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His eyes brightened feverously.

"You idiot," Sasuke whispered triumphantly.

"Did you really think I would go back to Konoha? That I would go back to being the powerless weakling?"

Naruto never stirred.

"Look at you now! You're weak! Because you don't have enough hatred. You still don't understand the meaning of true pain. The horror of having you clan torn from you. You said you understand me. Huh," Sasuke laughed humourlessly, "you know nothing about the torment I have gone through.

And you know what? It was your beloved Konoha which caused me this pain. Konoha which destroyed the Uchiha clan. You speak of mercy? THIS IS THE MERCY OF THE WORLD! I will let every living person in this world know true pain. I will make the savour the cruelty of having everyone they have ever loved ripped from your soul. Then, will this world know what they have done to me."