a brown head said

"Sounds good to me" said a girl with brown skin and dark hair; "I don't mind where we go as long as it's fun" a boy with orange hair

"Then let's do it" a red head said

They walked the streets and pasted several places until they felt a wave of energy but wonderful energy. The gang stopped looking around but the boy with Orange hair looked at them confused "what's up?" he asked

"Nothing Nigel let's just go" the red head said slowly looking around they carried on until they reached the place then found a table in the back they sat around it and ordered 7 banana splits. They laughed and talked about what they would do in the three weeks of holiday the girls also needed to practice their magic and the boy with black hair sitting next to the red head of a girlfriend.

Plus the guys needed to practice their band too there were lots to do but how to make time for each other was the question; they got their order by the waitress that gave the boys a wink then went to her next customer just when she left. They heard the door open and boys started to whistle they leaned to the side to see what was making the guys go all goo-goo over.

They spotted three girls walked in the first had blond hair that touched her bottom wearing a bikini green top showing every curve and her stomach too and mini orange skirt with high hills with flowers on and a purple head band; the second was a African girl with long brown hair just under her bottom and wore a short green skirt and a sleeveless purple top and leg warms and sneakers; the last was a Asian girl with long piggy tales like Hay-Lin, she wore a blue pare of jean and a sleeveless dress-like top and sneaker they ordered 6 Vanilla cup Ice creams.

The Blond pushed a piece of hair out her face looking at the guys then turned back to her friends "what" she said seeing them shacking their heads holding the cups handing her two.

"Do you always have to make a scene" the African asked

"With good looks like ours yes I do, now let's get going I hear this place has tones of shops" the Blond said they rolled their eyes at her then walked out the door.

The gang looked out the window to see three other girls one had long brown hair touching her bottom with a short pink skirt, a short top that showed her stomach and high hills that wrapped around her ankles like the Blond. The second was a girl with purple short hair in a style not far from Taranee's but most of it was on the side she wore a purple skirt with a short top like the African and high hills sneaker. The last was a girl with long red hair touching her bottom she wore a mini ruffled skirt with high hill sandals and a short blue and white stripped top with heart on the side and her stomach also showing like the brown head and had a little bunny on one shoulder.

"Was it just me or did that bunny just smile?" Irma asked

"Nope but they are hot" Nigel said getting glares from the girls around him and Matt "sad to say it but I have to agree with Nigel" Matt said

"Watch it you guys are surrounded by five girls who you both belong to two of the girls" Will warned Matt and Nigel stared at each other they turn to see the girls walking away the red head even gave the bunny a small piece of ice cream to eat which was far from normal the Guardians and Matt wanted to know more about them and were did girls like them have looks better then anyone here even Sondra would have a hard time betting looks like theirs one look in the place and all the guys even Nigel and Matt were so hooked on their flawless looks.

When the gang were finished they head to the beach the girls had cloths for the beach on cause they had a feeling they need it so on they walked they could see people were busy heading to cooler places.

When they reached the beach and the gang took off their cloths just wearing their bikinis and short; they slowly made their way to the beach when they noticed the 6 girls there in more sexy bikinis then the girls around the beach the African girl was on a surf board on the sea well her friends were playing on the beach suddenly a ball hit Nigel on the head knocking him over.

Matt helped him up well Hay-Lin picked up the ball just then a girl ran up to them it was the red head she stopped in front of them "you ok?" she asked

"Yeah don't sweat it" Nigel waved it off the girls stared at them Matt had a hard time keeping his eyes off her sexy figure luckily Will did see. "Guess this is yours" Hay-Lin holding out the ball to her.

"Yeah are you sure you ok?" she looked at Nigel

"Yeah I'm fine really" Nigel said smiling

"Hey B. what's the hold up!" the Blond yelled putting her hands on her hips the red head rolled her eyes looking back "Coming" she said then ran off waving to the gang who waved back.

"Nigel you such a softy" Cornelia said

"Excuse me but I was being nice" Nigel said defending himself but he had to admit she was quiet cute her boyfriend must liked her cause she was one of a kind so were her friends. The day was nice the girls had got a small tan even got dragged in by the boys in the sea, it was fun but sometime in the afternoon the new girls went home or so they thought Will still couldn't think of why a strange wave of wonderful energy hit them not like the wave when Nerissa was around.

They all head to the Silver Dragon but Nigel as he had relatives over so he sneaked out some times to see Taranee. They sat in their usual spot and met up with Caleb their other guy friend who fought side them; they were eating old fashion Chinese food and they told Ms. Lin about the energy wave they felt earlier but couldn't figure it out then just as if on cue the Heart began to glow meaning a portal was open so as Hay-Lin took out the map they found the spot of the portal was under the bridge they normally practiced under so as Caleb joined the five girls and Matt to the bridge at Night time.


It was finally the holidays and after battling the evil Baltor and the Trix they were free and won the battle now the year was finished the girls wanted to enjoy it more but couldn't so Bloom came up with a way for them to stay together for two weeks at least by spending it on Earth in a new town completely ok they had to find money to stay somewhere but hack they wanted to spend some time together relaxing.

So they packed their stuff and head to the Portal in Magix to a completely new town new adventure all together; they entered it then in a flash they walked out the alley to a large city filled with people the girls changed their bags into backpacks and head to somewhere for something to eat or snack on which was an Ice cream place.

"anyone for something cool to eat then we can go somewhere to have fun" Bloom suggested the leader of them, they nodded then walked to the place Layla, Stella and Musa walked in to get Ice cream only to get guys eyeing them and whistling Stella enjoying the new pare of guys looking at them she pushed a strand of hair out her face only for the girls to moan at her.

When they went back outside Stella gave Bloom an ice-cream and Musa gave Flora well Layla gave Tecna the 6 walked through town looking at a cool new town it was different from Gardenia and it felt nice to go somewhere new for a change.

The heard there was a beach and when they reached it after walking several blocks they checked if someone was looking and to their luck none was so with their magic they changed into their bikinis and Layla made a surf board then head for the sea well the others played with the ball even Kiko. Bloom's pet bunny came along not that she leave him behind he kept their scores and they were loving it so far the winx were playing so much that Musa hit the ball to hard that it flew over Flora's and Bloom's head they turned to see it hit a boy in his face well his friends were all making sure he was ok.

Bloom ran over to him then stopped in front of him and his group five girls and his other guy's friend was with him. One of the girls held the ball she couldn't help wonder if he was fine Musa did hit it pretty hard.

"You ok" Bloom asked

"yeah don't sweat it" he replied how could he be so cool when her friend hit him with the ball hard maybe he was pretending like it didn't hurt "Guess this is yours" the girl held it out and Bloom took it she notice something strange about this group but couldn't figure it out.

"You sure you ok" she asked making sure he was hurt to bad again he waves it off saying "yeah I'm fine really"

Bloom noticed the black haired boy stare at her like she was a goddess; suddenly Bloom heard Stella yell out "Hey B. what's the hold up" for once I wished it was Flora who called but then again she was the peace maker in their group so Bloom simply rolled her eyes looking at Stella her hands placed on her hips "Coming" she would call her a name like Highness but that wasn't her so she waved to the group then head back to her friends who carried on playing when she joined.

Not long they went to find a place to stay to their luck there was this apartment open so they went to stay their. They would pay Bloom's parents back because she had to ask for a loan plus Stella's money was for food and other things.

They made sleeping bags all over the place with they backpacks changed back into normal bags then changed into sleeping cloths, Bloom needed some air and so did Stella the place was too much so both wearing short pants and mini tops with sandals on they walked out and head down town for a night walk.

"So how are you going to pay your parents back?" Stella asked making conversation as they walked "I'll have to find something to make up the money" Bloom replied

"A job? But we on holiday maybe we all get a part time job to help" Stella suggested

"that's an idea" Bloom smiling at her friend they hook arms then as they walked they could feel someone was following them they saw none but carried on until they reached a bridge with a lake near by the stopped looking around if someone did follow them.

"That was too weird maybe it was nothing" Stella said looking around

"No something did follow us and I have a feeling it's near by" Bloom said getting ready to transform.

{The Guardians, Matt and Caleb}

They found the portal with ease but something was strange about this they knew if a portal was open something must have gotten out by now. "I don't get it why aren't there any monsters or funny things coming out" Matt said

"My thoughts exactly" Irma said

"You think it went far?" Hay-Lin asked

"Looking for trouble?" Cornelia asked

Will closed the Portal then faced the group saying "if they did then we better transform" they nodded in a flash of colorful light the five girls changed into five taller, older and magical beings with matching outfits and wings. Matt changed into his Regrant Form well Caleb took his sword out just as they walked out a lightening bolt came out of no where and knocked them into the walls.

"You Guardians never learn, never let your guard down" a voice they knew all to well

"It's Nerissa and her fellow Guardians" Caleb said getting to his feet which so did the others they looked at the old guardian and her under controlled member of the old Guardians.

"You made that portal open just to get us off guard" Will exclaimed which the woman clapped her hands "very good Will now can you figure what's going to happen next" she smirked

"Us kicking your butt" Irma said

"then bring it on, Guardians attack!" the woman yelled and just like that the battle began and fire and lightening went flying everywhere well water and wind were colliding Matt and Will wanted to make Nerissa pay for the hurt she caused them when they heard Irma and Cornelia hit the ground and struggling to get up letting their guard down again the witch shot a lightening bolt at them sending them to the ground followed by Hay-Lin and Taranee the fight that was going crazy lasting for half an hour was over as Nerissa had the upper hand and knocked Caleb down to with one of her members.

She smirked at the young Guardians, the Regrant that changed back to Matt in human form and the poor Rebel Leader under her mercy hurt and fearing what was going to happen. "You Guardians are finished and your boys too so without you I rule this planet and the end of the Guardians for good" Nerissa said

She raised her hand to finish them off when something stopped her a colorful light near by caught her sight the Guardians, Matt and Caleb turned to see what was stopping the witch which was two figures thin one at that they slowly walked out the shadows and the groups eyes widened and mouths dropped.

Two girls with beautiful one and two piece outfits and coils wrapped around from their feet to their ankles and hair touching the ground perfectly in place and wings three times bigger then the Guardians and silk gloves on their hands they looked like Angels one in Blue with red hair the other in orange and gold with long Blond hair.

Both put their hands on their thin hips facing the woman and her four friends threaten to hurt the five girls and two boys lying on the ground badly hurt and unable to move.

"You were right someone was near by us" the blond said pointing her thumb at the witch well looking at her friend.

"Who are you? And what are you?" Nerissa demanded

"Your worst nightmare" the red head said with a nod both took to the sky the wings were so large so cool; "so you want to fight then bring it on" Nerissa said the gang just watched the two Angels or whatever they were ready to fight like it was no problem.

"Wow look at them they so gorgeous" hay-Lin said

"No kidding I love the outfits" Cornelia said

"Their wings are like so big and delicate" Will said

"They makes us look like new at this if they can take on Nerissa and her gang" Irma said

Just then they heard the Blond say "let me shade some light on this picture" and just like that her body began to glow bright Gold that everyone blocked their eyes but they could ear firing when the light faded they stared at the ground in shock all four of Nerissa members were lying on the ground un able to get up.

"Why you little insolent brats" Nerissa hissed

"Look who's all worried" the blond said smirking with her hands on her hips

"Still think you can bet us" the red head said arms crossed hovering next to the blond

"this is far from over" Nerissa said then shot a lightening bolt at them which they put a shield up but got knocked backwards enough time to escape with her four Guardians then closed the portal.

The girls flew down looking up at the sky "well that was interesting" the Blond said

"Interesting are you kidding me she was crazy" the red head shack her head at the Blond who smiled

They made their way to the group then kneeled down noticing their wounds; "how did you knock the four Guardians out in a few seconds?" Taranee asked

"Divide and Conquer, now let's fix your wounds" the Red said the two pull two little pendants off their necks then opened two small bottles and with tiny sparks landing on the gangs arms and legs their wounds were held in a few second and they felt strong again.

The group got up looking at the two girls who smiled at each other "what was that?" Hay-Lin asked

"Fairy dust" the Blond said with her arms crossed the red head did the same looking at the girls strangely. "Hey Stell, do all fairies have matching outfits?" the red asked looking at her friend

"As far as history goes no fairy has the same power or outfit so they are something different" the Blond said turning to the girl.

"Wait so they like another magical being altogether?" the red stared in shock

"Yeah but we have to go the girls will wonder were we are" the blond said

"right let go" the red head said then turned to the group for one last look then both girls flew away into the night with wings so big they flew so fast that Guardians would strangle to find them.

"And their goes our heroes" Matt said looking up

"we have to inform Ms. Lin about all of this in the morning" Taranee said then after they agreed they slowly went home in different ways all the way none of them could understand how only two girls or Angels could bet Nerissa within a few minutes when it took them almost an hour without being knocked out when landed on the ground.

And Fairy Dust it was so wonderful it felt so nice when it touched their skin? And what were they talking about Fairies they were only fairy tale things not real creatures? and how did they find the gang? But the two just left without a thank you or anything but that outfit their hair and the wings still amazed them.

If anything they hoped to see the two again but they said the girls which meant there were more of them but how many? Was it that energy wave earlier they felt was those girls?

Many questions filled their heads but one thing was clear those two were there and came just in time.

To be continued…