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Weapon Discovered

Hoth (Ahsoka's pov)

Michael and I were onboard our dropship as we arrived to the planet of Hoth. We soon heard the alarms going off meaning we were being attacked. Michael was wearing a white jacket with a hood over his head while I had the same outfit only I had my goggles on my forehead. We soon heard the Admiral open the hanger doors and soon we felt the ship moving out of the port and out of the cruiser. Once we left the cruiser ship we felt the dropship shaking a bit which we assumed was because of the blasters that were trying to hit us. I held on but I suddenly lost my balance but luckily I fell into the arm of Michael who kept me from falling.

Michael gave me a smile which I returned back as well. We soon got word from the pilot that we got through the blockade which was good but now comes the hardest part. This was trying to find a place to land since Zach had to move the republic base from outside to a small cavern he found a week ago. Unfortunately we didn't find out where the base was since we lost contact with them but we were told where it could be.

Once our ship entered the atmosphere we soon got word that we got spotted by some separatist tanks that were looking for the republic base. "Everyone hold on tight this ride is about to get a little bumpy" I said which I was right as we soon felt the ship shake hard from the blasts that came from the tanks.

One of them nearly hit us but hit the other one near us. "Pilot set us down!" Michael shouted at the pilot.

"But sir we're still far from the rendezvous point" the pilot said.

"If we don't take care of those tanks there won't be any of us left now set it down now!" Michael shouted again this time the pilot understood and ordered the other dropships to do the same. "Ahsoka I'll draw they're fire you get your men around them and take those tanks out" Michael said as he turned to me.

"Got it just be careful" I said which Michael nodded.

Once we landed Michael took Fives and some of the men to distract the tanks while Rex, the men, and I went around behind the tanks. Once we saw Michael and his men got the separatist's attention we made our move. I had three of the clones use they're rocket launches to blow up four of the tanks while some of the men and I took one of the tanks. Once we got close to one I signaled Fives to attack the other tanks. Once they blew them up I used the force to force the door behind the tank down and I ran into the tank and cut down all the droids. Once they were down I had the men get in the tank and use it to blow up last two remaining tanks.

Michael and his men were ducking from the blasts of the other two tanks when they saw one of the tanks blow up the first one. The other tank tried to open fire on us but I jumped onto it and cut the hatch of the tank. Once I finished I used the force and forced the droid commander out of the tank as I jumped inside and finished off the droids inside.

Once I came out of the tank all the clones and Michael looked on impressed by what they saw me do. "Not bad commander well done" I heard Michael say.

"Thank you now then let's head back to the drop ship and see if we can find our friends" I said as I got off the tank and headed back to the dropship to meet up with Zachary and Barriss.

(Michael's pov)

With the separatist tanks taken care of we got word that our ships were able to break the blockade but suffered some damaged so they would need to leave to get fixed which would take till tomorrow. This was fine with us since some of the separatist ships had to retreat and it would take a while before they can send more reinforcements. However we still had to take care of the separatist forces on the ground which was going to be difficult since they have more droids and weapons than us.

We knew that we would have to wait till backup came but until then we would have to find the secret weapon the separatist were creating. Whatever it is we would need to destroy it before they could use it against us. We arrived to the location where Zach was supposed to be but when we arrived we didn't see anyone or anything.

"Sir there is no sign of General Zachary or Offee" Rex said as he told us they couldn't locate the others.

"Maybe we got the wrong coordinates" Ahsoka said as we got off the gunship to look around.

"No this is the right place…knowing Zach he must me late" I said as I tried to sense for Zach's presence but couldn't sense anything. Damn it Zach where are you guys? I thought as I tried to sense for anything.

Just then we heard a loud roar coming near the hills. We looked around to find where the source of the noise came from. When we saw nothing so I decided to get the men near the dropships since I remembered there were natives on this planet and how dangerous they are. "Everyone be on high alert there could be hostiles nearby."

Ahsoka and the others nodded keeping they're guard up. We looked around but couldn't see nothing much since the blizzard came in. Ahsoka and I had our goggles down and we kept our guards up till we heard the roars again this time they sounded close.

As we backed up to the ship we heard a thud behind us. One of the clones looked up and saw a large creature with white fur, horns on the side of its head, and sharp teeth which I recognize it to be a Wampa a native of Hoth. The Wampa roared at us as it grabbed the clone and held him up. Before the men could shoot Ahsoka used the force to push the Wampa causing it to drop the clone who I saved with the force.

The Wampa looked back down at us and roared some more. As the men were about to fire we heard someone shout out in an unknown language. We looked over and saw it was a man wearing a huge fur coat and on his head was what appeared to be a helmet made of the Wampa's head. We looked up and saw the Wampa getting off the dropship and bowing to the man. The man turned to us and took his helmet off revealing who it was. "What's up welcome to Hoth" it was Zach which made some of us sighed in relief.

"Well it's nice to see some familiar faces around here huh?" Zach said as he approached me and gave me a hug and I returned the hug as well. "Good to see you again how have you been?" Zach asked.

"I'm fine…um Zach what are you wearing?" I said as we broke the hug and I saw the weird outfit Zach was wearing.

"And why do you smell so bad?" Ahsoka asked covering her nose from the bad smell.

"Well it's not me it's the coat I'm wearing" Zach said as he turned back to the Wampa and back to us. "They named me they're leader" Zach whispered.

"I thought the Wampa's don't have a leader let alone live together" I said confused that they named Zach the leader.

"Well some we're getting killed by the separatist and I saved them. One thing lead to another and they named me they're leader….that and I the separatist may have killed they're former leader so they chose me because I was the strongest" Zach said who talked to the Wampa in the weird language again which caused the Wampa to nod and left us.

"Um what did you tell it?" Ahsoka asked.

"Oh I told Bill to tell the other Wampa's to not attack any men in white armor or any weird looking people that aren't metal droids" Zach said.

"Wait wait you named it Bill?" I said.

"Yep why?" Zach asked.

"Nothing never mind let's just get inside before we freeze to death" I said as we followed Zach towards the republic base. The dropships waited till we find the base so they can follow our coordinates and land inside since the cruisers left.

Separatist Base

Meanwhile deep within the mountains of the separatist base General Grievous was enrage that his blockade was destroyed and that his remaining ships retreated leaving him on the planet. General Grievous was in his quarters thinking of what happened today and what happened to his blockades.

However he was please to hear that the republic forces also left due to the damage they suffered and only a few dropships made it through. For Grievous it didn't matter if the republic forces on Hoth got reinforcements. Because despite the reinforcements they have it still wouldn't be enough to defeat his forces or even him. But Grievous knows he would need to take them out fast before the republic send more reinforcements.

"Um General sir I thought I let you know that the weapons are almost ready and should be operational before the republic forces return" the droid commander said to Grievous.

"Good I want those weapons ready before the republic forces find them. I don't want the jedi to destroy them like Skywalker did to the last one" Grievous said as he walked out of his quarters and headed towards the command station to make sure everything would be operational before the republic forces came back.

Republic Base (Michael's pov)

We soon arrived to the base on time just before the storm got any worst. The base was inside a cavern which was big considering it was inside the mountains where we assumed is where Zach found the Wampas. We saw some drop ships inside the hanger bay along with several troops and Wampas helping out by moving some crates or the troops teaching them how to use a blaster. But I think the thing that impressed me was how well the base looked and how well organized Zach got the placed together seeing on how he said he found a new one a week ago.

"Like what you have done with the place Zach and I like how you got the Wampas to cooperate with us" I said amazed that Zach got this place all set up in just a week.

"It is impressive sir how did you get these things to help us and this place set up so easily?" Rex asked.

"Zach has a way with the creatures" Barriss said as she entered the room with her dark jacket. "Once he saved them from the separatist after they killed they're leader of course they looked to Zach as they're new leader since he destroyed much of the enemy alone."

"Wow Zach I'm impress you went through all that trouble for these guys?" Ahsoka said who was also impressed that Zach did so much to save the Wampas.

"Hey they may act like animals at times but they aren't stupid. They can understand once you help them and are pretty good once you get to know them" Zach said as he turned to one of the Wampas. "Hey you don't eat that it's not good for you" Zach said as he ran up to one of the Wampas that was trying to eat an astro-droid.

Barriss, Michael, and I laughed a bit seeing Zach try to pry the little droid out of the mouth of the Wampa. "Unbelievable a year ago if you would have asked me if Zach would one day be an amazing leader and jedi I would have said you be crazy. But now…amazing" I said which the girls also agreed.

In Ahsoka's mind Zach may not act immature but he has proven to everyone that he is a great leader and jedi. In fact the jedi council may actually consider giving him a padawan to teach. Or if he plays his cards right he would be on the council. If that happens he would be the first one to become a council member at such a fast rate and be the youngest.

"Indeed I am glad Zach has proven everyone on the jedi council and to the chancellor that he is all that he really is. A great jedi, leader….and a boyfriend" Barriss said slightly blushing by the last comment she said.

"I have to admit as well I never thought Zach would be a great jedi knight like he is today. But he has proven everyone wrong. In a way I'm actually jealous" Ahsoka said who admitted she was a bit jealous of Zach.

"Why are you jealous of Zach? Yes he is a great jedi knight and leader but so are you" I said as I tried to cheer her up. "You have done as much good as Zach has done and have proven you are a great leader."

"If that's true why hasn't Anakin asked the council to have me take the trials? I know Obi wan has said you are ready to take the trials but you keep refusing why?" Ahsoka said as she became a little upset in her tone.

"Ahsoka calm down if your master thinks you're not ready then perhaps your not" Barriss said which I was glad she did because I didn't have an answer for Ahsoka…at least not a good one.

"I know Barriss but it just feels like I'm being left behind while you guys are getting ahead of me" Ahsoka said as Barriss and I understood now why Ahsoka felt this way. She has proven she is ready to take the trials and we agree but Anakin is keeping her from taking them for some reason.

"Ahsoka I understand why you're feeling this way but trust me you will get to become a jedi knight. And who knows if you lead the group to take out the secret weapon the seps are building then that should convince Skyguy to let you take the trials" I said hoping that would give Ahsoka something to cheer about.

"You think so?" Ahsoka asked.

"Of course and if he doesn't you can bet I will pay him a visit" I said which made Ahsoka smile and nod.

"Okay well if you two want to know more about what we know then I suggest we get to the command room now" Barriss said as we followed her towards the command room.

(Ahsoka's pov)

We arrived to the command room where we saw some of the clones checking the areas through they're scanners and making sure there wasn't signs of trouble. We arrived to the middle of the room where Barriss talked to one of the clones who nodded and took off.

"Okay Barriss what did Zach and you find?" Michael asked getting right to the point.

"The separatist have been holding this planet for a year now and have been very busy on this planet. We have tried to take over Hoth but they keep pushing us back. The most secure area is around here" Barriss said as she pointed towards the area on the map where the separatist are holding off. "They build a fortress around these mountains making it impossible to get through. Master Ki-Adi-Mundi led the assault on this fortress but was unsuccessful."

"I remember Master Skywalker telling me this. He told me how for days they bombarded the fortress but they couldn't get through. The separatist pulled out almost all the stops to keep them from getting through" I said remembering the stories my master told me.

"Well when Zach and I took over we were able to take out their cannons but then three months ago General Grievous arrived and was able to push us back again" Barriss said as he mentioned Grievous being on the planet.

"Ah yes tin man I wondered when he was going to show his ugly face again. Though I wonder why our good general would come to Hoth" Michael said which I actually agreed.

"Well a month ago one of our spy droids got into the base and we found out what they are planning. We couldn't send the information to the jedi temple since they took out our communications and we haven't had a chance to set up our new communication system" Barriss said as she told us about why they couldn't contact us.

"Okay well what is this weapon then?" I asked wondering what this weapon was.

"It's the Malevolence" Zach said as we turned to face Zach who was entering the room and had a serious look on his face. "They are building two Malevolences and from the looks of things they aren't far now from finishing them both."

Michael and I were shocked to hear by what Barriss and Zach told us. The most dangerous weapon the separatist have ever used is coming back and to make matters worse there are now two of them. "Why didn't you guys send someone to tell us or better yet why haven't you guys gotten that communication system working?" I shouted at both Barriss and Zach.

"Barriss told you we have been trying but the separatist blockade has prevented us from sending any messages. We could barley send what we could to tell you guys we needed help" Zach said as he walked over towards us.

"Zach it's just we wished you could have told us about this sooner. Obi wan told me about this weapon and if one is bad I don't want to think about how much damage two will make" Michael said fearing what would happen if the separatist got their weapon ready.

"We know that but we have some good news their weapon won't be operational soon. Which means we may still have a window of an opportunity to take out both the ships before they can be ready for takeoff" Barriss said which did calm us a bit knowing we have a chance to take out the Malevolence before it could be ready to be used.

"We found an entrance that can lead us into the separatist base. Once inside one team will take out the power while the other team take out the two ships" Zach said as he told us the plan.

"Sounds good but wouldn't the separatist know about this entrance?" I said.

"Not to worry our forces will keep the enemy busy plus this entrance is one only the Wampas know about so we should be okay" Barriss said.

"Hmmmm so far sounds good but I think we should assume Grievous will have the ships well protected in case they got in" Michael said.

"True but once we take out the power Grievous will send most of his men to figure out what happened to the power. Once that happens the other team will have a chance to take out the ships before they can use them" Barriss said as she finished explaining the plan.

"I like it but who will be the two teams to handle this job?" I asked wondering who will be the bait and who will take out the ships.

"Ahsoka and I will take the Malevolence while Barriss and Michael take out the generators" Zach said as he explained who goes with who.

"I don't know Zach sure that's a wise plan to separate us all?" Michael asked worried something would happen to me which I felt the same for Michael.

"Don't worry my boys will be with our boys to make sure there aren't any signs of trouble. And don't worry Michael nothing bad will happen to Ahsoka I promise as long as you promise the same to me for Barriss" Zach said which Michael nodded agreeing with Zach.

"Good we strike tonight when the sun is down. The Wampas had made a tunnel underground that will lead us to the mountains near the entrance of the separatist base" Zach said as he looked back at the Wampas who roared. "Now then get some rest everyone because in six hours it will be showtime."

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