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"Just saying, six weeks is your limit, then you're out of there." Sam's comment comes back to bite Callen quicker than expected. There's a girl he's actually interested in, yet neither are what they seem. Between that and everything else that happens, will they ever get around to getting together? Romance/fun with a little action thrown in for good measure. Warning - Definitely plenty of fluff involved!

Slightly AU, set in the world where there is Deeks, but no reference to any actual Season 2 episodes so no spoilers.

Based on a plot bunny idea from TXJ in the NCIS LA: The Case of the Rabid Plot Bunnies forum. Some parts inspired by the movie Mr and Mrs Smith. Callen/OC

Thanks once again to TXJ for throwing this idea out there. It's been fun. It has taken a while (about 5 1/2 months) to get this story up and running, having been sidetracked with others, but now let's see how I went this time.

For those of you following Compromised, this story won't be affecting updates for that one. I'm still on track for two/three updates a week for Compromised. This one will most likely got a little faster as the chapters are much shorter and the story not as twisted! Or as long.

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Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer – Don't own anything NCIS LA related, Mr and Mrs Smith (the movie) related or anything else you recognise as belonging to someone else. Will claim some parts of the plot and OC as mine, though some is TXJ's – she'll know which parts.

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Chapter 1

Callen was lying back on the couch, she was on top of him; their legs tangled intimately together. His hand was secured in her silky brown hair. He held her close, kissed and explored her warm, sweet mouth and soft lips.

Her shirt had disappeared off her back a while ago and the buttons on his were mostly undone. Her fingers were gently making their way over his shoulders and what part of his chest she could reach. She pulled back from the kiss and turned her attention to his neck.

She moved slowly down and Callen closed his eyes, allowing himself one more moment of enjoyment before he pulled her back up and looked into her eyes. Those blue-green ones which clearly showed him how she felt, what she wanted and what she knew was coming.

"I have to go," Callen admitted softly and very reluctantly.

She moaned low in her throat and shook her head. "Stay," she whispered.

He wanted to, he really did.

"Have to get up early. Can't be late," Callen replied. It wasn't a lie. He had an early meeting with Hetty and the Director in the morning.

"Maybe you should change jobs," she joked lightly. "Construction and sleeping late don't really mix."

"Is that what we'd be doing? Sleeping," Callen teased. A stab of guilt flared at what she believed he did.

She smiled and her tongue darted over her lips. "Stay and find out," she invited, just before her lips claimed his again, tempting him once more.

"I can't be late," Callen protested. Though he wasn't quite sure if he was saying it as a condition to staying or a reason to leave.

"I'll set an alarm," she responded, her eyes pleading with him.

"Don't want to rush this," Callen admitted. He didn't. There was something about being with her, something that made him feel almost normal, like a regular guy with his girl. Okay, so she didn't know his real name or what he did. She thought his name was Gary and that he was in construction. She did call him G, which eased his guilt slightly. He'd told her he never really liked Gary and she'd asked what he wanted her to call him. In a moment of weakness he'd said G.

She raised herself up a little and looked down at him. He kept his eyes on her face, not the enticing view a little further below.

"You're not rushing me, if that's what you're worried about," she assured him.

Callen shook his head. It wasn't her. It was him.

"We both want this, right?" she asked. Callen saw the doubt flicker in her eyes at whether he did or not.

"Luce, you know I do."


Callen shook his head reluctantly. She rolled her eyes, sat up and pulled him up to her. She slipped her arms round his neck and put her forehead to his.

"Can't change your mind?" she asked softly.

Callen chuckled. "Probably can, but..." He ran his hands lightly up her back. He stopped at the clasp on her bra strap, wondering whether he was being an idiot for not taking her up on the offer when, as she so rightly put it, they both wanted this. And they were both adults.

"But ... you have to go," she finished for him as she moved off him and the couch. She held her hand out. Callen took it and she pulled him up, ending up in his arms again.

She looked up at him. "So how long before you stop torturing me?" She stepped back slightly and, whilst waiting for his answer, started doing up the buttons on his shirt. He ran his fingers over her shoulders, wondering how to answer her.

She looked up, raised her eyebrows expectantly. Callen's hand slid down her arms, her skin so soft. Maybe it was time.

He smiled. Decision made. "I don't have to work on the weekend." He'd make sure of it.

"So, tomorrow?" she asked.

"Tomorrow night," Callen confirmed, before she decided to find a way to keep him here past midnight and claim it was now tomorrow.

She smiled cheekily. "Don't forget your work clothes."


"If you think after all this time I'm letting you out of here before Monday, you really don't know me at all."

"You're going to keep me for the weekend," Callen confirmed as she finished the last button and then turned to search the couch for her shirt. Finding it under a cushion, she slipped it over her head and turned back to him.

"You've made me wait. I intend on making the most of you," she teased lightly as she stepped back into his arms. It felt so right being with her. Doubts slipped into his mind again about his choice to walk out the door tonight.

"Sounds good," Callen replied softly. He ran a finger over her lips. Her tongue dart out and he groaned, pulled her close and kissed her again.

"You … behave," he added when he pulled back. "For now."

She smiled and stepped back, taking his hand and walking him to the door. She picked up something off the stand next to it, and slipped it into his hand. Callen looked down. It was a key.

"I'll be home by six," she said. "Come over whenever you're ready."

Callen looked back to her and she smiled again. He could get used to seeing that smile every day. What was he saying, he already was. It was just unfortunate that he didn't get to see it every day. It had been five weeks and he had only managed to see her twice a week on average since the beginning, even if sometimes it was only briefly at lunch. Unfortunately, work hadn't been exactly co-operating with him to give him more opportunities.

"Can't guarantee I'll be ready," she added mischievously. "Might find me in the bath if you turn up early."

"Goodnight Lucy," Callen said firmly before she put too many more reasons in his mind about why he should be staying. He picked up his bag from beside the door and stepped out glancing back at her as he did.

"Thanks for the shopping trip," he added.

"Anytime. Goodnight G," she replied before she closed the door and locked it behind him.


Callen sat in his car, gazing at her apartment. He watched as the lights went out in the lounge room, where they had just been, saw them go on in the bedroom. A few minutes later they too went out. His thumb rubbed over the key that was still in his hand, tempting him to go back to her; to slip through that front door, join her in her bed, hold her as she slept. He shook his head to stop the train of thought before it could get too far down the track of what they'd be doing instead of sleeping. He slipped the key into his wallet and started the car.

Lying in his own bed, alone, less than half an hour later, he again asked himself why. Why hadn't he stayed? The answer came to him fairly easily. He'd known it since the beginning. He wanted this to work. This wasn't just a fling, or a few weeks of enjoyment and release of certain frustrations. Being around her, spending time with her, was an escape from his hectic, dangerous, sometimes overwhelming work life and he didn't want to mess it up. She gave him a sense of normality, a life outside of work. He'd wanted the decision to stay and be with her to be made when they were both ready, not a heat of the moment one. Like he'd been able to make tonight, concerning the weekend. That thought reminded him he had one very important thing to do tomorrow before he left work. He needed to talk to Hetty about telling Lucy the truth. Because he wasn't going to take that next step until she knew who he really was, or at least as much as he was allowed to tell her, given the confidentiality clauses in his employment contract - clauses he'd never really had a problem with until now. He would tell her what he could first thing when he arrived tomorrow night and hope that she still wanted him after that.

Finally Callen closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.