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Warriors of the Force II: Destiny Revealed

Knowing one's destiny can help save or destroy a galaxy's future

It has been a year since the clone wars began and so far the war appears nowhere near the end. After successfully completing a mission Jedi Master Obi wan Kenobi and his padawan Michael return to the jedi temple to recover before their next mission.

(Michael's pov)

Master Kenobi and I were on a transport ship heading down to the jedi temple after another successful mission in the outer rim. I stood next to Obi wan as we were soon approaching the jedi temple. It has been a year since Zach and I joined the jedi order and has been nine months since we defeated Count Dooku. And in that time Zach and I have not only become stronger but have changed as well. In that time Zach and I have grown a bit and we have changed our looks as well. I grew to being six foot tall, wearing a white jedi outfit without the sleeves, white boots, gloves, and cut my hair just a bit. While Zach wore the same outfit as me except his was black, he kept his long sleeves, and let his hair grown but tied it. He also grew a bit as well. From six foot four, to six foot eight surprising a lot of the jedi council by his sudden growth which didn't seem to bother him.

As we were soon arriving to the temple Master Kenobi turned to me. "Michael you seem impatient about something. Is everything all right?" asked Obi wan.

"I just want to get to bed and sleep master. I haven't slept well these last few days thanks to our separatist droid friends" I said half lying to Obi wan. I did want to go to my room and get some rest. Listening to bombs, blasters, and yelling all through the time I was trying to sleep didn't help. Another reason I was impatient was because there was a certain Togruta girl I have been waiting to see. It has been two weeks since we saw each other and I missed her a lot.

"Well you will definitely deserve it after everything you have been through on this mission. Though next time try and slow down a bit. I wouldn't want you to waste all your energy on the battlefield" said Obi wan.

"I will master thanks" I said as we finally arrived to the jedi temple. Before I got out Obi wan spoke.

"Michael I have decided that with all that you have done on this mission I will convince the council to let you have a little break from the war" said Obi wan.

"Really are you sure Master? If you do that who is going to watch your back?" I asked.

"Relax Michael I can handle myself and I think you deserve a little break" said Obi wan.

"What about that time on Duro?" I asked remembering our time in Duro and how Master Kenobi was close on being killed.

"That time doesn't count Michael" said Obi wan wanting to forget what happened on Duro.

"All right fine sorry master. Thank you for doing this just be careful master and see you" I said as I waved goodbye to Master Kenobi and headed inside the temple.

Obi wan sighed and waved his padawan goodbye. "He really is much like Anakin" muttered Obi wan before heading inside the temple to give his report to the council.

I headed down the halls till I arrived to the cafeteria where I saw Zach and Barriss eating. I went up to them as they ate till they stopped when they saw me. Zach smiled when he saw me as did I seeing as it's been weeks since we last saw each other. "Well lookie here it's been a while hasn't it my old friend, how was the mission in the outer rim?" asked Zach as I sat down across from Barriss and Zach.

"The mission went fine, just wish I had one good night of sleep" I said as I placed my head down on the table. "Still I think the only time I could get some a shut eye was when Master Kenobi did the negotiations."

"You should try to relax and get some rest Michael. Since you two defeated Dooku you both have been pushing yourselves in the battle field" said Barriss as she finished eating her food. "If you two kept pushing yourselves it would affect you both mentally and physically. Barriss didn't change much. Her outfit remained the same but her looks changed a bit as she grew. It has been a nine months since we defeated Dooku and it's been nine months since Barriss went out with Zach. She remained the same when she was around her masters but with Zach she felt more free around him.

"We know that Barriss but we wouldn't mind a little fighting while we rested" said Zach as he continued with his meal. "Besides as a jedi knight, like you and me Barriss can't take a break for too long."

Six months ago after proving his skills and leadership to the jedi order Zach was given a chance once again to become a jedi knight by taking the trials. I told Zach he should take it since I still had some things left to learn so he took them and became a jedi knight along with Barriss who became a knight a few days earlier. Although he was no longer Master Secura's apprentice he still came to her for advice and went on missions with her till he was sure he can lead his own ships and troops. Despite him being a knight though he and Windu were still not on good terms which didn't bother Zach since he loved making Windu mad. Not enough of course to get him in trouble but enough to make him mad.

"All right that's enough shouldn't you my dear brother go see your girlfriend?" said Zach as he changed the subject.

"Oh right well I thought she would be here hanging out with you two" I said remembering why I came to the cafeteria.

"I think she was just finishing her training with Master Skywalker. If so then she should be in her room" said Barriss as she told me where Ahsoka was.

"All right thanks you two appreciate it" I said as I said my goodbyes to my friends and headed off to see my girl.

I got to Ahsoka's room and knocked on her door. I waited a few minutes before the door opened and there stood Ahsoka. "Hey where we're you I have been waiting for you?" asked Ahsoka. Ahsoka also changed in these past years. Her striped blue headtails grew down to her shoulders slightly. She changed her outfit to a brown sleeveless shirt with a skirt, dark grey leggings, gloves, and brown boots. She also had another yellow lightsaber called a shoto.

"Yeah sorry but in my defense I thought you were with Zach and Barriss" I said. Ahsoka just smiled and stuck her head out her room looking around before grabbing me into her room. Once she locked the door she brought me in and kissed me on the lips. I returned the kiss and placed my right hand around her head bringing her in close while my left arm went around her waist lifting her off the ground slightly.

Once we stopped we looked at each other with smiles on our faces. I looked into her blue beautiful eyes and was almost lost in them. "I missed you" she said.

"So did I, but I'm here now and I got the rest of the day off" I said as I stroke my right hand on her cheek. She grabbed my hand and moved it around her cheek allowing her to feel my hand on her soft beautiful skin. "You really missed me that much huh?"

"Of course I did, seeing you again is all that matters to me" said Ahsoka as she gave me a hug and placed her head on my chest.

"Glad to hear it so I heard that the senate is not going to negotiate peace with the separatist" I said remembering what Zach told me.

"Yeah I still can't believe at what happened. We were so close on ending this war" said Ahsoka who seemed disappointed.

"I know, I guess Dooku had no interest in peace" I said.

"You think he did this without the separatist leaders knowing about it?" asked Ahsoka as she lifted her head and stared at me.

"Make sense right? He started this war so the separatist would win and when he finds out they wanted peace he did the only thing he could do and that's stop it" I said as I explained to Ahsoka.

"I guess so, it's a shame Padme's friend died. She was the only separatist leader I ever met who I didn't hate" said Ahsoka as she lowered her head back down.

"It is a shame, Padme told me she was nice and had a son right?" I asked remembering what Padme told me about her friend.

"Yeah around my age I think. I hope he is all right I can't imagine what he must be going through" said Ahsoka who seemed worried about Lux.

"I'm sure he's fine, what I am worried about is what will happen if that bill gets passed" I said remembering the bill the senate is discussing over and how Senator Amidala and some of her friends were against it.

"I hope so that bill from what Padme is not going to help the republic much. I guess we can only hope Padme can stop it from happening" said Ahsoka.

"There's hoping, now then I think that's enough talk about the negative things I think we should try and lightening the mood. Like for example I got the whole day off leaving me wanting to spend the whole day with the girl I love" I said kissing Ahsoka on the forehead.

"What a coincidence so do I. So whatever shall we do for the rest of the day?" asked Ahsoka as a mischievous look appeared on her face.

"I don't know maybe we coul..." before I could finish Ahsoka leaned in and began to kiss me. When I tried to talk she saw her chance and slipped my tongue in her mouth. Both of our tongues wrestled in our mouths as I moved ourselves towards her bed not breaking the kiss.


Meanwhile on the planet of Serenno Count Dooku was on his hidden planet looking out into the jungle from his fortress. It has been nine months since his encounter with the boys and he was still furious that two boys were able to defeat him. He informed his master of this when he escaped and his master was not pleased to hear of his failure. Sidious had ordered Dooku to retreat for now and wait till he comes up with a plan on how to deal with the boys and what he would do next.

Dooku lay hidden in his room training himself for the next time he encounters the boys. Just then he received a transmission from his master. Dooku activated the transmission and got on one knee and bowed before his master. "What is thy bidding my master?" asked Dooku.

"Lord Tyrannous the boys have become much more of a problem than I had originally thought. Their presence could jeopardize our entire plan. We will need to kill them before they ruin everything" said Sidious.

"What do you wish for me to do my master?" asked Dooku.

"In a few months I have it on good word that one of our allies will finish creating a powerful weapon that will destroy the boys and the jedi. I want you to look over this weapon and report to me if it will be useful against the jedis" said Sidious as he gave his apprentice his new orders.

"I shall do that when my assassin Assajj Ventress returns from her mission I send her to attack the planet of Sullust" said Dooku.

"Very well make sure to inform me when you have finished" said Sidious as the transmission was cut off and Dooku got back on his feet. He then turned back outside and looked out the window again. The thought of a new weapon that will destroy the jedis and the boys made Dooku smile at the thought of what this weapon could be. Soon I will have my revenge on you two and as soon as you fall so will your jedi friends. Thought Dooku as he continued looking out the window knowing in a few months was all he needed to wait for his revenge to come.

Council Chamber (Zach's pov)

The next day Barriss and I were heading towards the council chambers after they asked us to come over. Earlier we heard that they send Master Kenobi and Skywalker to Sullust after getting word that the separatist is planning an attack. Obi wan asked the council to give his padawan the time off till he recovers from his last assignment. The council agreed and Anakin allowed his padawan to stay so she could relax as well. When we arrived we saw that only Master Yoda and Windu were in the room.

"You summoned us Masters?" asked Barriss as we approached the masters.

"That's right we received a old jedi distress code that came from the Chrelythiumn system" said Master Windu.

"When you say 'old' how old are we talking about? Are we talking about days, weeks, months, or years?" I asked wondering what was important about this message.

"2,000 years old the message is" said Master Yoda.

Barriss and I we're surprise to hear that the message was 2,000 years old. "Wow um are you sure it's a jedi distress signal?" I asked.

"We're sure, we want you two to go and find out where the message is and find out who send it" said Master Windu.

"Why us master? Why not send either Master Plo Koon, Secura, or Fisto?" asked Barriss.

"Busy they are on missions. Send Kenobi and Skywalker we would but dealing with the separatist on Sullust they are" said Master Yoda.

"And I take it we were the only jedi knights not busy?" I asked as both masters nodded yes. "[Sigh] that's fine but if it's okay with the council can we bring Michael and Ahsoka as well?"

"Why?" asked Master Windu as he cocked his eyebrow.

"Well just in case Barriss and I run into something we cannot handle alone. Plus Michael and I work pretty well as a team as does Ahsoka and Barriss. So he four of us should be able to finish this mission soon and come back with what we found" I said trying to convince the masters to let Michael and Ahsoka come.

"Very well inform them and head to the location of the distress code and may the force be with you four" said Master Windu as Barriss and I bowed our heads to the masters and left the room.

"Any real reason why you want those two to come with us?" asked Barriss as we both walked towards Ahsoka's room.

"We have been covering for those two for months now and have always asked us for favors with us not asking anything from them back. I think while they do some of the work we should get some 'alone' time for our own" I said explaining to Barriss why I wanted the other love couple to join us.

"I see that's a bit cruel having them do all the work but I find it to be fair as well since we did all the hard work while those two made out whenever they had the chance" said Barriss understanding her boyfriends intentions.

"That's right so now shall we go wake our young couple?" I said with a mischievous look on my face as we approached Ahsoka's room.

Jedi Temple (Ahsoka's pov)

I woke up and saw that I was in my bed next to Michael. I had my head on his chest as he had his arm around me. I sighed and kept my head on his chest. I have found that hearing his heart beat has always seemed to calm me down. I rubbed my head on his chest causing him to wake up. "Hey there beautiful" said Michael as he opened his eyes.

"Hey sleep well?" I asked remembering that after our kissing I could sense he was tired. He explained to me that he hasn't slept well since his mission so I decided to let him sleep in my room for the rest of the day.

"Slept great knowing your here when I wake up" said Michael as he rubbed me cheek with his soft hands.

I closed my eyes and allowed him to continue rubbing his hand on my cheek. "Your hand is so soft I guess I see why you wear those gloves of yours" I said as I moved forward and kissed him on the forehead.

"Not as soft as yours though but yeah I get what you mean" said Michael as he got up and began to stretch his arms.

Just then we heard a knock on the door. Michael got off my bed and I motioned him to hide. Before he hid the door opened and in came Zach and Barriss which calmed us down. "Hey there sleepy heads sleep well?" asked Zach as he had a smirk on his face seeing us both.

"Zach you jerk I thought you promised me you weren't going to hack into my room anymore" I said angry that Zach broke his promise.

"I said I wouldn't not that I promised. Besides you know me sometimes it's hard for me to keep a promise for things like this" said Zach as he showed a piece of my doors opening panel. "Of course when it comes to promises with my dear Barriss here I am willing to keep my word for them" said Zach as he kissed Barriss on the cheek making her slightly blush.

"Whatever so why are you two here?" asked Michael as he picked up his cloak and gloves.

"Oh yes the jedi council received a jedi distress signal" said Barriss as she told us why they were here.

"A 2,000 year old distress signal coming from the Chrelythiumn system" said Zach as he saw the look of surprise on our faces.

"2,000 years old? Wow that is VERY old" said Michael surprise by how old the code was.

"Yep and now the council asked Zach and me to go on this mission. But Zach here convinced them to allow you two to come with us" said Barriss.

"Wait what? No way our masters gave us some time off and we're going to use them" I said not wanting to go on this mission.

"Oh hell yes your going because we have been keeping your relationship a secret for months now and have allowed you two to have some 'alone' time. While Barriss and I did most of the work keeping it a secret" said Zach. "You two owe us so while you fly the ship Barriss and I will take this chance to be alone."

I looked at Michael who nodded. I sighed and knew Zach was right. Even though we all kept each other's relationship a secret we spend most of our time alone while Zach and Barriss had little time to have some of their own. We owed them and if we do this mission for them I guess it would mean we're even. "Fine just give me a minute to get ready" I said. Zach and Barriss nodded and walked out the room.

"I guess we're going, you okay with this?" asked Michael as he turned to me.

"No but they're right we owe them for all they have done for us" I said. Michael leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"You know if we end this mission soon we might have time to get back to where we left off before our masters come back" said Michael as he whispered in my ear.

"I like that now then if you excuse me I got to get ready" I said as I led Michael out my room and closed it so I can get my things ready.

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