A/N: Basically a oneshot which I got the idea for from a particularly stubborn honey pot at breakfast this morning (I don't even like honey - my sister was failing to open it)

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Buffy vs. Peanut Butter Jar

Sunlight streamed through the window of 1630 Revello Drive, Sunnydale, as the curtains were opened and the blinds pulled back.

"Ah, what a lovely day!" said Tara optimistically as she walked back over to where the others were sitting. She received a few half-hearted grunts in return.

"Tired. Too early…" moaned a very dishevelled-looking Buffy Summers, running a hand through her blonde hair. She was slumped across the table, barely leaving any room for the three other people who were trying to have breakfast. Staring absent-mindedly at her toast, she sat up and reached for the peanut butter jar. The Slayer twisted the lid of the jar…

…And nothing happened.

"Hm. Doesn't open. S'not supposed to do that," she mumbled sleepily and tried to open it again. It wouldn't budge. "But I'm the Slayer. What happened to my super-Slayer strength and all that? I burnt down the school gym because it was full of vampires! I killed the Master! And yet this jar of peanut butter can defeat me?"

"Well , I think the only way for you to solve this problem is to give the jar to someone who knows how to open them," suggested Xander as he waggled his eyebrows knowingly. Willow slapped him jokingly on the arm before replying "Well, if the 'super-Slayer strength' can't defeat it, what makes you think you can?"

Xander huffed and mumbled something which sounded suspiciously like 'just you wait'. Rolling her eyes, the redhead next to him grabbed Tara's hand and proceeded to stare at the jar. Even if the strength of the Slayer would not work against the power of the peanut butter, surely it could not withstand the magic of two powerful witches at once?

But the jar could, and ten minutes later it stood in the middle of the table, defying anyone to try and open it. All attempts had failed, and they sat hopelessly glaring at it. By this point, the toast had long gone cold, and it was now not so much a want for peanut butter that drove them on as a personal vendetta against the jar. Xander reached forwards to take it for one last futile attempt, and no one stopped him, though they knew he would fail. He twisted the lid of the jar, and…

…POP! The lid came off! The other three were speechless. They had just spent the best part of fifteen minutes trying to get that lid off, and Xander had done it with just one twist, and - what was worse - no random mythical power!

The man in question, however, knew exactly what to say. Just four words followed a smug grin:

"I told you so!"

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