A holiday with destiny!

The Guardians & the winx!

Chapter 11: in times of trouble all you need is a friend and sweet words to make it ok!

[In the mall]

The Guardians, Matt and Caleb went out to get a gift for all the winx but it was kinda hard to think when you made friends with a bunch of cool girls AKA Fairies who were leaving today.

Yeah ok the holiday they had in mind was not the one the winx planed but had fun had tears and concerns even old friends but what the gang got was a holiday that they thought was going to be the same thing everyday plus with Nerissa and her fellow Guardians now they were gone. The Group got to hang with Nigel, Eric and Peter too so most of the holiday went right but the one part of the holiday was leaving.

During their thinking a powerful wave of energy pasted the mall and somehow effected everyone but them "what was that?" Irma asked

"Good question" Caleb said

"it felt like the same energy we felt the day the winx arrived…could it be they left" Cornelia said they looked overwhelmed by her saying this until someone came behind them.

"hey guys what are you doing here?" a voice they knew belonged to Nigel when they turned they found Nigel, Andy, Mark and Ryo; "just shopping…for gifts…for the winx" Hay-Lin said not sure way they were so unsure of speaking to the four guys that all belonged to bands Matt was Nigel's leader singer and Andy was his groups lead singer.

"Why is it one of their birthdays?" Mark asked

"Stop being so funny they leaving today so we wanted to give them gifts" Will pointed out in his face "wait! What are you talking about?" Andy said alarmed

"Come on dude you knew they were leaving stop playing games" Matt said

"But bro. we have no idea what you going on about?" Nigel pointed out this and just like someone hit them in the face; the gang looked at each other worried way didn't they remember? What happened to them?

"Mark where are the winx now?" Taranee asked slowly "you're guess is as good as ours, we came back to an empty building" he replied now this wasn't good not at all the boys couldn't remember a thing after the gig and now the winx were gone without a note or anything.

"So why are you here?" Irma asked

"well truth is we came to get some music and hoped we bump into them on the way" Mark said honestly now everyone began to get concerned it wasn't the fact the girls were gone no it was why no one saw them leave and why were they all blank minded about what happened over the last few days. "So what now?" Ryo asked

"I say we find answers like where they went" Will declared but just as they started to walk through the mall they heard a familiar yet sweet voice and turned to see Bloom on the phone with someone and too caught up in the talk not watching were she was going plus the fact she was carrying a bag and Kiko running beside her.

She must of not seen the group cause as she just pasted them but stopped, the talk was more like a argument and Bloom seemed rather annoyed "how am I being unfaithful Sky?" she questioned the person by how she said it was most likely her boyfriend.

"Oh and hiding the fact you had a fiancé while dating me is not faithful, I forgave you for betraying and lying to me for almost a year then when you want me and Flo to see your place we off to save her. Hell Sky I even save your life from her evil clutches and you say me hanging with my ex is betrayed then you played me for a fool again" she began to yelled but just as she walked she landed up walking into a wall falling to the ground as did her bag that almost landed on Kiko.

"you know what Sky my phone is dying like my heart right now bye!" she yelled getting up and threw her phone away picking her bag up with Kiko jumped on shoulder as she walked away in what sound like tears.

Hay-Lin pick up her phone they all looked at the red head wiping tears away not long did they see Stella walk up to her putting her hand on her shoulder as a mother would to a little child crying for help or love.

"Now that was a harsh talk even more then she did to you Andy" Ryo said

"I know and yet it makes me sad to see her like that, last time I saw her like that it was the day we broke up" Andy replied painfully slowly.

"Should we return her phone?" Hay-Lin asked

"Well it is hers and maybe we can talk to her" Cornelia pointed out

So off they went again just in time to see the two leave the mall heading somewhere which made the group run after them only to find them walking into the park and sitting against a tree. Bloom pulled her legs up to her chest with her arms holding them and her face barred in them crying ever out of controllable.

That Stella had to hold her by the shoulders when the group stood near by the tree to hear Bloom and Stella speaking. "how could he call me unfaithful Stella if anything I would be the most faithful one always helping and standing by his side no matter what the case" Bloom questioned Stella who wiped a tear from her eye.

"should I ask Brandon to talk with Sky because if I would speak with him I might knock him out" Stella said trying her best to cheer Bloom up but the fact it made it worse so she shook her head looking at her. "forget it Stella, I want to head home and maybe never go back to Alfea to face him I want out of everything of a fairy being the leader and girlfriend" Bloom said firmly getting up and wiping her eyes clean from any tears sadly Stella was not to happy with her words.

"Bloom think about it you were made for more then just another girl in a boring town but a life which you have saved many from villains and now give that up cause Sky has the man pride problem it is not right" Stella exclaimed in a dramatically way but the red head looked away from her and stepping backwards.

"I don't care any more; and as much as it will hurt me not being with the girls I be better as how Mitzy calls me a nobody" Bloom said coldly with hurt in her tone this was not the girl everyone knew no this was a girl who gave up her life her love her friends faster then Cornelia said she not being a Guardian any longer. She would give up her gift to become like everyone else to be someone with nothing in her future.

"then again I respect your choice but when you want a friend to cry too I'm always a call away as for Sky he hope Brandon is protecting him because when I get my hands on him he will lose half his looks by the time I'm finished with him" Stella said with a tight fist in front of her but Bloom just smiled then went to get her bag and Kiko before turning back to Stella.

"Thanks but I think he got the message and lost something too. See you next year maybe" Bloom said walking away from Stella who vanished in a bright gold light which shocked them all by the time they turned back to Bloom they found she left for the bus stop.

"I would say that she walked away from what she always wanted to be and because a guy was jealous of Andy" Matt said out loud causing them all stare at him but when he went to find Bloom the group quickly followed not understanding why they were so determined to help her regain her want to be someone more important.

So like that Matt, Nigel, Caleb, Will, Taranee, Cornelia, Irma, Hay-Lin, Andy, Ryo and Mark followed her on the bus realizing they had to explain why they were in another town unlike Andy, Ryo and Mark who lived in Gardenia so they find all the places she go or hide. The time they arrived at the place Bloom place Kiko on her shoulder well holding her bag the season for couples was not helping her feel less hurt in fact she turned her face from each one with tears streaming down her face.

If anything Andy could feel her pain due to how it was the one year he choice to date again thanks to Ryo and Mark for being around all the time but it never changed the fact or how he felt for Bloom and to see this in this season was painful enough.

So as they walked through the small yet welcoming town almost like when the Guardians, Matt and Caleb head to Meridian after Phobos defeat it was more then welcoming it was home.

They reached a building that looked like Will's and Mark knocked only for a woman with short brown hair opened the door looking over to the lounge then to the group "yes how may I help you?" she asked like a business woman but when her eyes found Andy and his boys she smiled but in her eyes there was unsure thought of letting them in.

"hi I'm Will and these are my friends we came to talk with Bloom we met the winx over their holidays they came in our town" Will said which gave the woman more then enough information to let them in without fearing they enter the hall of the house leading to the dinning room, the lounge and the Kitchen when she lead them into lounge they found Bloom sitting in her long blue PJ's with green socks. Her legs were pulled up so she could burry her face in them in sadness and as a shield from the world.

"Honey you have guess here to see you" her mom said

"I knew you were following me and what you heard but that changes nothing" she said slowly looking up at the astonished looks they gave but her mom simply walked in the Kitchen bring a cup of tea handing it to Bloom who took it gratefully.

"How did you know that?" Nigel asked she just made sparks in her hand to answer his question "with my magic" she simply said the gang was more surprised her mom wasn't freaking out theirs would in fact Nigel was close to passing out in shock if Andy wasn't trying to keep him awake her mother moved her hand to the couch's for them to sit in which they did but Hay-Lin quickly gave Bloom her cell back.

"thanks Hay-Lin…I guess you want answers huh?" she said just the same words Will said in the mall, Bloom's mom sat next to her as Bloom turned around to sit right holding the cup on her lap.

"Answers would be nice" Nigel said

"Then ask away" Bloom replied not happy they were here for them to see her like this all broken hearted and the hurt mad it hard to see clearly Will and the others learnt that over the years in battle or in there time of trouble.

"What happened back in the mall?" Irma asked the first and hardest question Bloom did not want to speak about but her mother was just curios for her return home so sad. Whenever she came home it was happy to see the parents or to hide from her problems due to the fact it was holidays she should be happy but something hurt her and this is why Vanessa wanted to know.

"it's nothing big just a argument" was all she said but the fact she wanted to destroy something was how she really felt she wanted to forget the fight not bring it up but the gang was here for answers and she had to give them and her mom who looked equally upset to know it was something more.

"You threw your cell away and gave up on life cause of the guy and your fight" Ryo pointed out which earned a dark look from Bloom then turned back to her tea sipping it and looked back in the cup.

"I told Sky of our holiday and hanging with Andy and your guys but he totally took things the wrong way when I told him how touching Andy's song was calling me unfaithful hanging around my ex-boyfriend" the last words like knives hitting her in her heart the words unfaithful was never a word she pictured Sky say ever.

"At least she liked the song" Mark whispered low enough to get any looks Ryo got from her.

"so why do you want to give up being a fairy honey?" this shocked them all none believe Bloom to be a fairy well Nigel, Mark, Andy and Ryo but her mom knew her secret and spoke about the things the Guardians could never tell their parents made it unbelievable.

"You know her secret?" Caleb questioned which Vanessa nod so did Bloom at this both smiled but it fade on Bloom too hurt to keep a smile on her pretty face. "Of course we knew ever since her dad found her in the burning building, we always knew she was special and on her sixteen birthday she found Stella and who told her who she really was" Vanessa said

"Hold up…what do you mean found her in a burning building?" Mark now asked causing both Vanessa and Bloom to sigh but let her mom tell so she could drink her tea. "one night 18 years ago there was a burning building no one was in the building and no one knew how it caught fire but when Mike went into the building he heard crying and among all the burning wood their lay a perfectly covered in a pale blue blanket baby with some kind of shield protecting her from the flames. When he picked Bloom up that day we were blessed to have a daughter we could never have and soon as possible we adopted her as their were no records or anything about Bloom so from that night we knew she was someone special" Vanessa explained

The story was quiet touching and yet to Caleb they were someone he would look up to for wisdom in family they brought a strange girl up knowing she had powers and yet accepted her like she was another baby bring joy and happiness to them. "Aw that was the nicest story I ever heard" Hay-Lin said due to the fact her grandma always told her stories but this one was new and touching and real.

"thank you I just wish my baby girl would put a smile on her face" Vanessa said Bloom place the cup down on the table looking up at her mom "it's hard to smile when your boyfriend called you unfaithful on the phone" Bloom said plainly with not sign of a smile coming any time soon.

That was until a light shone in the room causing everyone to turn and see three people coming out one of which is Stella pushing a blond out with a brown haired boy looking concerned everyone got up including Bloom.

"Stella darling please don't do this" the brown hair begged "Brandon shut up or I'll do it to you!" she warned as the light faded with the three in front of Bloom and the others staring at them like a movie coming to life but magical.

"Stella why is he here and Brandon?" Bloom questioned crossing her arms looking less then happy to see Stella but the blond was not backing down with boys beside her with her scepter beside her.

"Tell her Sky; tell her why you were a jerk on the phone! And don't say a word Brandon cause I will spell you and not in a good way" Stella said the last part the brown hair who opened his mouth but shut it just as fast.

"Tell me what? How unfaithful I am, I heard it once I don't need to hear it twice" Bloom spat the Guardians, Matt, Nigel and Caleb frowned crossing their arms well Mark and Ryo were keeping Andy at bay from punching the light out of this guy who stared at Bloom blankly.

"If I told you then who says you won't speak to me again" Sky said

"who says I want to speak now" Bloom replied back coldly and now everyone was sure this was more then a sorry would cover up but Stella made sure he was gonna tell her if not get killed by running or staying silent.

"Sky tell her! I wasn't joking when I said I'll curse you, now tell her!" Stella warned her face was clear and plain to see as disgusted how he spoke to her friend making her choice something that made her such a wonderful person. "I hate to be him right now" Nigel whispered to Matt and Caleb the Guardians had smirks on their face none more then Cornelia to show how powerful a little harsh words and warning could scared a guy to protect a friend.

"ok I was jealous but not cause of hanging around him but cause you maybe choose to return to someone who could swoon your heart with words and music and I never meant to say such a word to you it was just…" he couldn't finished too ashamed of himself

"just because Andy has a way with music does not mean he can save me from a troll and creepy creatures like you…if anything Sky I would have thought you knew me by now, I love you Sky tell me it not just words to you tell me something from your heart not head heart" Bloom said all through the time she kept her tone calm and battle with the tears close to fall down her cheeks.

Bloom held one of his hand in hers placing it on the side of her face waiting for what he was going to say.

"I thought you hate me after I called you unfaithful if not anything I was the most unfaithful person I lied to you, hurt you and even attacked yet you don't and you say the three words with ease but all though my first year I was worried you over look me and just want to be friends but our second and three year proven me wrong I'm so sorry for what I did and those three words mean more to me then you know" Sky told her things that Matt had not even think would come up in Will and his relationship and it scared him.

Caleb just learnt not just fighting and saving the girl was enough to swoon her heart but 'I love you' was more important then word they were like vows of how much you cared for your partners. Cornelia had not said them neither did he; Will and Matt said it time after time reminding each other but to Caleb these words or vows had to use with heart not just cause a girl liked to hear it.

"if you can tell me how much you done to me show me how much I mean to you" Bloom said let go of his hand waiting like if she needed him to help her want to be who she was meant to be. "I planned to give this to you on your birthday but I probably be with the guys on a mission so to show how much you mean to me…" Sky pause taking something out his pocket and took her hand in his slowly but surely a Silver and Gold bracelet around her arms written inside 'S&B FOREVER AND ALWAYS' it took a few second before Bloom forgot she held her breath when he place it on her wrist.

"I don't get it, it a bracelet what the big deal?" Cornelia questioned she was right what was the big deal Vanessa just seemed happy her daughter was smiling and sorting out the problem holding back that girl with dreams she thought was out of reach.

Stella pulled Bloom wrist to see it then left it up so they could see "Bloom this is a band it's made for royalty and it's like a promise" Stella said but confusion took over her face then pulled her wrist back looking at Sky.

"Is what she say true it's for royalty?" she asked

"Yeah and…" Sky said but got cut off by Bloom looking down guilty "but I'm not royalty I'm just an earth girl why give it to me?" she was willing to take it off but something inside her tell her it was meant to be on her wrist not Daispro.

"Because I love you and as far as royalty goes you would be the one I want beside me like all the dangers we faced as a team. This is the royal sign and my promise that soon I'd make you my bride my princess" his words were too much for the guys but Caleb in his world these were words he had to earn up to the girls were all goo-goo over how poetic he made Bloom feel insuring her something promising.

"so you still plan on being a normal girl honey?" her mother asked with a smirk "well maybe I can save normal for another day cause right now I have to become the perfect princess" Bloom laughed for the first time in a long time Stella held on to the brown hair boy who smiled and gave a thumbs up for his friend.

"then how would I have fun with her and not down to earth girl" a sly smile came on both their faces before both slowly pulled in a kiss in which Bloom had to stand on her toes but she did not care as long as he was with her the world might just disappear and she was happy.

"aw…such a sweet happily ending" Hay-Lin said getting everyone to laugh that made the two pull in for a more passionate kiss, Brandon had pulled his girl in too with one arm surprising the girl but her surprise turned into pulling him closer.

"ok enough kissing and time for us to say goodbyes" Will said this made everyone stare at her but truth was they needed to get home or get in trouble lately they had managed to pass by their parent with coming in late but they would be in more trouble in thought possible.

"before we all go how about one last song and you two guys have to come" Andy said holding out his hand to Sky who looked unsure at first but Bloom held his arm to remind him it was alright she was his not Andy's so Sky shook his hand.

Not long did they head to Marks house in the Garage they all sat down but Andy had one more surprise for everyone "Bloom I need you to sing this song" Andy said holding out his hand a few second of dough came in her mind worrying if it was a good idea but with her friends smiling and encouraging her she got up taking the mike from him.

"Like old times" Ryo said

"Yeah one last time for old times sake" Mark said

"ok guys play" Andy said he knew Bloom could sing and that the song she was going to sing as it was her song she wrote once the day they broke up and he kept it in hopes she sing it.

The guys start to play the music and immanently Bloom knew the words cause of how she asked them to play so she closed her eyes and began to sing.

Sometimes it seems like you're falling

Falling out of the sky

Sometimes it feels like you're slipping

And running out of time

And that's when you've gotta throw it all away

All of the that people say

And the doughs that fill your mind

Don't belong there


Whatever you do, you'll never be wrong

As long as you reach for it

When you reach for it, nothings to far

And it's never to long, as long as you reach for it

You can dream on it, everywhere it's there

Sometimes I can be stupid

I can get out of line

But most times you know what I'm doing

It's not like some big surprise

Oh and I, I just want to make you understand

That failing on me isn't in my plans

And all of the doughs that fill my mind

Don't belong there

No one could believe how wonderful her voice was Andy and his friends seemed to enjoy hearing her sing and Sky he was so caught up in her voice that he failed to remember anything but the times in battle and with the winx coming up with crazy ideas.

Matt and Nigel were thinking maybe a girl could be useful in their band if it made Andy's band sound totally beyond Wreck. 55 maybe they could use Will at times she would dance on stage who said she couldn't sing as well as she danced.


Whatever you do, you'll never be wrong

As long as you reach for it

When you reach for it, nothings to far

And it's never to long, as long as you reach for it

You can dream on it everywhere

There's so much distance

Between what you want and what you've got

But if you really want it-its your life

So you gonna try

You've gotta fly

All these thing Bloom sang was all she ever wished for, when Faragonda and Griselda knew she was not the person Stella claimed she was in her first year, she told them her dream and she didn't want to leave she wanted to be a fairy to fly to learn magic to have her own fairy tale with a prince and now her dreams came to reality so it was never to far for her to reach.

Whatever you do, you'll never be wrong

You can reach for it

You can reach for it

It's never to far and it's never to long

As long as you reach for it

You can dream on it, everywhere




Bloom smiled thinking of her song she wrote and sang to people she made friends with and loved so close to her and now she sang her very dream out to them as her sign of showing that could live out there's if they reached for it long enough.

She gave the mike back to Andy thanking them "so maybe we might met again someday" Bloom said staring at her old friends in school "I sure hope we will" Ryo said.

"Hey sing us another" Irma asked

"Yeah we enjoyed it so much" Hay-Lin added

"For last time sake" Matt said

"Stella what you think?" Bloom asked

"I'm down with it as long as I can sing along" Stella said

"Sure why not it would be cool to hear the two winx sing" Andy said so with that and a few cheers both girls stood side by side ready to sing.

Bloom sang the first piece;

We sigh our cards and letters BFF

You've got a million ways to make me laugh

You're lookin out for me, you've got my back

So good to have you around

You know the secrets I could never tell

And when I'm quiet you break through my shell

Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell

Cause you keep my feet on the ground

Chorus [both girls]

You're a true friend

You're here till the end

You pull me aside when something ain't right

Talk with me now and into the night

'Til it's alright again

You're a true friend

Stella sang the second half of the song smiling at Bloom;

You don't get angry when I change the plans

Somehow you're never out of second chances

Won't say "I told you" when I'm wrong again

I'm so lucky that I've found

A true friend

You're here till the end

You pull me aside when something ain't right

Talk with me now and into the night

'Til it's alright again

Stella and Bloom side by side holding each others hands then turn to face one another well Bloom sang;

True friends will go to the ends of the earth

Till they find the things you need

Friends hang on through the up and the downs

Cause they got someone to believe in

A true friend

You're here till the end

You pull me aside when something ain't right

Talk with me now and into the night

No need to pretend

You're a true friend

[Both girls]

You're a true friend

You're here till the end

You pull me aside when something ain't right

Talk with me now and into the night

'Til it's alright again

You're a true friend

You're a true friend {BLOOM}

You're a true friend {STELLA}

The time the girls finished both pulled in a hug smiling true they were like best of friends and hell they could fight as one but when it came to guys and heart breaks that's when there true friendship came out.

The Guardians felt the same for each other and the guys were just the same if anything that song was based on not only Stella and Bloom but the Guardians, Caleb, Matt, Nigel, Brandon and Sky had been since kids.

Andy, Ryo and Mark felt the same and with Bloom it was truly like old times but the time to say farewell was now and yes it would hurt but having two weeks with the guys around seeing things they though impossible was cool and made the Guardians, Matt, Caleb and Nigel's holiday complete.

Stella and Bloom said their farewells to the gang then with a little help from Stella using the scepter she sent them home in Heatherfield within a flash and now Sky, Brandon and Stella had to say goodbye till next to the earth fairy promising it would be better then this year.

Once they were gone Bloom only had to say goodbye to her old friends which was most hard because they knew her past in Gardenia and they knew she was magical but still loved her the same way.

"Thanks guys for everything" Bloom said hugging each one even Andy although it was strange she wouldn't trade her friendship with them any day; "till we met again" they replied

It was not what Bloom and the winx plan as a holiday but she had to admit maybe something's turn out better when they had twist in it. As she walked home she smiled to her self then looked at her band smiling all the more, yeah twist and turns could make a person think about things in a whole new way and as far as the Guardians, Matt and Caleb were concerned it was better then anything they would have planned.

Bloom and Will looked at the moon half way at their homes smiling never regretting to meet one another's worlds, when Fairies met Guardians when Evil Wizards and old Guardians teamed up to defeat the two teams only to face their fates in all nothing about this holiday brought them [A TRUE FRIEND] in hopes their worlds would meet again just on other times without enemies around.

"Best holiday ever" Will had said carrying on walking home.

"I love holidays" Bloom had said walking back home too.

The end!