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Six weeks later

Callen glanced across at the woman sleeping in the car next to him. He smiled. Lucy had returned to full-time work this week and she was shattered. She'd fallen asleep in the car within five minutes. And that suited his plans just fine. He had a surprise for her when he eventually woke her up.

She'd returned to a part time position at OSP three weeks after she'd left the hospital. The doctor had told her she'd be off active assignments for at least two months but probably closer to three. Her sick leave was supposed to last six weeks before she returned to desk duty, but the time off was driving her crazy. Though Callen had to admit the thought of her going back to work hadn't been something he wanted her to do so soon. Not because he didn't want her to work, but it would have meant her returning to San Diego. Except Hetty had stepped in and solved that problem.

Hetty had seconded Lucy from the San Diego office for a three month stint at OSP - on desk duties. Apparently somewhere in the archives Hetty had some files that she wanted added to the computer system that hadn't made it on yet. She thought it would be a good idea to use the secretarial skills Lucy possessed rather than let her be driven crazy with nothing to do, or try and return to work that she shouldn't be doing.

Callen was sure Hetty had pulled a few strings to get it done but they had both appreciated it. He had a feeling it was partly a thank you for the birthday present Lucy had helped him find. Apparently the record had more sentimental value than Callen had first thought, in that it had been Hetty's first one of Frank Sinatra's and her copy had been destroyed in a fire a long time ago. It had definitely beaten the teapot.

Lucy had jumped at the chance to stay in LA for a while longer. It gave the two of them a bit more time to develop their relationship and make sure they knew where it was going and figure out what was going to happen when she did eventually return to San Diego – though admittedly they hadn't gotten to that discussion yet. It also gave her a team who would look after her. She had decided to move in with Marty after a few nights at Callen's place. The temptation had been a little too strong and things had become heated which ended with her gasping in pain from her ribs and knee, leaving them both feeling guilty.

Callen pulled up quietly into the parking spot. He carefully lifted Lucy out of the car, trying not to disturb her sleep. He kicked the door closed and locked it, grateful for remote controls and central locking. He had plans for this weekend but her sleeping right now was the best thing for her. The first couple of weeks that she had returned to work, she'd only done two to three hours a day, but this week had been 9-5; perhaps a little sooner than she should have.

"Mmm, sorry," she mumbled in to his neck as he carried her inside. "Didn't mean to go to sleep."

"It's okay," he whispered. "Go back to sleep. I'll tuck you in."

Lucy shook her head against his shoulder. "No. Not sleep. Too early," she complained.

"Luce, you're tired." Callen carefully lowered her to her feet and held her up whilst he fished out the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. She blinked slowly as she opened her eyes to look at him.

"But-" She stopped as she looked around. Callen opened the door and ushered her inside before closing and locking it behind him.

After continuing to take in her surroundings for a few moments, Lucy turned to face him and he smiled. She looked a lot more awake now.

"You brought me back here," she said thoughtfully.

"Yes." Callen watched her carefully.

"One room or two?" she asked. She moved closer to him and slipped her arms around his neck.

Callen pulled her close and brushed a kiss across her cheek. "One." He looked in her eyes. "Unless you prefer two."

Lucy shook her head slightly. "One is perfect." She pulled herself higher and kissed him deeply.

Callen pulled back and she moaned and buried her head in his shoulder. Callen chuckled. He knew what this would remind her of.

"Luce," he said as he gently urged her head up. "Are you sure you are up for this?"

She knew what he was asking. It wasn't just because she was tired. Her ribs and knee had taken the longest to get better. She still had some problems with her knee but her ribs hadn't been hurting for a few days now and he wasn't the only one who had been thinking about this more often.

"I'm sure."

"One more question." Callen slid his hand to the back of her neck and tilted her head up. He moved his mouth close to hers, though not too close so he couldn't see her eyes. "Right time?" he asked softly.

She smiled and the blue and green in her eyes sparkled. "Right time," she whispered back before she closed the distance between them and there were no more words needed.